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Who: #2 Iowa vs. #12 Iowa State
Date: November 29th, 2014
Time: 7:00 PM

Location: Iowa City, IA Carver-Hawkeye Arena
Radio: 800 KXIC AM
TV: The dual is live statewide on Mediacom connections (MC22). Rob Brooks, Dan Gable, and Mike Duroe will have the call live.
Online:A BTN Plus video stream is available online at

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Saturday night the Iowa Hawkeyes will host the Iowa State Cyclones in Carver-Hawkeye Arena with both teams putting their unbeaten dual records on the line. Iowa leads the all-time series 62-16-2 (31-5-1 in CHA) and has taken home the last 10 meetings. Iowa head coach Tom Brands was the leader in nine of those 10 straight victories and has never lost to Iowa State since taking over the reigns of the program.

Gary Kurdelmeier will be the honorary captian Saturday night. Kurdelmeier is best remembered for when he led Iowa to its first NCAA Championship in 1975. 40 years since that first title, the Hawkeyes have accumulated 23 team titles, which is more than any other school in that time frame. (Oklahoma State – 7, Penn State – 4, Minnesota – 3, Iowa State – 2, and Arizona State – 1).

#2 Iowa Hawkeyes 3-0

125- #4 Thomas Gilman
133- #4 Cory Clark
141- #5 Josh Dziewa
149- #9 Brody Grothus or Brandon Sorensen or Edwin Cooper
157- Mike Kelly
165- #5 Nick Moore
174- #4 Mike Evans
184- #9 Sammy Brooks
197- #6 Nathan Burak or Kris Klapprodt
285- #3 Bobby Telford

#12 Iowa State Cyclones 4-0

125- Kyle Larson
133- #14 Earl Hall
141- John Meeks
149- Gabe Moreno
157- Luke Goettl
165- #3 Mike Moreno
174- #6 Tanner Weatherman
184- #18 Lelund Weatherspoon
197- #3 Kyven Gadson
285- Quean Smith

Weight-by-Weight Breakdown

125: #4 Thomas Gilman (8-0) vs Kyle Larson (7-1)

This will be Gilman’s first time on the mat in the Cy-Hawk series and he comes in as a big the favorite on paper. Now there has been talk that Iowa State is planning on mixing some things up. We don’t know if that is at 125 pounds or not but a true freshman hangs in the background ready to wrestle. Nathan Boston redshirting is more likely so I doubt we see he on the mat today. Then again we all know Jackson has no problem testing true freshman. If he is running on a test, this isn’t the meet to do it with Gilman’s resume.

133: #4 Cory Clark (7-0) vs #14 Earl Hall (7-1)

This may be one of the best matchups of the entire dual as it is one of the few weights where both teams have returning All-Americans. Making this even more fun is that both of these wrestlers are up from 125 from a year ago. Last year in the dual Clark led most of the match, but faltered late and ended up winning by just a single point, 8-7. Clark later took out Hall 10-4 at the NCAAs so he currently leads this series 2-0 and based off the matches I have wittnesed this season, I still think Clark has the edge. This will be Clark’s first official Division I match of the season, but I don’t think that will be much of a factor. Hall on the other hand is coming off a tough loss in East Lansing, Michigan, where he fell to Javier Gasca 5-3, so I expect him to have an additional motivation to win this match to get back on the right track.

141: #7 Josh Dziewa (8-0) vs John Meeks (1-3) 

Seeing John Meeks on the mat is something high school wrestling fans have wanted to see for a long time. We all know how the experiment went Meeks true freshman year so many fans have put that past them and expect big things this year. Meeks has not gotten off the start the Cyclones wanted going 1-3 in duals. His spot could be in jeopardy as Dante Rodriguez has impressed a lot of people in the early season schedule going 9-1. Like Nathan Boston at 125 pounds he also is a true freshman. Will Jackson shake things up?

149: #9 Brody Grothus (10-1) or Brandon Sorensen (9-1) or Edwin Cooper (7-3) vs Gabe Moreno (9-0)

And the speculation for who Tom Brands is going to start at this weight will continue at least another meet as he lists all three wrestlers Grothus, Sorensen, and Cooper as potential starters against the younger Moreno. Gabe Moreno had a very hot and cold season last year at 141 but he did post three wins over ranked opponents Ugi Khishignyam, Nick Lester, and Joe Spisak. Moreno will bring an unbeaten record in to Carver Saturday night and if he can get a win over any of the Iowa wrestlers listed at this weight, it will be a very solid win on his resume. As for the Hawkeye trio, the only thing that feels certain is that Cooper is the one trailing since he has yet to notch an official win over his teammates, but the fact that Brands lists all three shows that he is still in the race though. If it is Brody Grothus on Saturday he would make Iowa an instant favorite with four wins over the top four All-Americans from last year on his resume. If it is Sorensen I would not go out and declare either wrestler a favorite over the other. One thing is for certain the move from 141 to 149 has suited Moreno well, so this weight will be a good battle.

157: Mike Kelly (8-0) vs Luke Goettl (8-1)

Here is a rematch between two seniors looking to gain some national recognition. Goettl beat Kelly last year up at Ames 4-2. Kelly has four falls on the season and carries an undefeated recorded. Kelly has a 28-3 career record at 157 pounds so the Hawkeyes hope he can continue those winning ways. Goettl had a 14-15 overall record last year and went 8-8 in dual competition. Goettl failed to get a birth to the NCAA Championships last year after qualifying his freshman and sophomore season. This will be a barn burner until the end.

165: #5 Nick Moore (7-0) vs #3 Mike Moreno (8-0)

If it’s not the Clark-Hall bout, this is the match that fans from both sides have circled as the main event. Moreno and Moore have developed probably the best head-to-head rivalry over the past few years and Saturday night a lot will be on the line. With the series now tied at 2-1 in favor of Moore, and Moreno in search for his first dual victory in the series. Believe it or not in terms of cumulative match points in their three meeting, Moore only leads 9-8. That is how close these two are in terms of talent. This match will in a likelihood be the highlight of the dual and being a traditionalist, I would like to watch it coming out of the break (meaning the dual starts at 125).

174: #3 Mike Evans (7-0) vs #6 Tanner Weatherman (8-0)

This matchup on paper is towards the top of the most anticipated matches, but Evans has handled Weatherman the last two times by major decision 10-1. Both are veterans in the Cy-Hawks series so don’t expect Weatherman to back down. Weatherman is looking to make an All-American run this year and what a start it would be to knock off Mike Evans.

184: #8 Sammy Brooks (7-0) vs #18 Lelund Weatherspoon (8-0)

This is another great rivalry brewing between these two teams that fans are looking forward to. Sammy Brooks wrestled Gadson at 197 in last year’s dual, but he spent a majority of the year filling in for the injured Ethen Lofthouse at 184.During that time he notched a few top 20 wins and got Iowa fans really excited about his potential future as he seems to model the “Iowa style”. Weatherspoon also started last season at a different weight, but once he got to 184 full-time he won a Big 12 title. Both fan bases are really excited about the potential that each of their 184 pound wrestlers brings to the table, and it’s easy to see why. This match has the makings of a really good one.

197: #5 Nathan Burak vs Kris Klapprodt (5-2) vs #3 Kyven Gadson (8-0)

Nathan Burak looks to have issues again this season and the Hawkeyes are being quiet about it. Based off last weeks press conference and Klapprodt wrestling all the Iowa City duals, we should see Klapprodt wrestle tonight. Gadson has had close wins of the Hawkeyes the last two seasons defeating Sammy Brooks 3-2 in 2013, and came out on top against true freshman Nathan Burak in 2012. Everyone is hoping we see Burak on the mat tonight for a rematch but all signs point to Klapprodt tonight.

285: #3 Bobby Telford (7-0 vs Quean Smith (7-1)

The bout between these two wrestlers is a tale of two different seasons thus far. To date Telford has wrestled less than a full match at both of the two events he has competed in (He wrestled a total of 3:33 at the Luther Open and 4:42 at the Iowa City Duals) and this will be his first division one match of the season. After going 4-0 at the Kaye Young Open, Smith has put together a 3-1 dual season record, but of his scoring margin in those matches is +1 (+5 in his wins). When you get down to it, one of these wrestlers is a two All-American and the other is still growing as a wrestler. I think Telford has too much experience and gets the job done with relative ease.

By Ross Bartachek (@rossbchek)

Lead Editor of IA Wrestle

55 thoughts on “Iowa vs. Iowa State Preview and Open Thread”
  1. Thanks for the updates. Better than nothing painful to have to wait for the updates with no excitement from your play by play. Hawkeye report guys got you hands down

  2. 285: #3 Bobby Telford (7-0 vs Quean Smith (7-1)

    Telford and Smith working collar ties. Telford head taps and then picks up Smith’s leg for a TD halfway through the first

    After the TD Telford racking up some RT, and Smith warned for stalling. Looks like Telford has an arm bar starts to run it and time expires.

    2-0 1:28 RT

    1. Telford out to start the second 3-0 Telford lead.

      Smith takes a shot, not anywhere close, but finally seeing him attempt some offense. Smith fighting off Telford pretty good, Telford then hits a a big single to go up 5-0, looking to score more, but he won’t get it, we head to the third

    1. Gadson picks down and is out in :04

      Klapp warned for stalling. Gadson has taken a few half shots, but not a whole lot going on in general.

      Under a minute both guys doing lots of hand fighting, trying to work inside. Gadson slips down to a leg and gets a TD 3-0 lead. A little shoving on the outside of the match, but Klapp is out 3-1.

        1. Gadson taunts the crowd, and ISU docked a team point, now 22-8

          Gadson really took his time walking off the mat, really working the crowd to boo him.

          Good work by Moreno to get him to the locker room

  3. 184: #8 Sammy Brooks (7-0) vs #18 Lelund Weatherspoon (8-0)

    No more mullet for Brooks

    Looks like Lelund has a wrap on his right elbow, Brooks working a two on one right now, putting lots of pressure into Lelund.

    Restart, not much doing here with 1:30 left

    Now Brooks trying a collar tie. Lelund with a quick single and bring it to his feet, Brooks just puts his foot on the mat and takes a shot. Can’t get a hold though and we have another restart.

    Books with an ankle trip and a bit of a scramble. Scoreless first.

    1. Brooks looking like Keddy, out in :03 to lead 1-0

      Stall warning on Weatherspoon

      Weatherspoon takes another shot and gets Brooks’s leg. Both are so strong. Looked like Lelund would pull it in to finish, Brooks just puts his leg down and gets out.

      Brooks in on a shot short time again. Trying to come out the back door and then picks up Weatherspoon’s leg for a TD, nice tilt for 2 NF

      5-0 lead

      1. Weatherspoon goes down and Brooks is riding tough. Trying to break him down to flatten him out.

        Weatherspoon dinged for stalling again and it’s 6-0 Brooks. Brooks locks up RT

        He cuts Weatherspoon loose and Weatherspoon kind of lazily turns around and Brooks almost blast doubles for two but they go out.

        On the restart Brooks scores and will win 9-1 with RT

        22-3 IOWA

  4. 174: #3 Mike Evans (7-0) vs #6 Tanner Weatherman (8-0)

    Evans got that leg sleeve on his left leg.

    Evans already with a TD and release he leads 2-1.

    Weatherman takes a shot, but Evans fights it off. Evans tries to take another shot, but nothing there either. Both guys trying to work the head

    1. Evans starts down. Comes up to his feet and Weatherman doesn’t return him. They end up going out of bounds, Mike was doing a good job of staying on his feet.

      Evans is out. He then hits an outside single for a 5-1 lead for Evans Looking to build some riding time here perhaps.

      On the restart Evans still riding tough about a minute left. Evans picks up RT (for now) and will have 1:25 going into third

      1. Weatherman starts down, Mike riding tough, Weatherman finally gets his feet and is out.

        5-2 lead, and Evans is circling looking for another opening. Weatherman will need to take a shot to score here.

        Mike tries another shot and Weatherman gets to Evans ankle on a reshot. Weatherman picks up the TD and then Evans gets out 6-4 lead

        Weatherman takes another shot, but Evans looking to score off the reshot. It ends 7-4 w/ RT

        18-3 IOWA

  5. 165: #5 Nick Moore (7-0) vs #3 Mike Moreno (8-0). Probably the second most anticipated matchup

    These two must know each other, they seem to be countering each other, neither one can get an upperhand with 1:00 left.

    Moerno gets in on a leg and then finishes 2-0 Moreno. Moreno has a leg in and is riding Moore tough, not a lot of action from Moore, but there is a lot of pressure.

    It ends 2-0 Moreno :48 RT

    1. Moore chooses down and tries to hit a sitout, and is working on getting hand control Moreno is riding tough. Moore comes up to his feet and is out 2-1 Moreno, Moreno has 1:15 RT

      Moreno hits another shot, but it was well defended. :50 left and they stalemate.

      Moore tries snapping Moreno and then takes a shot and gets Moreno’s leg. They stalemate. Still 2-1 with :33 left.

      Off a scramble Moreno hits another TD, it’s 4-1 Moreno, that RT building. Short time, Moore almost had a reversal.

      1. Moore riding Moreno after he took down. Moore erases RT and then cuts Moreno it’s 5-1 Moreno.

        Moreno in pretty deep on Moore’s leg, Nick Trying to come around, gets the ankle wrapped and then a TD 5-3 Moreno.

        Moore takes neutral on a restart 6-3, Moreno with another shot and Moore is trying to come around. Moreno comes out the victor 6-3

        15-3 IOWA

  6. 157: Mike Kelly (8-0) vs Luke Goettl (8-1)

    Goettl strikes right away and puts the leg in so he’s got a 2-0 lead.

    After a 1:02, Kelly reaches up grabs Goettl’s head and pulls him. Goettl was too high and gives up the reversal. They go out of bounds and restart.

    So Kelly erases 1:02 RT and ends the first tied 2-2, with :42 RT of his own

    1. Kelly picks down and is out in :09, Kelly working an underhook currenty and takes a shot on the edge of the mat. They roll OOB

      Restart Kelly gets to Goettl’s leg working that underhook and takes a 5-2 lead with :30 left. Throws the leg in looking to ride the period out, he has 1:17 RT

      1. They start the 3rd on their feet. After :40 Goettl takes a shot, but Kelly fights it off.

        Then Goettl thros Kelly to his back, he’s got the TD and 2 NF. Then Kelly gets his own reversal to Goettl’s back. Was looking for the fall but gets 3 NF an it’s 10-6 Kelly win

        15-0 IOWA in the break. 10 minutes until 165

  7. Brandon Sorensen (9-1) vs Gabe Moreno (9-0) at 149.

    Sorensen with a quick TD and then Moreno is out in under :10. 2-1 Sorensen

    Moreno takes a shot from far away so he isn’t able to do anything with it. Comes in and takes another shot and get’s Sorensen’s leg, but Sorensen fights it off well and they go OOB to a RS.

    Sorensen warned for stalling, must’ve motivated him as he hits a shot and finishes up 4-1

    1. Gabe takes down and Sorensen rides him about :20 seconds. RT not a factor and Gabe is out 4-2.

      Sorensen takes a shot from too far away so nothing doing.

      Sorensen gets in on Moreno’s leg again, but then they stalemate and head back to their feet.

      Moreno takes a shot with short time and gets around Sorensen for a TD, Sorensen out with :03 left 5-4 Iowa lead

      1. Sorensen starts down and gets to his feet, Moreno had the leg in, but cuts him loose 6-4 Sorensen

        Sorensen takes a shot, but then Gabe Moreno gets in deep on a reshot. Moreno gets the TD 6-6, RT will not factor for anyone in this match.

        6-6 Sorensen starts down and is out to take a 7-6 lead with :35 left.

        Moreno takes another attempt, but Sorensen doesn’t give up any points.

        7-6 Sorensen

        12-0 IOWA

  8. 141: #7 Josh Dziewa (8-0) vs Dante Rodriguez (9-1)

    Looks like they are pulling the shirt

    Dante gets a shot, but Dziewa fights it off. Dante gets in on another shot. If you pull a shirt on a true FR, this is the aggressive start you want to see. Now injury time for Rodriguez.

    Dziewa chose down on the injury restart and he’s out in :04.

    Dante going for the big throw on Dziewa, but it’s not working. Dante takes another shot and has Dziewa’s leg, but he’s too far away to pull it in if he’s got his head down, go to the restart, still 1-0 Dziewa.

    Need to see offense by Dziewa and his initial slide by doesn’t go, but his second attempt works and he takes a 3-0 lead with :57 RT

    1. Dziewa takes down in the second. Dante riding tough as Dziewa gets to his feet, but Dante gets him back to his base by switching to a leg.

      Dziewa gets out :33 RT for his still. Dziewa tries a knee tap, but they go out so we restart. Dante hits a big double and cuts the lead in half 4-2 Dziewa

      1. Dante picks to go on their feet for the third and man these two are funky. Dziewa ends up with another TD and goes out in front 6-2.

        Dziewa riding the leg and turns Dante over for 2 NF to make it 9-2 w/ RT factored in

        9-0 IOWA

  9. spend the entire 2nd on your feet and you allow a guy to slow you down…. that will not win a national title at 125 with delgado who loves to slow the match down

      1. more then likely you did… they spent the entire 2nd….. two whole mins on their feet?? gilman cant get a take down?

  10. Now one of the matches that I have been looking forward to most of the week, 133: #4 Cory Clark (7-0) vs #14 Earl Hall (7-1)

    Clark working on Halls head, and Earl breaking it off trying to get a better tie. Hall gets in on Clarks ankle and Clark fights it off with a whizzer, but ends up takendown to his back. No NF points for Hall and Clark gets out it’s 2-1 on the restart.

    Hall goes for a throw, but Clark slips his head and gets TD of his own. Crowd wants stalling on Hall underneath. Clark throws his leg in and after a bit Hall warned for stalling

    3-2 into the second

    1. Clark starts second down and is out real quick, 4-0 right now. RT at :27 for Clark.

      Clark does a quick inside single and brings Halls leg to his feet. Just about has it but all slips loose. Clark chases Hall around on the mat and gets back on a leg, and then finishes his TD. Up 6-2 now.

      1. Hall goes down to start 3rd.

        Clark working an arm bar. Hall has his head down, gets called for stalling and it’s 7-2, 7-3 after Hall escapes.Clark has 1:24 RT.

        Both are working ties, but neither are really looking to make a move. Hall needs to go if he’s going to get back in this match. Hall gets Clark into a front headlock, but it’s not good.

        Clark will win 8-3

        6-0 IOWA

    1. First Period :

      Gilman and Larson tying up off the whistle. GIlman really working the head when he gets his tie up. Tried a couple snaps and go arounds, but that isn’t working on Larson.Gilman gets in on a single, and bring it up to his feet. Works for the TD and they go out of bounds

      Now Gilman riding tough on Larson trying to get his base and then to his feet, but Gilman doing a good job of returning him.

      Larson tried a sit out, but nothing going there either. After the first Gilman leads 2-0 with 1:29 RT

      1. Larson goes underneath to start the second and GIlman cuts right away, maybe three seconds and Larson was out. Back to tying up here GIlman really working and they end up out of bounds.

        Restart and they tie back up again and stalemate. Neither can get much going on the other right now. Another Stalemate call, Gilman continuing to push forward, Larson takes his first real shot, but it wasn’t much. Period ends 2-1

        1. Third starts with Gilman taking down. Gilman gets to his feet quick and gets his escape on the edge and we go for a restart.

          Larson takes another shot, but GIlman sprawls back and they go back to their feet. Gilman continuing with his forward pressure and they go OOB.

          Half way through and this period is looking pretty boring, Gilman takes a half shot, but Larson backs away. Back in the middle and the gets a TD off his front headlock.

          6-1 win with RT

          3-0 IOWA

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