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The three-time defending National Champion Grand View Vikings are the top team in the nation, according to the NAIA Wrestling Coaches Preseason poll. The top 20 poll, put out Wednesday, has the Vikings as the top team for the 17th straight week.

Grand View has 11 ranked wrestlers in the pre-season poll. This includes the top ranked, Ryak Finch (125), Brandon Wright (141), and Christian Mays (184). The others ranked in the poll are Jacob Colon (6th at 133), Walker Marshall (8th at 141), Gustavo Martinez (2nd at 149), Dallas Houchins (2nd at 157), Jimmie Schussler (2nd at 165), Thomas Moman (4th at 174), AJ Mott (11th at 197) and Dean Broghammer (8th at 285). Finch and Write both go into the season as defending national champions.

Other Iowa schools in the poll were William Penn, at 13th, and Morningside, tying for 19th place with Benedictine (Kansas). Northwestern, Briar Cliff, and Waldorf colleges also received votes in the poll, but were outside the top twenty.

William Penn has eight wrestlers ranked, including number two Scottie Bonds at 133 and number 6 Kyle Soderblom at 184. Morningside has four ranked, including number two Rulin Pederson at 184 and number eight Garret Lambrecht at 149.

Northwestern has three ranked in the poll, with their highest being Jerry Mayo III, at 141. Randall Null is also in the top ten, at tenth place, at 184. Waldorf has two wrestlers ranked, their highest being Angel Gomez, in at 11th place at 285.

Of note, three time defending champion Brock Gutches (174, from Southern Oregon) will be wrestling at the NWCA All-Star Classic on November 1st. He’ll be taking on two-time All-American Robert Kokesh of Nebraska, and he is the first NAIA wrestler to ever be featured in the event.

The complete NAIA Coaches poll can be found below, along with the rankings of individual wrestlers.

Team Rankings:

1 Grand View (Iowa)
2 Southern Oregon
3 Great Falls (Mont.)
4 Missouri Valley
5 Montana State-Northern
6 Campbellsville (Ky.)
7 Midland (Neb.)
8 Indiana Tech
9 Lindsey Wilson (Ky.)
10 Menlo (Calif.)
11 Embry-Riddle (Ariz.)
12 Oklahoma City
13 William Penn (Iowa)
14 Life (Ga.)
15 Concordia (Neb.)
16 Baker (Kan.)
T17 Simpson (Calif.)
T17 York (Neb.)
T19 Benedictine (Kan.)
T19 Morningside (Iowa)


1 Ryak Finch Grand View (Iowa)
2 Josh Heinzer Midland (Neb.)
3 Aaron LaFarge Oklahoma City
4 Aspen Kmiec Midland (Neb.)
5 Cody Steiner Campbellsville (Ky.)
6 Kristopher McKinley Indiana Tech
7 Sage Ornelas Embry-Riddle (Ariz.)
8 Troy Lakin Menlo (Calif.)
9 Dennis Welch Missouri Valley
10 Mason Sauseda Simpson (Calif.)
11 Luke Schlosser Great Falls (Mont.)
12 Bo Bettinson Waldorf (Iowa)
13 Kyle Robison Briar Cliff (Iowa)
14 Sean Dolan Baker (Kan.)
15 Quintni Noel Life (Ga.)
16 Kevin Bonilla Missouri Valley


1 Bryce Shoemaker Baker (Kan.)
2 Scottie Bonds William Penn (Iowa)
3 Michael Ruiz Great Falls (Mont.)
4 Mitch Pawlak Indiana Tech
5 davion caston Campbellsville (Ky.)
6 jacob colon Grand View (Iowa)
7 Emilio Rivera Concordia (Neb.)
8 Eric Franklin Concordia (Neb.)
9 Jonathan Gay Southern Oregon
10 Brenton Beard Montana State-Northern
11 Andrew Porras Wayland Baptist (Texas)
12 Aaron Hane Missouri Baptist University
13 Ryan Stearns Missouri Valley
14 Brett Yarbrough Indiana Tech
15 Richard Ortiz Northwestern (Iowa)
16 joshua shelton Truett-McConnell (Ga.)


1 Brandon Wright Grand View (Iowa)
2 Kyle Wilson Great Falls (Mont.)
3 Travis Barroquillo Indiana Tech
4 A.J. Valles Simpson (Calif.)
5 Chris Hart Wayland Baptist (Texas)
6 Jerry Mayo III Northwestern (Iowa)
7 Alec Chanthapatheth Hastings (Neb.)
8 Walker Marshall Grand View (Iowa)
9 Steele Escobedo Menlo (Calif.)
10 Jeremiah Lutz Brewton-Parker (GA)
11 Bradley Watson William Penn (Iowa)
12 Sam Conners Campbellsville (Ky.)
13 Colt Rogers Bethany (Kan.)
14 Andrew Burr Embry-Riddle (Ariz.)
15 Dillan Schouw Life University
T16 Todd Brackett Missouri Valley
T16 Foster Bunce Concordia (Neb.)
T16 Dane Edwards Bethany (Kan.)
T16 Daniel Leonard Lindsey Wilson (Ky.)


1 Jake Ekster Missouri Valley
2 Gustavo Martinez Grand View (Iowa)
3 Ryan Martin Great Falls (Mont.)
4 Tyler Cowger Southern Oregon
5 kyle terry Campbellsville (Ky.)
6 Isaac Thomas Lindsey Wilson (Ky.)
7 Enrique Barajas Concordia (Neb.)
8 Garret Lambrecht Morningside (Iowa)
9 Victor Thomas Wayland Baptist (Texas)
T10 Courtney Strauss Bethany (Kan.)
T10 Mitch Roadruck Indiana Tech
12 William Fox York (Neb.)
13 Robert Workman Embry-Riddle (Ariz.)
14 Paul Longshore Lindsey Wilson (Ky.)
15 William Upson Missouri Baptist University
16 Christian Franks Menlo (Calif.)


1 Joe Cozart Lindsey Wilson (Ky.)
2 Dallas Houchins Grand View (Iowa)
3 Chad Cebulski Great Falls (Mont.)
4 Zach Skates Oklahoma City
5 shawn mcghee Campbellsville (Ky.)
6 Dalton Urrutia Southern Oregon
7 Colin Merkley Embry-Riddle (Ariz.)
8 Nick Haugen Baker (Kan.)
9 Nico Martinez Missouri Valley
10 Joseph Weber Briar Cliff (Iowa)
11 Travis Wood St. Andrews University
12 Charlton Benjamin William Penn (Iowa)
13 Jonathan Blackwell Bethany (Kan.)
14 Nichloas Distasio Truett-McConnell (Ga.)
15 Michael Gonzalez Cumberland (Tenn.)
16 Jevon Schnaubert Jamestown (N.D.)


1 Ethan Hinebauch Montana State-Northern
2 Jimmie Schuessler Grand View (Iowa)
3 Trever Devestern Dakota Wesleyan (S.D.)
4 Eric Lopez Menlo (Calif.)
5 Tyler McMichael Midland (Neb.)
6 Oliver Brukardt Life University
7 Carlos Arana York (Neb.)
T8 Luke Riley Embry-Riddle (Ariz.)
T8 Grant Godfrey Hannibal-LaGrange (MO)
10 Mitchell Judkins Lindsey Wilson (Ky.)
T11 Michael Nord Jamestown (N.D.)
T11 Garrett Urrutia Southern Oregon
13 justin brown Campbellsville (Ky.)
14 Courtney Shavers Bacone (Okla.)
15 Kevin Corbett Doane College
16 Ricky McCarty Oklahoma City


1 Brock Gutches Southern Oregon
2 Jared Miller Montana State-Northern
3 Jose Cruz, III Embry-Riddle (Ariz.)
4 Thomas Moman Grand View (Iowa)
5 Shawn Lau Great Falls (Mont.)
6 travis McIntosh Campbellsville (Ky.)
7 Riley Boomer Missouri Valley
8 Austin Fehlhafer Concordia (Neb.)
9 Jared Bass Oklahoma City
T10 Arthur Walthour Brewton-Parker (GA)
T10 Cole McArthur Montana State-Northern
T10 Ishmael Rempson William Penn (Iowa)
13 Sterling terry Midland (Neb.)
14 Andrew Carter-Johnson Missouri Baptist University
15 Aaron Back Lindsey Wilson (Ky.)
16 brandon pledger Campbellsville (Ky.)


1 Christian Mays Grand View (Iowa)
2 Rulin Pederson Morningside (Iowa)
3 Jacob Abrams Southern Oregon
4 Brady Beamon Simpson (Calif.)
5 Erick Gomez Lindsey Wilson (Ky.)
6 Kyle Soderblom William Penn (Iowa)
7 LJ Grayson Indiana Tech
8 Derek Sivertsen Oklahoma City
9 Ryan McWatters Southern Oregon
10 Randall Null Northwestern (Iowa)
11 Chris Berry Bacone (Okla.)
12 Cody Chaney Brewton-Parker (GA)
13 Kyle Delaune Cumberland (Tenn.)
14 William Miller Montana State-Northern
15 Taylor Vaughn Great Falls (Mont.)
16 Kolbjorn Skalestad Great Falls (Mont.)


1 Stephen Loosbrock Benedictine College
2 Charles Johnson Southern Oregon
3 Cody Linton Cumberland (Tenn.)
4 Garrett DeMers Montana State-Northern
5 Kolton Kersten Midland (Neb.)
6 Jacob Dempsey Life University
7 Ethan Jirak Benedictine College
8 Zach Anderson Bethany (Kan.)
9 Ken Burkhardt Jr Concordia (Neb.)
10 nate knauf Campbellsville (Ky.)
11 AJ Mott Grand View (Iowa)
T12 Logan Paul Eickhoff York (Neb.)
T12 Taylor Baird Bethany (Kan.)
14 Erick Parsons Menlo (Calif.)
15 Jared McCoy Morningside (Iowa)
16 Jake Maupin Lindsey Wilson (Ky.)


1 Gabi Musallam Missouri Valley
2 Scott Brasil Menlo (Calif.)
3 Saia Lotulelei York (Neb.)
4 Jacob Roza Life University
5 Clayton Burtis Southern Oregon
6 Daniel Mueller Missouri Valley
7 Toby Cheff Montana State-Northern
8 Dean Broghammer Grand View (Iowa)
9 Denzel Vaughan St. Andrews University
10 Abram Reynolds Briar Cliff (Iowa)
11 Angel Gomez Waldorf (Iowa)
12 Luis Contreras Missouri Baptist University
13 Jake Shumpert Brewton-Parker (GA)
14 Dylan Lemery Great Falls (Mont.)
T15 Christopher Bridgeford II Morningside (Iowa)
T15 Beau Bennett Baker (Kan.)


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