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1 Southeast Polk
2 Waverly-Shell Rock
3 Waukee
4 Ankeny Centennial
5 Fort Dodge
6 WDM Valley
7 Bettendorf
8 Western Dubuque
9 Cedar Falls
10 Cedar Rapids Prairie
1 West Delaware, Manchester
2 Solon
3 Atlantic-CAM
4 Davenport Assumption
5 Crestwood, Cresco
6 New Hampton, NHTV
7 Union, LaPorte City
8 Carlisle
9 Osage
10 Clarion-Goldfield-Dows
1 Don Bosco
2 Denver
3 Lisbon
4 West Sioux
5 Emmetsburg
6 Woodbury Central
7 Lake Mills
8 MFL MarMac
9 Logan-Magnolia
10 Interstate 35
33 thoughts on “IAwrestle High School Dual Team Rankings 1/8/19”
  1. West Sioux gave a can of whoop ass to Woodbury Central on 8th score West Sioux 46 Woodbury Central 27

    1. I like that so west souix kicked there butts nice what about that Woodbury central

      1. Good win by the team from West Sioux/Akron/Moc Floyd Valley/Hull Western Christian.

    1. And so does your wife but you dont hear me telling the world at least untill now!

  2. Finnaly we have a wrestling site with a little bickering back in fourth this is what I am talking about that other site is know fun anymore it’s dead this is much better

  3. Nice Job IAWRESTLE! You have people looking for perfection or absolutes here however you guys are always way closer to being accurate than not. Keep up the good work!

  4. Y’all want something to talk about lets ask Waverly want happed to Yant 132 and Albrecht 126 @ the Clash ? One never wrestled the other very little. Two Hammers hurt or ? Just looking at the head to head results from the tournament. That could change things ranking wise.

    1. I agree ..I have no ties to lake Mills at all…but it seems like they are consistently underrated on this website… Maybe they have something against them or had a bad experience wrestling someone from lake Mills.. Who knows… They have finished 3rd two years in a row and had a very good showing at battle of Waterloo this year…

    2. What about Interstate 35? We haven’t gotten the respect or rankings in the past two years! The difference is that we don’t care. We just work hard and prove them wrong!

      1. Yea you guys aren’t wrong about I-35 and Lake Mills. Just tough to break that top 3 in 1a. Then Eburg would have beat Lake Mills in a dual based on results from a tournament. Woodbury and Lisbon were right there with each other head to head in a tournament. West Sioux is much improved from last year. I-35 just had too many losses to put much higher. Lake Mills has an argument to be a spot or two higher but based on results so far it’s just a coin flip meet with those teams from 5 on down.

        1. The results from that tourney were not correct. Missed a team point for a major and lost a team point due to a coachs actions. Lake Mills would have won the tourney by at least 2 points if they went back and fixed it.

        2. I-35’s losses are all in a 3 day period, all to 3A schools, with 3 I-35 varsity wrestlers out. We shall see in a month.

          1. Winterset tournament…. I-35 got second to Osage by 4pts who wins that dual. I-35 pulled their 160 after quarters who wins that dual.

  5. Wow, Such interesting takes there. Did you guys look at open weights due to Injuries ect, before putting this out?

      1. Geez guys cut them some slack! I for one enjoy everything they do for the sport and enjoy reading the posts, but damn. You guys ridicule Eric and Tony with your smartass comments and then get all pissy when they do it back! I personally think you guys are the ones who need to chill out, just saying.

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