(Photo by Hawkeyesports.com)
(Photo by Hawkeyesports.com)

Date: November 22nd, 2014
Time: Dual Schedule: (They will run the duals right after the other gets over. These are tentative times)

  • 9 A.M. #1 Iowa vs. Baker and Cornell vs. Iowa Central
  • 10:30 A.M. #1 Iowa vs. Iowa Central and Baker vs. Cornell
  • 12 P.M. #1 Iowa vs. Cornell and Iowa Central vs. Baker

Location: Iowa City, IA Carver-Hawkeye Arena
Radio: 800 KXIC AM

Online: http://www.hawkeyesports.com, BTN2go.com

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Probable Lineups (Hawkeyesports.com)

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Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 8.53.47 PM

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 8.54.19 PM

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 8.54.52 PM

The University of Iowa wrestling team opens its 2014-15 home schedule Friday hosting the seventh annual Iowa City Duals.

This season marks the seventh year of the Iowa City Duals. The Hawkeyes are 19-0 in the history of the duals, and Iowa wrestlers own a 183-7 record in the event. The Hawkeyes have a combined record of 15-3 against Friday’s opponents.

Iowa is 2-0 all-time against Baker. The Hawkeyes defeated the Wildcats, 47-3, in 2011, and, 59-0, in 2013.

Iowa owns a 7-3 series advantage over Cornell. The Hawkeyes lost the first three meetings of the series beginning in 1930. The Rams scored consecutive victories in 1930 (17-13), 1932 (15.5-10.5) and 1933 (17-11). Iowa won its first series meeting, 22-11, in 1970. the Hawkeyes have since run their series win streak to seven with victories in 2007 (51-0), 2009 (57-0), 2010 (43-0), 2011 (42-0), 2012 (49-3), and 2013 (50-3).

The Hawkeyes own a 6-0 series advantage against Iowa Central. the Hawkeyes won the first series meeting, 49-0, in 2000, and own wins in 2007 (50-0), 2008 (52-0), 2010 (45-0), 2011 (37-6), and 2013 (55-0).

Should be a great day with multiple wrestlers coming from their home state of Iowa. Remember if you are showing up for a specific dual at the noted times you should get their early because these duals with run continuously. As always follow us along on twitter and feel free to comment below with any questions throughout the day.



Parking for the Iowa City Duals will not be available in the vicinity of Carver‐Hawkeye Arena throughout the entire day of competition. All parking lots and ramps will be screened and monitored to allow parking for University of Iowa employees in their respective assigned lots as well as being protected for UIHC patients and their visitors.

Those with reserved parking passes in Lots 46 and 75 WILL be able to park in those designated lots.

The only options for public parking near Carver‐Hawkeye Arena during the entire day are as follows:

1) Softball Parking Lot – entrance off of Mormon Trek Drive
a. FREE wrestling parking within walking distance (15 minute walk)

2) Varsity Track Complex Lot (gravel & grass) – entrance off of Highway 6 (across from the Vine)

a. FREE wrestling parking within walking distance (15 minute walk)

3) Lot 65 (Finkbine Commuter) – ONLY entrance is off of Melrose Avenue @ Finkbine Golf Course entrance

a. Limited FREE wrestling parking within walking distance (15 minutes)

4) Newton Road Parking Ramp – entrance off Newton Road across from the Medical Education & Research Facility

a. Limited public parking available at the normal hourly rate.

5) Hawkeye Commuter (CAMBUS)(West Lot) – entrance off of Mormon Trek Drive or Melrose Avenue onto Hawkeye Drive (unlimited)

a. FREE CAMBUS service from Hawkeye Commuter parking lot to CHA and return (continuous CAMBUS service throughout the entire day)(15 minutes) – use the CAMBUS Hawkeye/Hospital route, which stops on Elliott Drive.


83 thoughts on “Iowa City Duals Preview and Open Thread”
    1. Takedown and release for Brooks. Brooks then with another takedown to a tilt, with 2 NF he’s up 10-2 1:00 left in the first

      Brooks TD to the back, gets 2 NF and it’s stopped for an injury, not sure why it’s not 4 NF on that.

      14-3 lead heading to the third

  1. Mike Evans vs Brent Hamm at 174

    Evans takes a shot, but Hamm sprawls away. Mike gets in on a shot again, but they go out of bounds

    On the restart, Evans snaps and goes behind to get his takedown looking to throw the legs in, but Hamm fights it off. Evans gets a tilt for a 3NF, he leads 5-0 midway through first

      1. Evans chooses to go on their feet and he’s out to another TD, cuts him loose and Evans picks up another TD,

        Cuts Hamm again, and then picks up another TD, this time he turns Hamm and gets a TF 19-3

        37-0 IOWA

  2. Carton vs Trevor Engle, a TD by Engle and Carton is out

    trails 2-1

    Carton gets down on Engle’s leg and gets a TD and he takes the lead, Engle is out and it’s all knotted at 3

    Carton has really been pulling on his guy’s head all day, he hits a high crotch to take a 5-3 lead with :15 left in the first

    1. Engle opens the second down and Carton rides him tough. After :32 in the ref calls stalemate and we restart

      On the Restart, Engle is out to cut the lead 5-4, Carton is at 1:13 RT

      Carton takes a shot, but it wasn’t a very good one and no score, we head to the 3rd with Carton taking down up 5-4

      1. Carton is out in literally 2 seconds so he still has RT at this point. 6-4 match score.

        Carton is quick, he gets on Engle’s leg, but he can’t pick it up to turn the corner. They go to a restart

        A quick go behind off an Engle shot, and Carton now leads 8-4

        Carton gives up an escape and Engle takes a shot, but it’s well defended, Carton scores another TD.

        11-5 win

        20–0 IOWA

  3. Dziewa is in on a TD right away and Nathan Shank of Cornell is out.

    Dziewa works another takedown and is looking for NF

    He locks up the pinfall 1:09

    17-0 IOWA

    14 falls so far

  4. Cory Clark vs Opelt of Cornell one of their three ranked wrestlers.

    Clark hits a boot scoot and then he turns his guy, getting 3 NF up 5-0

    Clar has an arm bar working for more NF and Opelt gets out 8-1 lead.

    Takedown for Clark with :35 left in the first period.

    1. Clark opens the 2nd by taking down, hes out on his feet in 12 seconds.

      Clark looks like he has added a bit of weight at this new weight class, at least looks bigger.

      Another scoot for the TD he’s up 13-1 he gets some NF and wins by 16-1 TF

      11-0 IOWA

  5. Here we go with Gilman vs Scott Smith of Cornell

    This is gonna be tough with Gilmans pace, he rattles off two quick takedowns, make that three off another go behind. Got a one count, but no back points 6-2

    Cuts him, takes Smith Down, Gilman throws Smith to his back for the 1:45 pinfall

  6. Ross, could you elaborate more on the Kelly matchup. Was it the same Kelly we are used to seeing?

      1. Thanks Ross, I like the fact that he put up some points and got the W. I hope Kelly has turned the corner this year.

  7. Kris Klapprodt vs Patrick Downey at 197,

    Downey with a TD with 2:12 left, Klapp gets out 2-1

    Downey recently finished top four at BIll Farrell in Freestyle. I think he finished 3rd

    Downey with a TD and release 4-2 Downey,

    Downey doubles for another and got 2 NF for a 8-2 lead

    1. Downey takes down to start 2nd, and gets out, up 9-2 right now.

      Klapp takes a shot, think it took Downey by surprise. Downey has a whizzer, but Klapp still holding that leg.

      Period ends with no score, still 9-2 Downey

      1. Klapp is out quick, Downey doesn’t have RT (:47), it’s 9-3

        Klapp gets a good single leg shot, but Downey is wrestling with some phenomenal defense right now.

        Downey gets a TD and locks up RT, cuts Klapp and leads 11-4

        Getting a little aggressive there so ref calls for a break

  8. 37-0 IOWA

    Brooks get a TD in under 30 seconds and already getting NF

    After 3 NF he cuts his guy, Robinson tries a body lock, but Brooks gets a TD and then a release.

    Brooks scores on a go behind he is up 9-2 w/ 1:00 to go

    There is the pinfall 2:06

  9. Now Evans vs Meehan at 174

    Evans gets a TD and throws the legs in, he’s looking for NF points right away

    Evans 1:52 pinfall

    Slamming Sammy Brooks vs Robinson of ICCC

  10. Nick Moore against Gray of ICCC

    Moore gets in on a shot and finishes TD Moore with 2:12 left

    Moore doing some riding, Gray not giving him much, looks like he had an arm bar and is getting NF

    5-0 lead after the 3 NF a minute left

    Moore (see what I did there) NF, and it’s 8-0

    Moore locks up the pinfall 2:45

    31-0 IOWA

  11. Mike Kelly time, vs Richie Lewis of ICCC

    Kelly gets hit with a blast double by Lewis and they go OOB, Kelly out on the restart, he is the first Hawk to trail today 2-1

    Kelly finally takes a shot, but Lewis almost scores on the counter, a bit of scramble and Kelly back in on a leg.

    Kelly finally turns the corner and goes up 3-2 over Lewis

    1. Kelly will start the second down and gets out, tries a half shot

      Kelly got in on Lewis’s leg, but they go for a restart still 4-2 lead

      That’s how the second ends 4-2, Kelly has :57 RT

      1. Lewis is out in :06, but Kelly got RT right now, it’s 4-3 and Lewis gets in on Kelly’s leg

        Kelly surrenders the TD to Lewis, he goes up 5-4, Kelly loses RT, but gets out it’s 5-5

        Lewis in on leg again, Kelly gets out of it and scored a TD 7-5 lead, he was in real trouble there for a second.

        He wins 8-5 with RT

        25-0 IOWA

  12. Carton vs Harvey of ICCC

    First thoughts Carton is a lot shorter than his guy and Harvey gets in on Carton’s leg..

    Feel free to comment along love hearing your thoughts!

    Carton gets a high crotch, and scores the match’s first TD with under 2 to go. They go OOB

    Carton works a quick tilt and gets a 2 count, 4-0 lead, Carton in danger of being reversed

    There is the Reversal by Harvey 4-2 Carton 24 seconds left in the 1st

    Carton is out and then gets a TD with short time, good effort by the SO Carton

    1. Carton with a quick reversal to start the second, his lead up to 9-2 now, then he cuts 9-3 lead

      Carton gets in on the leg and there is a scramble, Carton comes out on top 11-3, then he gets reversed, 11-5

      Carton is out and is up 12-5, Give Carton credit, his single leg attack s so quick, in another TD, and gets it with 3 seconds left, he’s got 1:45 RT

      1. Harvey goes down to start 3rd, but doesn’t really hit a move off the whistle. Harvey eventually gets out

        Carton scores on a go behind, up 16-6

        Carton gets another tilt, 3 NF RT locked up, and here comes more NF.

        TF 23-6

        22-0 Iowa

  13. ICCC starts the second down and Dziewa is riding hard. ICCC warned for stalling and Dziewa gets a 3 NF on a tilt. They go nuteral and there is a Dziewa TD 12-2 lead

    More NF here, but he works his butcher for a pinfall 4:34

    17-0 Iowa

  14. Dziewa with a quick TD in under 30, looks like he is going for a ride, as most other matches, Iowa guy has been cutting them rather quick. Dziewa picks up 3 NF

    Now lets his guy up, and ICCC takes a shot and gets in on Josh’s leg, but Josh turns it into his score, looked a little dangerous for a moment he’s got a 7-1 lead into the second

  15. Cory Clark 133:

    Clark working the front headlock early and gets a go behind to go up with a TD in 30 seconds.

    a release and TD, release TD.

    Clark gets in on the leg to go up 6-2 and is now going to get some back points, trying to get a fall but no go 9-2 lead

    Turns him again and this time it’s tight enough

    pinfall 2:07
    11-0 IOwa

  16. So with a 11-4 lead and they go to the center for a restart. ICCC warned for stalling, but is it really stalling or is he also stunned by how quick Gilman can take him down?

    Start the second ICCC goes down, Gilman doesn’t even want to mess around, optional start and ICCC is out 11-5 Gilman lead.

    Gilman getting to the single pretty easy in this match another TD to go up 13-5

    1. Another release and TD by Gilman, lets his guy out to be 15-7

      Delacruz actually gets in on Gilman’s ankle but no score and they restart.

      Gilman gets a quick takedown ends the 2nd up 17-7

      1. Gilman out to start the third.

        Delacruz doubles GIlman almost to his back and not the score is 19-9 after a Gilman escape.

        Gilman fires back with a TD of his own, and lets his guy up. Gets in deep on another single and this time is getting some back points.

        That locks up his TF 27-10, crazy that Gilman had the guy in on his legs a couple times

        5-0 lead

  17. Gilman starting off here against Delacruz.

    The two are tying up and go out of bounds.

    On a restart Gilman gets a takedown and then lets his guy out right away. He’s on the attack

    Gilman quick in on a leg and gets a takedown and lets him out.

    Another takedown, can hardly keep up with Gilman’s pace.

    Another TD 8-3 this time to his back and he’s got 3 NF

  18. Intermat’s NJCAA rankings

    133 #7 Clay Walker

    141 #8 Trevor Fiouci

    149 #9 Teddy Harvey

    157 #2 Richie Lewis

    174 #5 Jake Meehan

    184 #6 Bryce Fisher

    197 #8 Pat Downey

    285 #2 Chris Ballard

    Downey is a FS stud, probably underranked and very much a threat

        1. Thanks! Looks like Downey was a nationally ranked recruit that first committed to Oregon State and given his very impressive national freestyle results, he’s a tough matchup for anyone.

  19. Bobby is working his ties and drops down to a leg to get his first takedown and 2-0 lead with 1:40 to go

    Bobby turns his guy over and gets a fall in 1:52

    Iowa wins 55-0

  20. Klapp was in some serious danger of getting takendown for a moment, but he turns it into his score and goes up 7-3, then gives up the escape so Klapp leads 7-4

    Give Klapp credit for continuing to work, he wins 9-4 by getting another takedown with under 5 seconds

    49-0 Iowa lead and we head to Telford vs. Bennett of Baker at 285

  21. A nice shot and takedown for Klapp, his guy gets out though and he’s up 4-2

    This Baker guy is doing a pretty good job of defending anything Klapp tries to do, but so far he hasn’t been able to threaten to do anything to Klapp here.

    We start the second here and Baker guy gets out so Klapp leads it 4-3. Not a ton of action going here.

    Going back and forth between being tied up and then separating.

    Klapp finally goes for a high crotch, but he wasn’t fully committed to it. 4-3 lead as Klapp takes down in the third.

  22. Sammy is trying to score here, but Baker has a whizzer and the ref calls for a restart.

    Sammy hits a shot right away, but it was well defended. Sammy does another shot and gets a TD

    Sammy picks up 3 NF and it’s 5-0 .

    Sammy turns him again for an 8-0 lead, and the bottom man is warned for stalling

  23. Evans has another takedown. Baker’s guy is who was listed at 165, Trevor Sutton.

    Evans picks up a 3 NF to go out 5-0, and starts working another cheap tilt for 3 more NF 8-0

    Evans turns his guy over again 1:45 is the time of the pinfall

    Iowa up 40-0

    184 is Sammy Brooks

  24. Moore starts the second down, he’s out in under 10 seconds. 14-4

    Another TD for Moore. This time he is working the arm of Middleton and he flips on to his back for the pin.

    4:24 pinfall time

    34-0 Iowa, four team pinfalls for those keeping track

    Stache-less Mike Evans up at 174

  25. Moore vs Middleton of Baker:

    Moore get’s in on a single and scores a takedown

    Lets his guy out, and then gets back on another takedown.

    Goes for a tilt and gets a one count, but Middleton gets back to his belly

    Escape Baker, and a takedown by Moore, think it was a duck under.

    Moore scores on a go behind. Lets him up and then takes him down again. Gets a 5 count so there is 3 NF

    GOing to the second he’s up 13-4 with 1:46 in RT

  26. Baker doesn’t look like he wants to be in Kelly’s tie, doing a lot of backing up. Kelly gets in a scoring position but they go out of bounds

    There is the takedown for Kelly, Iowa is really owning the offense today.

    Kelly with a cow catcher and gets a pinfall in 1:32

    Now it’s Nick Moore 28-0 lead

  27. Gives his guy another escape and gets back in on a single and scores. Another escape, Baker warned for stalling. and another Takedown Carton.

    Carton goes on a tear and wins 24-7

    Iowa leads 17-0 after 4 matches, Mike Kelly up at 157

  28. Carton is out quick to push his lead to 9-1.

    Both guys trying ot work the head, Brands is telling Carton to “Pick it up”

    A little shot by Baker, but Carton is fighting those off pretty easily today.

    Carton gets in on a single, but and after a scramble gets a TD to the back, get’s 3 NF so the score is 14-3 after the second. Blood time before the third on Baker

  29. Carton lets his guy up, Baker guy is trying to wear on Carton’s head, Carton is in there fighting back.

    He’s trying to get a go behind and gets a TD up 6-2 with :33 left

    Get’s another quick escape TD with short time, end of the first it’s 8-3 1:26 RT

  30. Carton is the man at 149 today with Grothus, Sorensen, and Cooper heading to an open this weekend.

    A quick TD and release.

    Followed quickly by another TD

    4-1 Carton lead

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