War at West Gym- Final Results

Chloe Clemons


Team Red defeated Team Blue 32-10

  • 114Damon Huston (Team Blue) over Jace Rhodes (Team Red) Dec 6-5
  • 122GChloe Clemons (Team Blue) over Sydney Park (Team Red) Dec 4-3
  • 155Chase Luensman (Team Red) over Joey Busse (Team Blue) Dec 6-0
  • 165Carson Tenold (Team Red) over Jacob Herrmann (Team Blue) Dec 8-6
  • 200Zach Ryg (Team Red) over Brayden Wolf (Team Blue) Dec 5-2
  • 113Tateum Park (Team Red) over Ali Gerbracht (Team Blue) SV-1 4-2
  • 145Riley Wright (Team Blue) over Eric Faught (Team Red) Maj 11-3
  • 220Cody Fisher (Team Red) over Garet Sims (Team Blue) Dec 6-3
  • 111Marcel Lopez (Team Red) over Trever Anderson (Team Blue) TB-1 6-4
  • 122BDrake Ayala (Team Red) over Hunter Garvin (Team Blue) Maj 12-3
  • 143Jack Thomsen (Team Red) over Eli Loyd (Team Blue) Maj 15-6
  • 130Hayden Taylor (Team Red) over Adam Allard (Team Blue) Dec 4-0
  • 135Robert Avila Jr (Team Red) over Caleb Rathjen (Team Blue) SV-1 4-2

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