• Points out the Clinic with over 70 kids that took place before the dual.
  • Emphasizes how much better the team fought against Nebraska. Brings up Blockhus and how he fought to get off his back early in his match with Chad Red Jr.
  • He wants Max Thomsen to give himself a little breathing room, being able to put up more points.
  • Paden Moore has been hurt, no other specifics on that. Schwab wants someone to take over the spot
  • Praises Bryce Steiert and Taylor Lujan. Steiert’s not giving up many points this year. Lujan getting out of an early cradle by Taylor Venz and earning the major decision.
  • Talks about being “beyond” earning a “consolation” in regards to how close the dual was.
  • Holschlag “Will return this year.”