Night of Conflict Confidence Pick ’em

Contest Rules:

  1. No purchase necessary to enter the contest. Email required.
  2. This contest is for entertainment purposes only.
  3. Prize will only be shipped to U.S. residents. Winner receives IAwrestle Rudis Hat
  4. Only one entry allowed per person.
  5. You must be 14 years or older to enter this contest.
  6. In the event of scoring ties, IAwrestle will use the tiebreakers to determine the final finishing order. The tiebreakers are in order – total match points in last match, Iowa wins, total falls.
  7. Mark confidence points by each wrestler. 11-1 (Most confident gets 11 points). Can only use each number once. Any entries with multiples will be excluded.
  8. All submissions are due Thursday 10/12/2017 by 10 PM CT.

Event Lineup:

Team Gilman/Louive vs Team Clark/Ragan

#18 Luke Kemerer (PA) vs Cade DeVos (IA)
#3 Matt Ramos (IL) vs #13 Caleb Rathjen (IA)
#7 Malik Johnson (MO) vs Drew Bennett (IA)
#5 Carly Valleroy (MO) vs #7 Felicity Taylor (IA)
#10 Jace Koelzer (KS) vs #18 Kyle Biscoglia (IA)
#3 Malcolm Robinson (NJ) vs #20 Michael Blockhus (IA)
#5 Jeremiah Reno (MO) vs #9 Cullan Schriever (IA)
#3 Peyton Robb (MN) vs #5 Andrew Merola (NJ)
#8 Cody Phippen (MO) vs #18 Aden Reeves (IA)
#3 Anthony Cassioppi (IL) vs Ronald Tucker (IL)
#4 Brandon Whitman (MI) vs #5 Joel Shapiro (IA)

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