14342704081_8a75b3603eThere’s no better way to follow up your Fourth of July than watching some more ‘Merica at its finest, and Tony Ramos is providing just that this weekend.

The good news for Iowa fans, and the fans of Ramos is that they will get a chance to watch his match tonight. 49 North Wrestling has been carrying the live feed since action go under way this morning at 8:30. The only downside to the coverage is that thus far there has been no way to keep score of the matches, unless you are doing so yourself at home. There are also, instances that the ref isn’t visible on screen so in so at the moment there is a lot of guess work. What I do know is that Ramos was able to defeat his first round opponent from Germany. In the semifinals he faced off against Steve Takahashi (Canada) where he won that match decidedly. I have watched the match against Takahasi twice now, and I feel confident that Ramos was able to pick up a 8-0 win, but I am still working on getting official results. Ramos was able to convert on three single leg takedowns, and one of them appeared to leave Takahashi on his back.

The finals will get under way at 5 PM Central time tonight and you can catch the action on 49 North Wrestling’s website where Ramos will be facing off against another Canadian Dillon Williams.

By Ross Bartachek (@rossbchek)

Lead Editor of IA Wrestle

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