Lindenwood Open – Registered Wrestlers

Information from Trackwrestling. This list is current as of 9:00 AM CT on 11/20/19.

Name Group Weight Class
Meyer, Aaron Gold Division (Open) 141
Stickley, Justin Gold Division (Open) 141
Axmear, Zach Gold Division (Open) 149
Glosser, Jeren Gold Division (Open) 149
Turk, Vince Gold Division (Open) 149
Assad, Abe Gold Division (Open) 184
Brownlee, Cade Gold Division (Open) 197
Cook, Sam Gold Division (Open) 197
Corbin, Connor Gold Division (Open) 197
Glazier, Zach Black Division (Fresh/Soph) 197
Costello, Aaron Gold Division (Open) 285
Iowa State
Reeves, Aden Black Division (Fresh/Soph) 125
Fuessley, Caleb Black Division (Fresh/Soph) 125
Cabanban, Corey Gold Division (Open) 125
Klepps, Charlie Black Division (Fresh/Soph) 133
Briggs, Sinjin Black Division (Fresh/Soph) 133
Attasauov, Ramazan Gold Division (Open) 133
Nemer, Noah Black Division (Fresh/Soph) 141
Flora, Andrew Black Division (Fresh/Soph) 141
Stotts, Grant Gold Division (Open) 157
Schmidt, Carter Black Division (Fresh/Soph) 157
Owens, Eric Black Division (Fresh/Soph) 157
Schumacher, Logan Gold Division (Open) 165
Mulder, Zane Gold Division (Open) 165
Long, Caleb Black Division (Fresh/Soph) 165
Judge, Isaac Gold Division (Open) 165
Entriken, Taylan Gold Division (Open) 165
Stotts, Austin Gold Division (Open) 174
Southard, Maxwell Gold Division (Open) 174
Harsh, Nolan Black Division (Fresh/Soph) 174
Franklin, DeMichael Gold Division (Open) 174
Buesgens, Tyler Black Division (Fresh/Soph) 184
Broderson, Julien Gold Division (Open) 184
Duggan, Francis Gold Division (Open) 197
Ellsworth CC
Busutil, Christopher Black Division (Fresh/Soph) 125
King, Anthony Black Division (Fresh/Soph) 125
McNeal, Dennis Black Division (Fresh/Soph) 125
Candelaria, Hector Black Division (Fresh/Soph) 133
Siddiq, Masud As Black Division (Fresh/Soph) 133
Mills, Antonio Black Division (Fresh/Soph) 141
Wenberg, Jackson Black Division (Fresh/Soph) 141
Failor, Mikael Black Division (Fresh/Soph) 157
Maynard, Justin Black Division (Fresh/Soph) 157
Perry, Todd Black Division (Fresh/Soph) 157
Nesbitt, Cameron Black Division (Fresh/Soph) 165
Nottage, Malik Black Division (Fresh/Soph) 165
Tinoco, Roman Black Division (Fresh/Soph) 165
Cobb, Hunter Black Division (Fresh/Soph) 174
Humphrey, Ronald Black Division (Fresh/Soph) 174
Baker, Rozell Black Division (Fresh/Soph) 184
Blecher, Jerell Black Division (Fresh/Soph) 197
Jackson, Trayvonne Black Division (Fresh/Soph) 197
March, Adam Black Division (Fresh/Soph) 197
Trimble, Marland Black Division (Fresh/Soph) 197
Mason, Darrell Black Division (Fresh/Soph) 285
Hagan, Greg Gold Division (Open) 285
Minnesota State Mankato
Siebrecht, Cooper Black Division (Fresh/Soph) 157
Boston RTC
Hellickson, Nolan Gold Division (Open) not listed

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