Rankings are from the Iowa Hawkeye lineup sheet. Those are the ones I’ll go with tonight. Also the names are listed in the order they are on the sheet.

Dual is scheduled to start at 7PM, refresh often for updates!

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125 – Justin Stickley vs JR Wert or  Tropea

1st – Just Stickley out there to start things off, I made a joke on Twitter that Lee was out there, don’t fall for it. Tropea with a go by and gets around for the T2 early. Tropea gets him on in a NF2, 4-0 and now 4-1 on the E1. OOB restart, 1:40 left, Tropea with a low single and Stickley over the back, Topea works to bring him back in and picks him up and down for the T2. 6-1 1 minute left in the first. E1 for Stickley and a T2 for him, not sure how I wasn’t looking. 6-4 Tropea leads and he’s down on a restart. Tropea balls up, then stands up quick and gets the E1, Stickley right back in with another T2 that I missed *sigh* but he only trails 7-6 and he works an arm and a tilt for a NF4 as time expires, 9-7 the Hawkeye leads.

2nd – Stickley down to start, warning on Tropea as he’s too slow to cover, E1 for Stickley and he’s right back in on the legs for a T2, he goes to work on the Tropea’s arm, crowd wants stalling, they get it, 14-7 for Stickley as Tropea works back to his base, but little else going on, Tropea hit for stalling again 15-7 Stickley and he works a half over and again and gets the fall!!!

133 – Phil Laux  vs Anthony Cefolo

1st – Laux gets teh call for Iowa here, they tie up on the edge, Cefolo tries a go by and gets Laux in trouble but they went OOB. Restart, tie up again, not a lot going on, Cefolo with an underhook tries a…throw? Go by? Something but that doesn’t work at all. Now he tries it with an overhook and that doesn’t do anything. 1 minute left in the period. Restart for no reason, Laux with a reach, nothing, tie up, and that’s the first

2nd – Laux on bottom to start, Cefolo trying to tilt him but Laux sits back and has a leg, they stay like that for a bit until Cefolo gets back on top with his right leg in, Laux shrugs him off and nearly gets the T2 on the edge but Cefolo pulls himself off the mat and Laux is given a tech violation point. That was weird. Restart, they go OOB again, Cefolo really trhing to work the upper body and keep everything in front of him, doing a good job there so far. Laux with an ankle pick and Cefolo scoots around and dives on top of him, but Laux has the leg and PD is called. Restart Laux dives for the two Cefolo is warned for stalling, Laux is nearly there but can’t get the T2 before the buzzer.

3rd – Cefolo down to start, he’s up and out, RT not a factor. They tie up again (big surprise) Laux with a fake, a go-by, I feel like Cefolo is going to get warned for stalling again if he doesn’t do something, Laux with another fake, Cefolo warned for stalling Laux goes for the high crotch and is in deep, they’re in a weird spot here and we get a stalemate. Laux leads 3-1. There was a problem with the score so we get a little break, not sure what the problem was, we go again 40 seconds left. Laux with a double try, Cefolo stuffs it but Laux able to get to a leg, they’re in the same spot as before with Laux in on the leg and he gets the T2, 5-1 he leads. He holds the leg for 5 and a stall warning but he’ll get teh win 5-1!

Iowa leads 9-0

141 – Vince Turk vs #17 Tyson Dippery

1st – Sorry missed some of the action to begin with, no score 2:00 left in the first. Turk with a blast double he picks Dippery up and puts him down for the T2! 2-0 but Dippery rolls through and gets a R2 and then a tilt for a NF4 and just like that it’s 6-2. Turk down on his belly now up to his base and Dippery tries another tilt, nothing, back down to Turk’s belly, Dippery with another tilt, can’t get him over, Turk’s head is flat on the mat and he’s warned for stalling. Dippery with two more tilt tries, nothing, he has over 1:30 of RT and he works another tilt for a NF2, 8-2 he leads going to the 2nd.

2nd – They go neutral to start, Turk with a shot from too far away, Dippery easily blocks. Stalemate, restart, Turk really taking all the shots, he tries for two outside singles but Dippery blocks. 1 minute left in the 2nd, fans want stalling on Dippery as Turk tries another double leg, they tie up and Turk nearly forces him off the mat but we restart. Warning on Dippery for stalling off a restart, Turk in on a single leg and nearly gets a fall but can’t quite get there it was REALLY close and no T2 for Turk either as time runs out. 8-2 Dippery leads to the third

3rd – Dippery down to start, Turk with knocks an arm down and is trying to work him over but can’t quite get there, stall on Dippery so it’s 8-3 now. Turk trying to work a tilt now but can’t get him over, now a cross face but nearly gets too high, he settles back and gets another stall call, it’s 8-4 with 30 seconds left. Turk tries a claw but that’s rolled through, and that’s it. Dippery wins 8-4.

Iowa leads 9-3

149 – #2 Brandon Sorensen vs Gary Dinmore

1st – Sorensen with a T2 early, cuts and it’s 2-1. <- How’s THAT for play by play? Just kidding everyone, they Tie up, Sorensen with underhooks, they break outta that, Sorensen really heavy on Dinmore’s head, Dinmore with a half shot that Sorensen has to back out of. Tie up again, not much here, break, tieup, Terry rocking back and forth in his seat…and a snapdown from Sorensen and he gets around for the T2 4-1 he leads. Dinmore up to his feet, Sorensen brings him back down, and that’s the first period

2nd – Dinmore down to start, he gets a E1, 4-2. Couple of ankle picks from Sorensen that don’t connect, cover, stall on Dinmore, Ankle pick by Sorensen and he gets the T2, 6-2 he leads and has RT, E1 for Dinmore, 6-3, T2 for Sorensen, 8-3, 8-4 on the E1. That all happened too fast for me to describe what happaend, pretty easy T2’s from Sorensen. Dinmore tries for…something…and Sorensen bowls him over and gets the T2. He’s riding now and that’s the period 10-4.

3rd – Sorensen down to start, Dinmore with a caution, Sorensen up and out in 5 seconds. Sorensen with another T2, 13-4, he’s trying to horse him over but Dinmore won’t go. Stalemate. Restart, Sorensen riding tough, he’s trying to get an arm but just can’t get control, Dinmore to his feet/hands, back down, Sorensen with all the pressure in the world on his head/shoulders, and that’s how we end it. 14-4 win for Brandon Sorensen

Iowa leads 13-3

157 – #2 Michael Kemerer vs #7 BJ Clagon

1st – Match of the night right here, Kemerer in on a shot and they have a crazy scramble before Kemerer finally puts Clagon down for the T2! 2-0 he leads and now 2-1 as Clagon gets out. Restart off a stalemate, Kemerer with a dive for an ankle and then they scramble around like crazy AGAIN and Kem nearly had Clagon on his back!! but no call no control and they stalemate out, whoa! Restart, Tom and Terry getting on the officials, Terry for the way Clagon got back to the center and Tom for cheerleaders or something. Kem with a shot, they stalemate. Restart again and Clagon in on a single leg, Kem able to sprawl and get around for a T2! He leads 4-1 with 35 seconds left. Kem with a tilt but that nearly gets him in trouble, fans/coaches want stalling on Clagon who hasn’t picked his head up and they get it, and that’s the first. Kem leads 4-1

2nd – Two cautions on Clagon, clock went and has to be reset, it does, whistle and Kem gets up and out, it’s 5-1 and Kem has RT. Kem in on a single leg and Clagon sprawls out nice job by him but Kem gets his hips under him and picks him up and puts him down for the T2! 7-1 and Kem has to be thinking major here, he’s got a lot of forward pressure as Clagon his hit for stalling again, 8-1 and Kem lets him up, 8-2. Kem with a shot but they go OOB. Restart, and Clagon is in on a shot, Kem sprawls out and circles around and gets the T2 eventually. Kem working an arm but that’s the period 10-2 to the third

3rd – Caution on Kem, not sure why, E1 for Clagon. He takes a bad fake, Kem follows and they go OOB, stalling on Clagon, it’s 11-3. Restart, Kem with a bad shot, then Clagon with a double leg but Kem sprawls out, extends Clagon and we eventually get a stalemate. Terry just waved at someone, that was weird. Kem with a shot, nothing as Clagon brings him back down, 1 minute left. Clagon with another double leg try, Kem fights out and a PD is eventually called, that seemed quick. Restart 38 seconds left. Both guys are tired – Kem from shooting so much and Clagon from getting taken down so much. Clagon with a single leg that turns into a T2 for him, 11-5 now and he tilts Kem for a one count but Kem reverses him and Clagon is on his back!!! THAT was close and Kem wins 18-5 after a NF4 and RT!

Iowa leads 17-3 at intermission

165 – #16 Kaleb Young vs #4 Chad Walsh

1st – Alrighty back from break, and Iowa isn’t out yet. That seems odd. Kaleb Young comes out of the tunnel for Iowa, tieup and break, nothing there. Tieup and break again, head tap from Walsh, Young lowers his level and goes but Walsh blocks that off fairly easily. Tie up, Walsh down to a knee, Young with a go by and tries for a double but we go OOB. Restart, tieup again, Walsh with an ankle pick try, nothing, Young with a fake. Missed something and Walsh nearly gets Young over with a headlock but only gets the T2, he leads 2-0. Young to his feet but Walsh with a lot of pressure on his head and we stalemate. Restart, 15 seconds left, Walsh follows Young as Young scoots out and nearly gets a E1 but Walsh holds a leg and we get the new RT rule, Terry Brands yells that two seconds of RT ran off and they fix the clock.

2nd – Young down to start, he’s up and out. We stop to sort out the clock issue.

That was the end of the first I think, it was 2-0 Walsh. There was some confusion with the clock. Tie up and a couple shots from both guys but they’re both blocked off nicely. 1 minute left in the period, tieup, Walsh with some heavy hands, but Young is right there with him. Walsh is the first Rider wrestler today who looks comfortable out there. 2-1 Walsh leads with 55 seconds of RT as we go to the third, neither guy with any offense in the final minute.

3rd – Walsh down to start, he stands then rolls and gets the R2, it’s 4-1 and he trips Young back down and young works around for his own R2. That brings RT back down and it’s 4-3 Walsh leads. Walsh gets the E1 eventually, that was awarded late it seems to me, it’s 5-3 1 minute left. Young with an ankle pick try, nothing, they stalemate out. 39 left. Walsh starting to back up now so Iowa wants stalling and they’ll get it, that’s his second I missed one somewhere, it’s 5-4 now 10 seconds left. Crowd getting on YOung, but he doesn’t pull the trigger and that’s it. Walsh wins 5-4

Iowa leads 17-6.

174 – Joey Gunther vs Wayne Stinson

1st – Alright this is Stinson for Rider. Gunther is 3-0 on the young year, while Stinson is 6-3. They tieup to start, mostly just handfighting and Stinson is on the edge, Gunther not letting him back in, that’s supposed to be a stalemate if they go OOB, but Stinson circles back in so it doesn’t even matter. Good crowd here by the way, probably around 6,000 if not 7-8,000. Not really anything to comment on, Gunther took a fake shot, other than that it’s just tieups. They’re on the edge again and Gunther won’t let Stinson back in, Rider coaches want that called against Gunther but Frost calls action. That’s the wrong call IMO, but I’m not down there. Restart and guess what they tieup again and that’s the first.

2nd – Stinson down to start, neither guy moved for a full 4 seconds off the whistle. That’s…something. Stinson gets up and out eventually, that seemed fairly easy. They tieup again and now the crowd starts clapping. Gunther takes a shot, gets a leg but Stinson gets it back and Stinson backs up two steps and is called for stalling, I don’t understand that call. Gunther with another shot but Stinson circles back around and they go OOB. Restart, high crotch try from Gunther, nothing, tieup, Gunther really won’t let Stinson back to the center and Stinson is called for stalling again and then Gunther connects on a single leg and dumps him down for the T2 with 1 second left, it’s 3-1 Gunther leads as we go to the third

3rd – Gunther is up and out, 4-1. RT not a factor, he goes to for a single leg on the edge again and gets the T2, 6-1 as he starts his ride. E1, T2, and E1 makes it 8-3 Gunther. Stall on Stinson, T2 for Gunther, 11-3 and that’s it, Gunther finishes with RT

Gunther wins 12-3

Iowa leads 21-6

184 – Mitch Bowman vs #20 Michael Fagg-Daves

1st – Big test for Bowman here. Bowman down on a single leg but Fagg-Daves kind of horses him over, but Bowman gets out of that elevates the leg then dumps him down for the T2! 2-0 he leads as they go OOB. Restart, Fagg-Daves up but Bowman trips him back down, now riding tough as Fagg-Daves is flat on his belly. They eventually work OOB, Restart, Bowman with the heavy forward pressure as  he gets RT. Bowman just riding hard, surprised we haven’t seen stalling on Fagg-Daves yet the way the dual has been called. They go OOB and we restart with 51 seconds left. Caution on Fagg-Daves, Bowman just follows him as he tries to roll, claw ride for Bowman, stalling on Fagg-Daves, not much else as we go to the 2nd.

2nd – Bowman down but he’s up and out fast, he has 2:32 of RT. Fagg-Daves with a shot but that’s going nowhere and we stalemate. Restart, Bowman with a double leg to the single, he elevates it again, brings Fagg-Daves back to the center of the mat but Fagg-Daves reaches down and snags Bowman’s leg and dumps him for a T2 so it’s 4-2 after Bowman gets up and out, then he goes right to work and gets a T2 of his own, 6-2 and he works him over for a NF4 and nearly a fall as they’re right on the edge. It’s 10-2 though with 20 seconds left. That’ll be it as Bowman racks up over 3:30 of RT going to the third period

3rd – Neutral to start, Bowman with another T2, 12-2, not sure how I wasn’t looking. E1 for Fagg-Daves as Bowman cuts him, 12-3. Bowman in on a single, he elevates a little bit but can’t get him standing, now Fagg-Daves draped over the back, now on his butt trying to get around but Bowman has a leg and we stalemate. 50 left. Restart, Bowman with a shot, nothing, Fagg-Daves with a shot, nothing. They both break and Fagg-Daves with a shot, blocked by Bowman, now Bowman with another single stands up and dumps him for the T2 and he’ll win 15-3

Iowa leads 25-6

197 – #8 Cash Wilcke vs Ethan Laird

1st – Wilcke gets the call here, early stalemate as they tie up and sit there. snap and go from Wilcke nothing, Laird nearly counters with one of his own but can’t get there. They tie up again, Single to a double from Wilcke and he could have laced him up there but that’s not a thing right now. Laird back up but Wilcke returns him. He’s riding tough but Laird to his base, they eventually go OOB. Restart, Laird up to his feet and Wilcke lets him out. 2-1 Wilcke leads. Wilcke in on an ankle pick and gets the T2. Bloodtime for Wilcke. Wilcke gets cleaned up and we’re back, 20 seconds left he’s riding pretty tough and that’s it.

2nd – Laird down to start, that doesn’t seem smart but again, I’m not down there. Wilcke eventually cuts him but holds on to a single leg and eventually pushes Laird OOB, that’s an E1, 4-2. Wilcke with a blast double for a T2 off the restart, 6-2, fan wants stalling, nothing yet, Laird to his base and there’s the stall warning. Wilcke gets a tilt and the NF4, 10-2 and he’s working another and Laird pulls the mat on the edge and Wilcke gets the tech violation. It’s 12-2…somehow I must have missed a point somewhere. Sorry about that and we go to the third.

3rd – Wilcke is down to start, he’s up and out, 13-2, and gets a T2 nearly right away, but he takes his time and does it right and gets it with 1:33 on the clock, 15-2 as he cuts Laird, 15-3. Wilcke with a snap, Laird with a snap, fan yells “He’s tired!” I’m not sure which wrestler she’s talking about. Wilcke with a block as Laird shoots, and again. Laird with a snap and go but can’t hold onto an ankle, 20 left, Wilcke with a blast double but Laird somehow fights that off, stands Wilcke up and nearly gets a T2 but they’re on teh edge and OOB. Nos cores from either guy as we run out of time and Wilcke wins 16-3.

Iowa leads 29-6

285 – #7 Sam Stoll  vs Mauro Correnti

1st – Stoll out for Iowa and I heard his rehab went pretty well in the offseason. Stoll with an underhook, can’t make that work, they tie up. Correnti with tape on his right arm, Stoll looks bigger than I remember him looking in the past, but that might just be my eyes. They tie up and Stoll has a body lock as he takes him down and puts him on his back! and there’s the fall!!!

Stoll win by fall in 1:27

Iowa wins 35-6