As we did with the Grandview program a few weeks ago, we took a look at Iowa State’s program and got to ask some questions to the coaching staff. We reached out to you the fans, and like usual, you the wrestling community came through and came up with some excellent questions for us to ask. If you have never had the opportunity to make it to Ames to see inside the wrestling room yourself, there are also photos down below that you will enjoy.

1. Do you feel ISU wrestling has good support from the community, alumni, and most importantly administration?

“At Iowa State we have great support with community, alumni, and administration. Iowa as a state already has a great wrestling following and ISU as a program is at the top of the charts when you look at average dual meet attendance and single dual attendance records. However we are always looking for ways to grow and improve and will continue to get involved with the community to get everyone excited about upcoming meets.Tim Krieger recently joining the Cyclone Wrestling Club board was huge. He brings in fresh ideas and the business expertise to take the club to another level. The Cyclone Wrestling Club has done an amazing job supporting our program.”

2. How important is the Cyclone Wrestling Club and what are the benefits to the ISU wrestling program? Are there any changes in store?

“Cyclone Wrestling Club gives us a huge benefit. By funding athletes after graduation to pursue Olympic dreams and keep them in our room it’s priceless. We are very excited about the addition of NCAA Champ and World Team Member Angel Escobedo. He brings the technique, passion, and work ethic we want our athletes to see as an example every day. Angel has what it takes to be the best in the world and we welcome him with open arms to the Cyclone Family. The CWC also does a number of things for our program, to name a few, wrestling tailgates, post meet socials, & has funded athletes to summer competitions/participate in National Team Camps.”

3. Seems some schools stick with traditional singlets every year. ISU has made some changes throughout the past several years. Who makes the decision for these changes? What’s the next new look? Do you think college wrestling should continue with singlets or move to the two-piece short and shirt style?

“We make the decisions as a staff. The idea behind the new singlets is to keep things fresh and get more and more people talking about ISU wrestling. We have received a lot of positive feedback from that. Personally I’m a fan of the singlets over shirt and shorts but will support whatever builds the sport.”

4. What are your realistic expectations for this year?

“Our goal every year is to be National Champs. All of our NCAA qualifiers return this season and athletes have done a great job staying focused year round. We are also very excited about the class coming in.”

5. Do you focus recruiting in certain geographical regions?

“Not specific geographical regions just looking for recruits that like to score a lot of points, seek the best competition, and are champions in all aspects of life. At ISU we want to put quality young men on the mat and help them to continue developing into men of character.”

8. Do they know if Kyven is going for a 6th year? Is anybody coming in on CWC senior level to workout with Angel?

“Yes, Kyven is working for that and he meets a lot of the criteria for a 6th year but we won’t find out until the completion of this next season. We are always looking to bring in world class work out partners to the CWC & will continue to do so but Angel is already in a great situation with All American Earl Hall, Nathan Boston (#1 recruit at 120), undefeated 4x state champ John Meeks, Kyle Larson, etc.”

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Big shout out to y for making this happen!

In closing, we got some great responses from the staff, as they provided us an insight that fans don’t always get the privilege to know about their favorite sports program. Thanks again to all of the fans who contributed questions, and also to the Cyclone wrestling staff for taking time out of the summer to speak with us.

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