Junior World Team Trials – Challenge Bracket Results

Iowa recruit Jacob Warner makes the challenge finals at 96 kg (SJanicki Photo)

Iowa State

Austin Gomez – 60 kg
QFs: Austin Gomez TF Tariq Wilson, 15-4
SFs: Austin Gomez TF Nick Farro, 10-0
Finals: Austin Gomez def Vitali Arujau, 14-7

R1: Austin Gomez vs Mitch McKee
R2: Austin Gomez vs Mitch McKee

Kanen Storr – 66 kg
R32: Kanen Storr def Brayton Lee, 7-4
R16: Kanen Storr TF Ben Freeman, 10-0
QFs: Kanen Storr TF Cole Martin, 10-0
SFs: Kanen Storr loss to Pat Lugo, 13-3

Sammy Colbray – 96 kg
QFs: Sammy Colbray TF Kevin Snyder, 10-0
SF: Sammy Colbray loss to Kollin Moore, 12-2
Consi SFs: Sammy Colbray vs

University of Iowa

Paul Glynn – 60 kg
QFs: Paul Glynn TF Clayton Glendy, 12-0
SFs: Paul Glynn loss to Vitali Arujau, 10-0
Consi 4: Paul Glynn vs Montorie Bridges

Keegan Shaw – 66 kg
R16: Keegan Shaw loss to Jarrett Jacquez, 10-0
Consi 16 #2: Keegan Shaw def Sam Turner, 15-5
Consi 8 #1: Keegan Shaw vs Alex Lloyd

Jaren Glosser – 66 kg
R16: Jaren Glosser def Griffin Parriott, 8-5
QFs: Jaren Glosser loss to Brady Berge, 5-2
Consi 8 #2:

Alex Marinelli – 74 kg
QFs: Alex Marinelli TF Zander Wick, 10-0
SFs: Alex Marinelli def David McFadden, 10-4
Finals: Alex Marinelli def Hayden Hidlay, 6-0

R1: Alex Marinelli vs Mark Hall
R2: Alex Marinelli vs Mark Hall

Jacob Warner – 96 kg
QFs: Jacob Warner TF Evan Hansen, 10-0
SFs: Jacob Warner TF Nathan Traxler, 10-0
Finals: Jacob Warner loss to Kollin Moore, 11-1

Northern Iowa

Carter Isley – 120 kg
QFs: Carter Isley def Brandon Metz, 4-0
SFs: Carter Isley def Shawn Streck, 3-1
Finals: Carter Isley loss to Jordan Wood, 3-1


Alex Thomsen – 55 kg
SFs: Alex Thomsen loss to Brandon Courtney, 7-5
Consi SF: Alex Thomsen vs Pat McKee

Grand View

Evan Hanesen – 96 kg
R1: Evan Hansen TF Josh Roetman, 13-2
QFs: Evan Hansen loss to Jacob Warner, 10-0


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