Action starts in Ames at 6:30 tonight. Any direct questions, please direct to my twitter @Swallamerican. I will do my best to keep up to date, and provide live interactive action from position to position.

Dual Preview:



149: (ISU) Gabe Moreno vs. #16 Davion Jeffries (OU)

Gabe Moreno making his debut here at 149! Sorry about being a little late having internet issues. Gabe is in on an attack early, Jeffires is able to whizzer out.Jeffires starts down in the 2nd, and gets  a quick reversal. Now has double boots in on Gabe. 45 to go. Jeffries locks up a cradle, and takes Moreno straight back for 4 backs. He leads now 6-0 heading into the 3rd.Moreno goes down in the 3rd trailing 6-0. Moreno hits a switch, and ends up in a seatbelt. Escape 1 for Moreno. Moreno trails 6-1, Jeffries has RT locked. Jeffries takes a shot from the open, climbs to a body lock and crumbles Moreno. 8-1 Jeffires now and rides him out for a 9-1 win.

Match Score: Jeffries dec. Moreno 9-1

Team Score: Oklahoma leads Iowa State 4-0

157: (ISU) Colston DiBlasi vs. #9 Clark Glass (OU)

Glass in deep early, and gets  a quick takedown. DiBlasi is able to lock up a sidelock, and take him over for a reversal. Weird position there.Glass gets out quick and it looks like KJ will challenge. Assuming they are challenging the original takedown.Call stands and Glass leads 3-2.Glass in quick in a sweep single, and trying to stack up DiBlasi. Stalemate called.Glass in on that single again, and sitting trying to stack Diblasi. Period will end 3-2 Glass, Diblasi with 38 RT.Glass goes down to start 2nd, caution Glass.Diblasi in a real funny position reaching over the top of Glass, but accumulating alot of RT . Glass near a reversal, and picks it up. Diblasi now with 1:25 RT doing down. Glass riding tough still, and escape Diblasi on an elevator. Period will end 5-3 Glass, Diblasi with 49 RT.Quick escape Diblasi after going down. 5-4 Glass, and hes immediately in on another single, and again trying to stack Diblasi.Stalemate and 115 left. Glass again in on the same single, cant finish. Stalemat with 30 left. GLass in again, and Diblasi trying to cut corner. 20 left.DiBlasi cant get to legs and loses 5-4.

Match Score: 5-4 Clark Glass over Colston Diblasi

Team Score: 7-0 Oklahoma


165: (ISU) Logan Breitenbach vs. #17 Yoanse Mejias (OU)

Logan in on a single right away, Mejias able to kick out. Logan takes another shot, and Mejias is able to get a go behind but picks up a stall warning. Logan up and out quick. Mejias gets another go behind on a poor Breitenbach shot and leads 4-1. Breitenbach back up and out. 4-2 now with 1 minute left.Mejias heavy on the head, gets a snap down go behind. Logan is again up and out. Score 6-3 now. goes that score heading into the 2nd. Mejias goes down, and gets out in 15 seconds. 7-3 Mejias now.Logan takes a single, which Mejias stuffs, and gets a go behind off of. 9-3 Mejias now. Breitenbach gets out, and now trails 9-4. Period will end that way. Breitenbach goes down and gets out immediately. 9-5, Mejias with 118 RT.Mejias hits a blast double, and leads 11-5. Mejias buts Breitenbach, who he immediately cuts. Breitenbach gets dinged for a penalty point on a head slap, now trails 12-6. Mejias goes superduck and gets another, leads 14-6. Cuts again, and gets in on a low single.Mejias gets RT and wins 15-7.

Match Score: Yoanse Mejias majors Logan Breitenbach 15-7

Team Score: Oklahoma leads Iowa State 11-0

174: #9 (ISU) Lelund Weatherspoon vs. #22 Matt Reed (OU)

Weatherspoon and Reed up here. The wrestlers have split in their careers. Not much action early.Reed takes a nice shot, and gets in on Weatherspoon and finishes right away. He leads 2-0, and is riding Lelund hard here. Has a high thigh in, and now has 1:05 RT.  Reed rides out the period, and leads 2-0 heading to 2nd, with 1:25RT. Lelund goes down to start 2nd.Reed riding wrists really hard. Keeps riding hard and throws a boot in. Lelund has not been close to getting out. Reed now has Lelund flat, 1 minute left.Reed tries to suck Weatherspoon back and Lelund gets a quick defensive pin! wow


Match Score:Lelund Weatherspoon winner by fall over Matt Reed

Team Score: Oklahoma leads Iowa State 11-6

184: Carson Powell vs. Andrew Dixon

Looks like no Downey here. Iowa State likely moving him up. Powell on the mat here. not much action early.Lots of handfighting and ear to ear, neither wrestler with any leg attacks. Period ends, and Dixon goes down. Powell a good top wrestler. Dixon is out in 20 seconds.  Powell immediately gets in on a leg.They go out of bounds after a scramble. 1 minute left, more handfighting. A lot of handfighting, Powell definitely taking more ground. Dixon gets warned for stalling.Powell down to start the 3rd. Powell hits a hard switch, and picks up a reversal! Double boots in now for Powell. He has 25 RT.Dixon hit for Stalling, and Powell leads 3-1! Powell still working boots, and now has RT. Powell with a 4-1 win, bringing the dual much closer.

Match Score: Carson Powell dec Andrew Dixon 4-1.

Team Score: Oklahoma leads Iowa state 11-10


197: Marcus Harrington vs. #23 Brad Johnson

Looks like I was wrong, no Downey tonight. Harrington in, with a big brace over his left leg. Johnson hits a slick duck, and leads 2-0 at the 230 mark.Harrington is up and out, and gets in deep on a shot! Johnson is able to whizzer out, and snaps Harrington down for a 4-1 lead.Johnson riding now and has Harrington flat.  Johnson works a tight-waist tilt, and now leads 6-1. Marcus down to startthe 2nd, hits a nice series and gets an escape.  Johnson hits a blast double, and transitions into a turk. Gets a 6 point move and now leads 12-2. Riding tough again. Rides out the period, and Johnson goes down. Johnson leads 12-2 w RT. Harrington hits a suck back and nearly has Johnson in trouble, but no backs. Takedown Johnson on a single, cuts and gets a high C right away. One more for the tech. Johnson single leg, finishes and gets the tech at the 5:59 mark.

Match Score: Brad Johnson winner by Tech fall over Marcus Harrington 19-4 5:59

Team Score: Oklahoma Leads Iowa State 16-9

285: Quean Smith vs. #15 Ross Larson

Fireworks right away as Smith has Larson in trouble but he somehow gets out of it. They get in an upper body position right away again, and Smith tries a lat drop, which Larson sees and stops. Larson has Quean in big trouble, and picks up the fall in 1:00.

Match Score: Ross Larson Winner By fall over Quean Smith 1:00

Team Score: Oklahoma leads Iowa State 22-9

125: Kyle Larson vs. #20 Christian Moody

No Simmons here tonight. Larson in. A lot of heavy hands here. Larson does a fake shot here and gets whipped over, but is able to recover, Moody does get a takedown. Moody now leads 2-0, Larson up and out in 9 seconds. Larson tries a few other fakes, but unable to get to legs. Moody goes down to start the 2nd, and gets out in 6 seconds.Moody and Larson a few back and forth shots, but neither committing. No stall warnings on either. Moody tries an elbow pull, unable to get to Larsons legs. 14 left.Period ends.Larson goes down in the 3rd, out in 4 seconds. 3-2 match, Kyle and Moody clubbing hard here.1 minute left, and Larson gives up a slick shuck by and gets out immediately. 5-3 Moody now with 30 left.Larson takes a shot, but gets stuck ina front head, tries a kelly and cant score. Moody wins 5-3

Match Score: Christian Moody Winner By Decision over Kyle Larson 5-3

Team Score: Oklahoma leads 25-9

133: #14 Earl Hall vs. Trae Blackwell

Hall comes out real low and pulling hard on Blackwell.Blackwell with a couple shot attempts but keeps space, over under here on the edge, and you can tell Hall is thinking about it. Another shot from Blackwell and we are back in the middle. Still no score. Lots of handfighting, and 30 left. Still no shots from Hall. Period ends scoreless. Hall goes down to start the 2nd. Blackwell wants to ride and you can tell. Hall tries a side flip and Blackwell sucks him back into a crab. They go OOB and 28 RT for Blackwell and a restart.Blackwell comes out front and gets into a cow catcher position, Hall is able to explode out. Blackwell gets 42 Rt, Hall leads 1-0. Blackwell tries a shot, and Hall hits  a quick go behind and leads 3-0. 36 Left and Hall needs to ride out. Big return for him.Hall able to ride out the period, and Blackwell down to start the 3rd! Blackwell is to his feet, and Earl sucks him back. Hall riding tough and another big return.Hall staying tough on top, picks up RT at 1:02. 1 min left in match, caution Hall. Hall riding a crab ride tough here.  34 left. Hall gets a stall warning with 15 left, irrelevant at this point. Hall will ride out the match and win 4-0 with his RT point.

Match Score: Earl Hall wins by decision over Trae Blackwell 4-0

Team Score: Oklahoma leads Iowa State 25-12

141: John Meeks vs. Michael Longo

Long gets in on a single early, and nearly finishes, Meeks is able to dive over and get an ankle. Stalemated after a long scramble without much improvement. Lots of handfighting, and Longo hits a huge blast double on the edge to leads 2-0. 13 left in period as they go OOB. Longo rides out the period, and leads 2-0 w 19 RT going into the 2nd. Longo down to start the 2nd. Meeks has a couple returns, and they go OOB twice. Longo is up and out at the 140 mark. One thing you can tell is these Oklahoma guys are here to fight under Roselli. Meeks tries a shot, and falls over, Longo goes over for an easy go behind. Longo has a boot in and has Meeks Flat. He is working a turk and this looks painful. 4 backs for Longo and he leads 9-0.Another tight turk for Longo, and he is ahead 13-0 at the end of the 2nd. Meeks chooses neutral to start the 3rd, and shoots off the whistle. Meeks in and has Longo elevated. Cant finish though and stalemate.Meeks trying a lot of attempts, Longo re-attacks and gets the takedown.. Michael Longo picks up a 16-0 tech with Rt

Match Score: Michael Longo winner by Technical Fall 16-0

Team Score: Oklahoma will defeat Iowa State 29-12

Thanks for tuning in tonight. We will also be doing a pbp of the Oklahoma State dual Sunday!