From IHSAA to participating schools

Due to COVID-19 related spectator limitations, the IHSAA is updating ticketing procedures for wrestling’s dual team tournament (Feb. 17) and traditional team tournament (Feb. 18-20). Member schools will receive ticketing priority for this reserved seat event, so participating teams should read the following information carefully to prepare for purchasing. 

  • In the current seating arrangement, Wells Fargo Arena has made 3,994 total seats available for purchase in each session. 
  • No general admission seating will be made available for any session. 
  • Seats are reserved in socially distanced pods of 2, 4 or 6. Pods will be sold in their entirety at the time of purchase. 
  • All sessions will go on sale at the same time. 
  • Place your order with the number of tickets for each session and the ticket office will assign your seats for all your purchased sessions.  Seats may not be in the same area.
  • All purchases will receive a print-at-home ticket. 
  • If ADA seating is required, please contact the venue at 515-564-8351.

Tickets will be sold in a tiered schedule of priority with member schools. 

Ticket Schedule: 

  1. Monday, February 15, 8 a.m. – Schools with qualifying wrestlers and qualifying dual teams
  2. Tuesday, February 16, 8 a.m. – All schools, including those with qualifiers that have already purchased 
  3. Tuesday, February 16, 12 p.m. – General public

All tickets will go on sale through Iowa Events Center and The IHSAA will share and post the link when it is available.

  • Schools with qualifying wrestlers will receive two specific links: One for time #1, one for time #2. 
  • Schools without qualifying wrestlers will receive one specific link for time #2. 
  • The IHSAA does not anticipate tickets remaining available to the general public (#3). 
  • A maximum of 10 tickets will be sold per session during time #2. 

Participating schools (#1) will receive an allotment based on the number of qualifiers a school has, then the number of available seats across each session. 

Ticket Allotment: 

  • Dual Team 1-2 (Wednesday): Up to 166 tickets per participating school, each session. 
  • Sessions 1-3 (Thursday): Up to 16 tickets per participating wrestler. 
  • Sessions 4-6 (Friday): Up to 8 tickets per participating wrestler. 
  • Sessions 7-8 (Saturday): Up to 5 tickets per participating wrestler. 

Ticket Pricing: 

  • Dual Team 1-2 (Wednesday): $15 ticket + $2.25 processing fee = $17.25 per ticket. Good for one session. 
  • Sessions 1-7 (Thursday-Saturday): $15 ticket + $2.25 processing fee = $17.25 per ticket. Good for one session. 
  • Session 8 (Saturday): $20 ticket + $3 processing fee = $23 per ticket. Good for finals only. 


More information on event procedures will be shared on the IHSAA’s Wrestling State Tournament Central page is it becomes available.