Dinner with Iowa Hawkeyes Head Coach Tom Brands up for auction

Mark Lundy – Lutte Lens

Ok maybe not a movie but the Hawkeye Wrestling Club have been receiving suggestions of how to raise more money and now they have followed through on those suggestions with a dinner for four with Tom Brands.

Here is what you will get.

– Dinner for (4) at Tom’s home
– Drinks
– Conversation

You want to ask him the TOUGH questions? You want to get the inside scoop? You want to tell him how to run practice? (he loves that) Want to tell him who to recruit?

Rules– Randy Novak (HWC President) will coordinate this meal. Will take place before the 2017 Season starts–Includes food and drinks for four people–you provide your own transportation.

The auction for highest bidder will last until Friday, May 12th at 7pm (CT). The highest bid as of 7:50 AM (05/06/17) is $4000.

Bids will only be accepted in this thread

Winning bidder with receive a 503C donation form from the Hawkeye Wrestling Club.


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