Date: Saturday, December 30th, 2017

Location: New Hampton High School

Teams: First 12 teams to pay secure their spot in the tournament


Wrestlers MUST be enrolled in the school they are wrestling for in the 2017-2018 school year (3rd-8th grade). NO EXCEPTIONS and this WILL be enforced. ABSOLUTELY no club teams!

Weight Classes: 53, 59, 66, 73, 80, 88, 96, 104, 112, 120, 130, 140, HWT (up to 180lbs)



RULES / FORMAT: The tournament will be organized into three pools , with each team competing against the other three teams in round robin style within their respective pools. Championship rounds will be determined by pool placement. Each team will get 6 duals. Pool assignment will be done by random draw, by a coach of each team. Wrestlers must be in 3rd-8th grade. Your roster can consist of any mix of grades, HOWEVER, you may never wrestle a wrestler with a difference of two grades unless approved ahead of time by both coaches. If an agreement is not met, the bout will not be scored. All rosters are allowed to have 5 alternates (any weight you chose) for a maximum of 18 wrestlers on a roster. All bouts will be 1-1-1 minutes in length.   Certified Officials will be used for all matches . A coin flip before each dual will determine who sends out their wrestler first . All duals will start at the 53-pound division and run in order. Exhibition matches will be done at the conclusion of the dual and set up between the opposing coaches. However, exhibition matches will only be allowed with time permitting because we must stay on schedule.

Dual Meets

  1. Six team points shall be scored toward the team total for each contestant who wins by a fall, default, forfeit or disqualification. Note: A team forfeit shall be scored 60-0 (six points for each weight class).
  2. Five team points shall be scored for a technical fall.
  3. Four team points shall be scored for a major decision.
  4. Three team points shall be scored for a decision.

Breaking Team Ties in Dual Meet Advancement Tournaments

  1. Greater number of victories.
  2. Greater number of six-point victories (including falls, forfeits and defaults and disqualifications).
  3. Greater number of five-point technical falls.
  4. Greater number of major decisions.
  5. Fewest number of matches forfeited.

One team point shall be awarded to the team winning by criteria. The method of recording the score in breaking team ties shall be the score followed by the letter of criteria that broke the tie.

Determining placement in pool, and tie-breaking procedure

Best record

Head-to-Head competition

Most team points scored in pool

Coin flip 

MEDALS AND AWARDS: A team trophy will be awarded for first place in each pool (gold, silver, and bronze) and we will also award t-shirts for wrestlers who finish the day undefeated (must win at least 4 matches)

Sportsmanship: Sportsmanship is not encouraged, it is REQUIRED.

Weigh-ins: Weigh-ins will be done from 8:00-9:30. Wrestlers must weigh-in with their singlet on. There will be two scales available. NO WEIGHT ALLOWANCE

Format/Mats: We will be running 6 mats in the High School gymnasium starting at approximately 10:00. Pool A will run on mats 1 and 2, Pool B will run on mats 3 and 4, and Pool C will run on mats 5 and 6. After pool play, teams will be placed into Gold Pool (mats 1 and 2), Silver Pool (mats 3 and 4), and the Bronze Pool (mats 5 and 6) based on the criteria listed above.


Return the linked entry form and payment to: (DEADLINE: Dec. 1st)

Chickasaw Wrestling Club

415 North Hartwell

New Hampton, IA 50659


Questions may be directed to:

Eric Robinson – (319) 231-9007

Craig Mai – (641) 330-4069

Anthony Hable – (563) 419-4453

Andy Hugeback – (641) 330-8381