Eric Keller – Wartburg College 1:02
Nick Mitchell – Grand View University 1:14
Dough Schwab – University of Northern Iowa 1:21
Thomas Gilman – Hawkeye Wrestling Club 1:28
Kevin Dresser – Iowa State University 1:38

 Video from Wartburg College Knight Vision Department of Journalism and Communication.

6 thoughts on “Watch Fight Night LIVE! ”
  1. Brands, How do you let Gilman shame your program like that? Thomas Gilman has no class whatsoever. Wow. What an embarrassment to the Hawkeye program. He could learn a lot from the likes of Dresser, and Sanderson, total class acts. Gilman wtf?

  2. Mes thinkin that Gilman was testy because he was asked to speak just as Nascar was beginning.

    1. And the Iowa coaching staff wonders why they lose recruits to Penn State and Ohio State, etc. If this is the face of your program you have problems.

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