10 thoughts on “IWCOA Dual Team Rankings (12-20-18)”
  1. I seen Bosco wrestled at Denver last night they beat 5TH Union but did not wrestle Denver. Not sure about that. Yes I have seen Big bad Bosco wrestle a couple times Woodbury not talking bad about you but not sure you would want to wrestle the evil emprie.

  2. 3A rankings are decent. Should look like this at this point:

    1) SE Polk
    2) Waverly-SR
    3) Waukee
    4) Centennial
    5) Fort Dodge
    6) Valley
    7) Norwalk
    8) Western Dubuque
    9) Cedar Falls
    10) Bettendorf
    11) CR Prairie
    12) North Scott
    13) Ankeny
    14) CR Kennedy
    15) Johnston
    16) DM East
    17) Iowa City West
    18) Linn-Mar
    19) Dubuque Hempstead
    20) IC High
    21) Dowling Catholic
    22) Dallas Center-Grimes
    23) Indianola
    24) Lewis Central

  3. I haven’t seen WC wrestle, but I have seen DB. They beat #2 Denver, Beat #2 3A Waverly, and came within a point of #1 2A West Delaware. Just wondering if WC or Eburg has wrestled and beaten any type of those teams…..

  4. I don’t get it in 1a Woodbury central and emmtsburg are undefeated they should be ranked 1 and 2 Don Bosco has a lose why are they number 1 ??? Can someone answer this

      1. Tough schedules mater. And they can back fire if anyone has seen the results of tonight. I-35 got hammered bit off more than they could chew.

        1. I am a Woodbury Central fan and that 1st comment needs to be deleted. I see being ranked 6th as about the right spot. Most of the teams ahead of WC we do not match up very well with and while a few of them would be close duals, it would more than likely go to the team ranked ahead of them.

          Just my thoughts.

    1. Could it be that Bosco only loss was to a 2A. School, and not a 1A. School? I mean common sense should tell a person that since Bosco is undefeated in 1A. One would think that it would be cut and dry, no punts intended.

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