11 thoughts on “2023 IHSAA State Championships Brackets”
  1. ever since the guy who kept the predictement site passed— There hasn’t been a decent coverage and knowledge or ratings posted for team or individuals since– He was Very good at it…………

  2. Does anyone know why in the 2A-195 bracket there is a undefeated wrestler (KJ Fry 38-0 from Clarke, Osceola/Murray) seeded 9?

  3. I’m quite disappointed in IAwrestle.org not getting the link to all 3 classes of brackets. As a paying subscriber I expect better. Yes I found final brackets on ihsaa. If you’re going to be a real wrestling site make sure you’ve got it right before you post.

  4. Still not able to access upper weights in 2A or entire 1A brackets. Please update this Tony. You’re better than this

  5. Is there a reason the upper weights 2A and all of 1A are not accessible in this link? It’s not coming up through on Scribd either

    1. I’m not able to get anything above 145lbs in class 2A or any of class 1A. Anyone else have the same issue?

    1. Why is Hanson seated #3 at 138# 3A when Fellers is seated #4, when Fellers beat Hanson at districts? What’s the logic there?

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