Wrestling Tournament Pool this year. It’s completely free to enter and open to everyone. Results and standings will be posted at the completion of Day 1, 2 and at the end of the tournament.



+ You MUST pick one wrestler at each weight class for a total of 10 wrestlers
+ Each wrestler is worth a certain amount of points based on seed
+ The 10 wrestlers you pick must not exceed 1,000 points (It is ok to be below 1,000 but not above)
+ You will be awarded the team points each wrestler scores. Whoever has the team with the most points wins
+ You will also need to pick the team scores of the top three teams for the tiebreaker.


1ST: IAWrestle Nike Hat

Additional Note: Placement points will not be awarded until after the conclusion of the placement rounds. (i.e. semifinalists will not be awarded their top six placement points, finalists will not be awarded their top two placement points, and so on, until they actually complete their medal round match)

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By Ross Bartachek (@rossbchek)

Lead Editor of IA Wrestle