shots fired podcastShots Fired is the latest weekly podcast from IAwrestle. Each week Mack Reiter and Eric Schares give you unfiltered greatness as they shout out their opinions on everything from Wrestling to early-2000’s hair styles.

On this week’s Shots Fired podcast Reiter and Schares go deeper into Pat Downey (phrasing) than they’ve ever been before, go through a few wrestlers’ (who may or may not have wrestled in the US Open) favorite adult beverages, and compare college wrestling and Iowa to Batman and the Joker.

Schares gets into how he had someone else weigh in for him while at Don Bosco *cough conspiracy cough* and they both share their thoughts on Austin DeSanto joining the Hawkeyes.

And the guys talk about actual wrestling results from the US Open this past weekend!

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One thought on “SF06 – Dunkaroos, Downey, and DeSanto. Oh and some US Open talk”
  1. Finally a smart guy says it right. Folkstyle rules and control are so much better than freestyle. Freestyle has nothing on folkstyle. The world needs to recognize

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