Camp Details– DC Elite is holding the 4th annual outdoor wrestling camp. The camp will be limited to 60 wrestlers. We have four Coaches that include: Dustin Coufal, Johnny Siegel, Marcus Kurtz, and Jarin Sund along with our camp counselors…

Max Thomsen- 4x State Champion, all time Iowa win’s record holder, 2017 NCAA Division 1 5th place finisher for UNI.

Hunter Washburn- 3x State Finalist, 2x State Champion, attending UNI.

Drew Foster- 3x State Place Finisher, 2017 NCAA Division 1 7th place finisher for UNI.

Cole Erickson- 4x State Place Finisher, 2017 Division 3 6Th place finisher for Coe College.

Josh Wenger- 4x State Place Finisher, 1x State Champion, 2017 NAIA National Champ for Grand View.

Grant Henderson- 2x State Place Finisher, 2016 NAIA runner up, 2017 NAIA National Champ for Grand View.

Alex Thomsen- 3x State Champion, Currently 139-0, 4x Fargo All American and Fargo runner up.

Michel Millage- 3x State Place Finisher, runner up, 2x State Champion, Flo Nationals runner up.

Bryce Esmoil- 3x State Place Finisher, State Champion. Folkstyle Nationals Champion.

Keaton Geerts- 3x State Place Finisher, 5th, 2x State Champion, Cadet World team trials 7th place, attending UNI.

Aden Reeves- 2x State Place Finisher. State Champion. 2x Cadet Freestyle All American. Cadet Greco All American.

Trent Johnson- 4x State Place Finisher. 3rd, 6th, runner up, State Champion, attending Grand View.  

Campers will be divided into six teams of ten and assigned two counselors. Campers will be put through morning runs, learn/drill technique from our coaches and counselors, be put in wrestling situations one on one and in groups, participate in team competitions that will include scavenger hunts, army challenge obstacle course, participate in group games that will include dodge ball, ultimate frisbee, football, whiffle ball and soccer. We also will have a movie night and a beach wrestling individual tournament. To end the camp the 6 teams will be competing against each other in a triathlon that will include biking, swimming and running.

This Camp encourages parents to come and camp – We will be staying at Sugar Bottom Campground Coralville, IA)

WHEN -Sunday July 23rd -July 27th

COST – $250 additional siblings are $225

Camp Schedule:


The camp will open with an optional wrestling practice from 12pm-2pm at Coe College. If you cannot attend the practice you will need to be at Sugar Bottom Campground Coralville, IA between 3pm-5pm for check in. Campers will check in, receive their team shirts and a water bottle, will be assigned to a group and counselors and set up sleeping arrangements. We will go over rules and expectations of the camp. Dinner will be provided – Please thank Greg & Vickie Vlasek and Ryan & Nicole Lee for this meal!!! We will end the night with a bonfire and encourage the kids to mingle and make new friends. All campers will be in tents by 10pm.


12:00-2:00pm Optional work out at Coe College

4:00-5:00pm Check in/Tent assignments

6:00-7:00pm Hand out shirts/Counselor assignments/Team pictures

7:00-9:30pm Supper/Team bonding activity (bags tourney, Jenga team competition)

10:00pm Lights out-All kids in tents


6:00-7:15am Cardio

7:15-9:00am Breakfast/Shower/Relax

9:00-12:00pm Group Games 3 groups—Technique/ Wrestling 3 groups

12:00-2pm Lunch/Relax/Free Time

2:00-4pm Group Games 3 groups—Technique /Wrestling 3 groups

4:00-6pm Supper/Relax

6:00-7:30pm Team Challenges/ Team Bonding (Army Challenge, Strong Man Competition)

7:30-9:30pm Free Time/Shower/Relax

10pm Lights out-All kids in tents 


6:00-7:15am Cardio

7:15-9:00am Breakfast/Shower/Relax

9:00-12:00pm Group Games 3 groups—Technique/ Wrestling 3 groups

12:00-2:00pm Lunch/ Relax/ Free Time

2:00-4:00pm Group Games 3 groups—Technique/ Wrestling 3 groups

4:00-6:00pm Supper/Relax

6:00-7:30pm Team Challenges/ Team Bonding (Water Balloon Dodge Ball Competition)

7:30-9:30pm Free Time/ Shower/ relax

10pm Lights out-All kids in tents


6:00-7:00am Breakfast

7:00-10:00am Beach wrestling Team tournament

10:00-11:30am Shower/Lunch/Relax

12:00-2:30pm Wrestling all groups

2:30-4:00pm Hills run/football field work out

4:30-7:00pm Showers/Relax/Supper

7:00-9:30pm Movie or team activity

10pm Lights out-All kids in tents


6:00-7:00am Breakfast/ Stretch

7:30-Completion Individual Biathlon Competition (Run, Swim)



Families are welcome to camp! Please let us know if you can volunteer to transport kids to/from Coe, or help w/ activities and/or meals.

To Make Reservations – visit website —-

WHAT TO BRING— Please Label all of your belongings!

  • Tent – if you have 1 to share please let us know – If not, we will assign you to one
  • Sleeping Bag & Pillow
  • Minimum of 8 workout type outfits- PLEASE LABEL Clothing and provide a labeled bag for dirty items
  • Swim trunks
  • 4 or more towels, shower items and personal necessities ((soap, toothbrush, tooth paste etc))
  • Weather appropriate items such as sweats and raingear
  • Cooler & Snacks- Smores supplies, weenie forks etc
  • Chair
  • Wrestling shoes
  • Running shoes
  • flip flops or shower shoes
  • Sun screen & bug spray
  • small first aid kit (Tylenol/Ibuprofen, Allergy meds etc to your discretion – we can hold those items and distribute as needed for the younger kids)
  • flashlight or lantern

Not Required, but welcome—



Bag sets

Fishing poles and tackle

Horse shoes/bocce ball/ladder ball

Life jackets

Any other games or camping type items


Once we have our final head count will ask to bring a food item to share (details on food will follow).
*Kids will have a list of rules and expectations. Anyone not following rules may be asked to leave the camp. Kids will be supervised and not allowed to wonder off. Any questions or suggestions please contact Dustin Coufal.