• 110 – Gable Porter (Blue Team (Chuck Yagla)) over Mikey Baker (Red Team (Jim Miller)) Dec 8-2
  • 142 – Kain Luensman (Red Team (Jim Miller)) over Cole Cassady (Blue Team (Chuck Yagla)) SV-1 10-8
  • 150 – Jalen Schropp (Red Team (Jim Miller)) over Briar Reisz (Blue Team (Chuck Yagla)) Dec 5-4
  • 122 – Stevie Barnes (Blue Team (Chuck Yagla)) over Jakob Whitinger (Red Team (Jim Miller)) Maj 13-5
  • 119 – Damon Huston (Red Team (Jim Miller)) over Brayden Graff (Blue Team (Chuck Yagla)) Dec 2-0
  • 120 – Hagen Heistand (Blue Team (Chuck Yagla)) over Austin Kegley (Red Team (Jim Miller)) Dec 9-6
  • 142 – Gabe Lewis (Red Team (Jim Miller)) over Nathaniel Genobana (Blue Team (Chuck Yagla)) Dec 4-1
  • 154 – Jack Gaukel (Blue Team (Chuck Yagla)) over Evan Yant (Red Team (Jim Miller)) Dec 3-1
  • 170 – Justin McCunn (Blue Team (Chuck Yagla)) over Ashton Barker (Red Team (Jim Miller)) Dec 14-13
  • 152 – Cody Anderson (Red Team (Jim Miller)) over Blake Thomsen (Blue Team (Chuck Yagla)) Dec 4-1
  • 190 – Wyatt Voelker (Red Team (Jim Miller)) over Spencer Mooberry (Blue Team (Chuck Yagla)) Dec 7-3
  • 145 – Nick Hamilton (Blue Team (Chuck Yagla)) over Jack Thomsen (Red Team (Jim Miller)) Dec 6-4
  • 135 – Robert Avila (Red Team (Jim Miller)) over Matthew Lewis (Blue Team (Chuck Yagla)) Dec 10-5
  • 200 – Willie Miklus (Blue Team (Chuck Yagla)) over Drew Foster (Red Team (Jim Miller)) TF 16-1
6 thoughts on “Night of Conflict Results”
  1. Awesome event ..live streamed…great wrestling…have to say congrats to all wrestlers for participating and there conditioning…hard high level matches for early in season….well done…

  2. The seating was horrible, even worse was the announcer, not quite sure what he was attempting to do with his voice inflections, but you could understand a single word said, did not know who was wrestling, poorly run to say the very least, good wrestling, should have described push out rule to the crowd, prior to the matches, if I missed that mt bad, simply could understand the announcer at all.

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