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#23 UNI vs Eastern Michigan

157: Paden Moore vs Zac Carson (EMU)
1st: Alright, Paden Moore back on the mat for just the second times since going out with a concussion against NIU a couple of weeks ago. Both men tieup, break, again. The West Gym is a little more than half full today, good crowd. Moore with a front headlock, forces Carson down to the mat, he circles but can’t get around, they stand backup and break. Shot by Moore, he’s in on a leg, gets nearly gets the T2 and back points but can’t get there and they stalemate. Stall warning on Carson, Double leg try by Moore near the end of the period, but Carson headlocks him and nearly gets a T2 and NF points but Moore fights him off. No points to the second.

2nd: Moore down to start, he’s up and out in 7 seconds, 1-0. They tieup, break. Both guys following each other around quite a bit. Now Moore with a single leg and he gets the T2! 3-0 he leads, crowd wants Stalling as Moore works an arm. That’s the period.

3rd: Clock problems as we have a new scoreboard operator today. Carson down to start, Schwab wants Moore to ride and turn him, Moore has RT. Carson works to his base, but that’s as far as he gets, now to his feet, tries a roll, nothing as Moore follows him, Carson gets hit with a stall call, so it’s 4-0 and they go OOB. Restart, 23 seconds left, Moore was moving a lot before the whistle there but no caution. Carson to his feet, Moore forces him back down, and that’s the match.

Match Score: Moore wins 5-0
Team score: UNI leads 3-0

165: #10 Bryce Steiert (UNI) vs Evan Merry (EMU)
1st: T2 by Steiert early, he works an arm and nearly turns him but nothing, he cuts Merry, so it’s 2-1, and another quick T2 for Steiert, he rides for a little while this time with an arm but eventually lets him up, 4-2 and Merry takes a shot but Steiert works out and gets a T2 and has a cradle locked! But Merry fights off and breakes the cradle, but the NF points haven’t been awarded yet, he works him over in a tilt now and gets another NF2 at least, but since the first NF points weren’t awarded these weren’t either. so it’s just 8-2. Steiert rides him out and we go to the 2nd.

2nd: Steiert down to start, he’s up right on the whistle, Merry brings him back down, Steiert gets hands and eventually works himself free, 9-2 now. Sorry I added wrong, it’s 11-2 not 9-2. Steiert in on a shot on the edge, but can’t finish and we stalemate. Restart, Steiert with another T2, sorry the scorers bench is having problems with the score and asked me about it (scary). Steiert rides him out for the period.

3rd: Alright Merry goes down to start, he’s up and out 13-3 now, and Steiert just works the front tieup and gets around for the T2, E1 and it’s 15-4, another T2 for Steiert on the edge and it’s 17-4, 17-5 after the E1. Restart, Steiert with a shot, warning on Merry for stalling, T2 for Steiert on a shot, 26 seconds left PD called. Restart, Steiert works a tilt for a one count, 19-5 and Steiert rides him out. Sorry for the confusion there.

Match Score: Steiert wins 20-5
Team score: UNI leads 8-0

174: #12 Taylor Lujan  (UNI) vs Jacob Davis (EMU)
1st: Alright lets do better this match.Lujan with a really nice duck under for a T2 30 seconds in, Davis gets up and out quick, 2-1. Davis with a single leg try but Lujan gets him flattened out, Davis does a good job of working though, and eventually they roll around and Davis gets the T2, they roll out of bounds just as Lujan gets out. Restart, Lujan is up and out, 3-3. Lujan with some headfakes, no real shots, Davis with a single leg, he’s got it locked up but Lujan sprawls and we stalemate. Lujan with a nice snapdown and gets around for the T2 with 4 seconds left, 5-3 to the 2nd

2nd: Aux ref called a caution on Davis, that’s the first time I’ve ever seen that happen. Restart, Lujan sits, comes back into Davis and turns into him for the R2. 7-3. He rides for a bit but then lets Davis up. Davis with an inside single again, Lujan sprawls again, stalemate there again, those are coming a little faster than I’d expect. HARD snapdown from Lujan on the restart, and he hits a double leg off of that and eventually covers for the T2. 33 seconds left, Lujan starts neutral on the restart, Lujan with an ankle pick and covers for the T2, 10-4, and Davis nearly gets an R2 but just the E1 as time expires. 10-5

3rd: Davis down to start, Lujan eventually lets him up. Davis with another inside single, and they stalemate here. Restart, they hand fight and again Davis with an inside single but Lujan circles for the T2 after he flattens him out, 12-7, Lujan gets out, and now the scores not right again and everybody’s confused except the wrestlers. Anther T2 for Steiert. I’m actually really lost on the score. Lujan’s winning, that’s all I know. Lujan scores again,  And that’s the period.

Match Score: Lujan wins…I’ll get the score later.
Team score: 11-0

184: #14 Drew Foster (UNI) vs Kayne MacCallum (EMU)
1st: Foster with a double leg right off the whistle, T2 for him and they go OOB. Restart, Foster goes neutral, 2-1, he’s in on another shot quickly and gets another T2, 4-1. Stalemate on the edge, Foster goes neutral again, 4-2. Foster looks good out there. Front headlock, hard snap from Foster, nothing, stalemate. Restart, MacCallum with a single leg, Foster fights that and circles one way, then the other and gets his own T2, 6-2 and we’re OOB. Schwab doesn’t like that call, official says they were out then back in, Schwab says, “I don’t think so.” Restart, Foster riding tough trying to get a tilt, but MacCallum is just kind of laying there, but time runs out, so it’s 6-2 to the 2nd.

2nd: MacCallum goes down to start, he moved but no caution. He’s to his feet and Foster releases him. 6-3. Foster to a far leg, nothing, MacCallum with a front headlock as we go OOB and somehow the official gets a stall warning to MacCallum, that’s a questionable call. MacCallum with a single try, Foster flattens him all the way out and we stalemate. Snaps by both guys, outside single leg by MacCallum, but Foster trick-knees it back to the front, and we stalemate again. Fake by MacCallum, he takes a shot now from two miles away but he fpushes forward and gets the T2 on the edge. 6-5 Foster leads and time runs out.

3rd: This match is a lot closer than it feels. Foster has pretty much been in control the entire time. Foster’s down to start, hes up and out 7-5. He also has RT. Shot by MacCallum, reshot by Foster, he has a single and gets the T2! 9-5 he leads and goes OOB. Restart, MacCallum stands up and gets out, 9-6. MacCallum with a shot, Foster sprawls and guess what, we stalemate. Restart, MacCallum in on a deeper single leg, but Foster does a great job sprawling but MacCallum does a better job of working up and driving into him but they go OOB. Restart, MacCallum with a shot, Foster with a bad reshot but somehow makes it work, he shucks MacCallum by for a T2 and wins 12-6!

Match Score: Foster wins 12-6
Team score: UNI leads 15-6

197: Jacob Holschlag (UNI) vs Derek Hillman (EMU)
1st: Good to see Holschlag out here again. If he’s going at 197 the rest of the way he’ll need all the experience he can get. Mostly head taps and tie ups to start, Holschlag with a hand to the face, Hillman doesn’t like that. Fake by Hillman, nothing, shot by Hillman, nothing as Holschlag gets a front headlock and we stalemate on the edge. Not a whole lot else here, mostly tieups and snaps still, but no real shots, and we go to the 2nd.

2nd: BRB I’m getting some pics. Alright I’m back, 17 seconds left, Holschlag went down to start and got up in 5 seconds, and that’s the only score of the 2nd. 1-0 to the third.

3rd: Hillman goes neutral to start, interesting choice there, especially with the undersized Holschlag wrestling. They tie up, break, half shot by Hillman, full shot by Holschlag but Hillman side steps it. 1:15 left, Hillman gets in on a single leg but Holschlag with a wizzar in and they’re out of bounds as the ref calls a T2 for Holschlag but the ref didn’t hear the assistant ref say he was OOB. EMU is challenging the T2 call, but as it stands now Holschlag leads 3-0. I don’t think this stands, but the ref just said it was confirmed, so there’s another one I got wrong. Restart, Hillman rolls, then gets to his base and Holschlag has a figure four around Hillman, EMU really wants that called, but the official says it was around the calf? I’m not sure what that was. Stalemate, restart, Holschlag holds onto an ankle and gets a stall, restart, and Holschlag rides him out.

Match Score: 3-0
Team score: UNI leads 18-0

285: JJ Everard (UNI) vs #13 Gage Hutchison (EMU)
1st: This is a big match for Everard, if he wins he might crack the coaches top 32, and that puts him in a good place come March. Heavyweight things to start, mostly head taps and tieups. Got to be tired of that description by now eh? Everard with a half shot, Hutchison with a front headlock, nothing though. Break. Tie up, Hutchison trying to push forward and now Everard with a duck under to a single leg and gets the T2!! Hutchison up and out, 2-1 Everard leads. 20 seconds left, Hutchison still hasn’t taken a shot, they tie up, break, nothing else and to the 2nd we go.

2nd: Hutchison goes down to start, he sits out and is out in four seconds. That was fast. Shot try by Everard but Hutchison gets in on a single leg but Everard able to drape over the back and get around for a T2!! 4-2 he leads, and is riding forward but Hutchison able to get out, 4-3 Everard leads. They tie up and break a couple times, not a lot of action. 15 seconds, some heavy left hands from Hutchison, a shot try by Everard, and that’s the 2nd.

3rd: Everard down to start, he sits out and is out quick, 5-3, He’s in on a shot but Hutchison gets a leg and circles but Everard with some QUICK feet and gets around and flattens Hutchison out and nearly has a T2, and he works hard to circle and gets the T2!! 7-3 and he rides him out for RT, Hutchison gets the E1, 7-4 with 30 seconds left. Hutchison with a shot on the edge and Everard does a good job circling in and we stalemate. Restart, 8 seconds left, Hutchison with a bad shot and Everard forces him down for a last T2 and the win!!

Match Score: Everard wins 10-4
Team score: UNI leads 21-0

125: Jay Schwarm (UNI) vs Kris Hill (EMU)
1st: Back to the little guys, Schwarm in on a single leg, switches to a double and gets the T2! Nearly gets NF points there but official blows them off. Restart, Hill up to this feet, Schwarm up with him and Hill twists and nearly puts Schwarm on his back but he recovers nicely. Hill still down and we go OOB. Restart, Hill peels a hand but Schwarm just leans forward and Hill goes down, he tries to get up again, but nothing, Schwarm flattens him out with 1:10 left. Schwarm tries a tilt, nothing, cross face, nothing. Warning on Hill as he lays on his belly. Schwarm with a tilt and gets a 1 count, again and gets the NF2, 4-0 he leads. Tilt again and this time Schwarm has the NF 4, 8-0 and that’s the period.

2nd: Hill defers, Schwarm takes the top position. Hill to his feet, Schwarm just follows and brings him back down stall warning on Hill, 9-0, and they go OOB. And I just sneezed everywhere because I was typing. Sigh. Restart, Hill hits a switch and nearly catches Schwarm but they roll again and Schwarm stays on top. Warning on Hill again, 10-0. Tilt by Schwarm, nothing, 1 minute left. Schwarm with an armbar in now, but can’t get anything going off of it. Tilt again by Scharm and Schwab wants a fall, but just a NF2 is awarded, 12-0. To the third.

3rd: Hill goes neutral to start after having been ridden for 4:11 of the match so far. Hill with a shot but Schwarm fights it off and gets a T2, 14-0. Stall on Hill and that’s the match.

Match Score: Schwarm 15-0
Team score: UNI leads 26-0

133: #15 Josh Alber (UNI) vs Armando Torres (EMU)
1st: Alber with a T2 and has the legs twisted up early in the first, he’s trying to work a tilt but that doesn’t really work and Alber drags Torres back on the mat as they were about to go OOB. Alber with a half and suck back but can’t quite get there, he has to bail out eventually, and they go OOB. Restart, Alber does a good job to keep him down, works an armbar over but then loses it and Perry gets a R2, wow that’s something you don’t see everyday. Alber up but Torres returns him. Alber sits, nothing. it’s 2-2. OOB on a questionable call, I don’t think either side is happy with the officials today. Restart with 4 seconds left, Alber can’t get out at Perry rides the ankle, to the 2nd.

2nd: Torres goes down to start, he sits, then sits there…unmoving…Alber tries a claw, they roll , but Alber comes with him but Perry grabs an ankle and turns into him and nearly has a R2, but they just sit for a while and a stalemate is called. That was close. Restart, Torres trying to control Alber’s heands, so Alber flattens him out and puts in a half. Torres to his base, now Torres on all fours, and he rolls again but Alber does a better job of rolling and covering again than he did before, he has over 3 minutes of RT now. Alber trying to work a tilt, now to a half but time runs out.

3rd: Alber down to start, he’s up to his feet, switches, can’t get there, back to his feet, tries to switch but goes back down, kind of rolls, nothing, Torres flattens him out. 2-2 but he can’t erase RT, so I’m not sure what the point here is. Alber works up as Perry gets high and a front headlock, Alber out 3-2 he leads. Torres head tap, nothing, now an outside single and he covers both legs for the T2. 4-3 Torres leads and is hit with a stall as he’s on the ankle. Restart, Alber to his feet, back down, Torres high but now has both legs in, Alber tries to turn into him, ref starts the count but stops it, now again starts it and Alber gets the 2nd stall point, 4-4. That’s a bad call I think too. Torres goes international start but only 1 second left and Alber will survive.

Match Score: Alber wins 5-4
Team score: UNI leads 29-0

141:Tyler Willers (UNI) vs Kyle Springer (EMU)
1st:  Springer in on a leg but Willers leg passes and does a fantastic job of fighing that off and now nearly gets his own T2 but they both stand up. Now Springer with a shot and he finishes and has an arm in for a NF2, Willers fights off that and trails 4-0. Restart, Willers tries to roll and nearly gets stuck on his back, no NF count though, Springer has RT, Willers to his base, sits out, circles and gets out, 4-1. 1 min left. Nice high crotch from Springer and he puts Willers down for the T2, 6-1. Willers sits again, can’t get there, 15 seconds left, Springer rides him out to the 2nd.

2nd: It is very quiet in here as we sort out who will take what. Willers down to start, he rolls and gets a R2, 6-3 Springer leads, but he gets out so it’s 7-3. Willers with a half shot but Springer with flattens him out and then circles for another T2, 9-3. Springer cuts him, 9-4. 40 seconds left. Willers wants to close the space, but can’t really get anything going when they tie up. Springer tries an inside trip and Willers tries to go for…somthing…but Springer powers through him and gets another T2 before time runs out. 11-2.

3rd: Springer down to start, he’s up and out, 12-4. Springer with a double leg but Willers rolls through, comes up and turns into him for a T2 for his own, 12-6. E1 by Springer and it’s 13-6, a really crazy roll situation that I’m not going to try to describe, mainly because the assistant ref was in the way, but Springer comes out on top, 15-6. Willers works up to all fours, switches, but Springer follows, and that’s it.

Match Score: 16-6
Team score: 29-4

149: #8 Max Thomsen (UNI) vs Nick Barber (EMU)

Thomsen wins by forfeit.

Match Score: 6-0
Final Team score: 35-4