When: January 2nd 10am EST
Where: Chattanooga, TN – McKenzie Arena
Watch: Flowrestling (Subscription Required) FloArena – Brackets and Live Scoring

Top 10 Team Scores

Session 2 Results (Check back often for instant updates)

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

10 AM: 5th Round of Consolations

12 PM: Championship Semifinals & Consolation Quarterfinals

2 PM: Consolation Semifinals

7 PM: Championship Finals & Medal Matches

Semifinal Matchups:

125 – Rico Montoya (Northern Colorado) DEC Alex Mackall (Iowa State) , 4-0

133 – Austin Gomez (Iowa State) F Roman Bravo-Young (Penn State) , 3:57

184 – Shakur Rasheed (Penn State) F Sam Colbray (Iowa State) , 0:45


Consi-Semifinal – Jakob Camacho (NC State) DEC Alex Mackall (Iowa State) , 5-3

Consi of 8 #2 – Aslan Kilic (Navy) M FOR Brody Teske (Penn State)


Consi of 8 #2 – Todd Small (Iowa State) DEC Casey Cobb (Navy) , 10-3

Consi of 4 – Todd Small (Iowa State) DEC Collin Gerardi (Virginia Tech) , 7-5 SV

Consi-Semifinal – Sean Nickell (CSU-Bakersfield) DEC Todd Small (Iowa State) , 3-2


Consi of 8 #2 – Chris Debien (Chattanooga) M FOR Ian Parker (Iowa State)


Consi of 8 #2 – Jarrett Degen (Iowa State) DEC Tejon Anthony (George Mason) , 8-6

Consi of 4 – Jarrett Degen (Iowa State) DEC Matt Zovistoski (App St) , 6-5 TB-2

Consi-Semifinal – Brady Berge (Penn State) DEC Jarrett Degen (Iowa State) , 7-4


Consi of 8 #2 – Chase Straw (Iowa State) M FOR Bc LaPrade (Virginia Tech)

Consi of 4 – Jonce Blaylock (Oklahoma St) DEC Chase Straw (Iowa State) , 3-1


Consi of 8 #2 – Marcus Coleman (Iowa State) MD Austin Bell (Lock Haven) , 11-3

Consi of 4 – Marcus Coleman (Iowa State) DEC Vincent Deprez (Binghamton) , 11-5

Consi-Semifinal – David McFadden (Virginia Tech) DEC Marcus Coleman (Iowa State) , 10-4


Consi of 8 #2 – Jacobe Smith (Oklahoma St) DEC Joel Shapiro (Iowa State) , 11-5

Consi-Semifinal – Jacobe Smith (Oklahoma St) DEC Sam Colbray (Iowa State) , 6-3


Consi of 8 #2 – Gannon Gremmel (Iowa State) F Cary Miller (App St) , 4-0 3:57

Consi of 4 – Billy Miller (Virginia Tech) DEC Gannon Gremmel (Iowa State) , 6-0



Day two’s morning consolation round saw five of six Cyclones advance to the medal stand. That brings Iowa State’s total place winners to eight, with three wrestling in the  semifinals at 11am. The Cyclones put some distance between themselves, and fourth place Navy. When the morning consolations were done, Iowa State widened the gap to thirteen points.

The semifinal round saw Alex Mackall lose a tough 4-0 decision to Rico Montoya of Northern Colorado. At 133, Gomez down 8-3, threw Roman Bravo-Young to his back on the edge and got the fall in 3:57. Never count out AUSTIN GOMEZ! Sammy Colbray lost by fall to No. 1 seed Shakur Rasheed of Penn State, he goes to the backside, trying for third place. Todd Small, Jarrett Degen, and Marcus Coleman are still going for third. Straw, and Gremmel will be wrestling for seventh tonight.

Alex Mackall, Todd Small, Jarrett Degen, Marcus Coleman, and Sammy Colbray will all wrestle for fifth, after dropping their consolation semifinal matches.