Schwab Announces Four Year Scheduling Agreement with Wisconsin

Panther fans got a sneak peak into their future schedule today, as the head coach himself took to social media to announce a four year scheduling agreement between his team and the University of Wisconsin. It seems fitting that Schwab would announce the agreement with Wisconsin on Twitter when it likely played a role in the two sides getting together in the first place.

Schwab is notorious for doing Q&A sessions with fans on Twitter while on road trips and on a recent one a fan sparked a conversation between Wisconsin head coach Chris Bono and the head Panther. Things started with Bono replying to one of Schwab’s tweets with “we have a home date available. (You) in?”. To which Schwab responded with “Not until you return your date to us.”

The rest, as they say, is history. From the Twitter conversation it’s possible that the four year series begins in Madison this season as one of Bono’s tweets referenced an open home date in February. Schwab mentioned the fact his team might be able to make the date work as long as Wisconsin reciprocated a dual in Cedar Falls. Just over one month later, Schwab was tweeting about the Badgers being on the schedule for the next four years.

The Badgers are currently led by the aforementioned Bono, who is ready to start his second season at Wisconsin. The former Iowa State alum was lured away from South Dakota State by the Big Ten program after Bono had built the Jackrabbits into a solid top 15 program. Some of his high profile wrestlers followed him to Wisconsin, which has turned the Badger lightweights into a strong one-two punch with the transfer additions of Connor Brown last season, and the program recently added 2018 NCAA champion Seth Gross via graduate transfer.

But if that wasn’t enough to learn that UNI and Wisconsin were starting a four year series Schwab teased that another Big Ten program will be joining the Panther’s schedule this coming season. While Schwab didn’t give away too much, he did note that the team does compete in the Big Ten, but that team will not be Schwab’s alma mater, the University of Iowa.

While we are talking about Twitter challenges of the head coaches, I do feel obligated to point out that Univeristy of North Carolina head coach Coleman Scott also offered an invitation to UNI, but Schwab did not respond to Coleman Scott’s offer on a dual in Chapel Hill. The Panthers did host UNC back in 2017.