Mark Reiland has announced his retirement after 21 years in the high school coaching ranks winning over 400 dual meets.

“I wanted to give it some time after the season and give it some serious thought,” Reiland told the Des Moines Register on Monday. “I think I was ready to make that decision a month ago, but I think I’m ready now.

Reiland coached the Trojans to traditional state titles back to back in 2006 and 2007 and five dual state dual championships.

Even more impressive than the dual victories and championships, Reiland lead individuals to 26 state titles.

This decision has rumored for months but it wasn’t clear if he would continue to lead at Iowa/USA Wrestling.

“I’m still planning to stick with that,” Reiland told the Register. “I think I can continue to do that in the capacity that I need to.”