Grand View’s Round 2 Desert Duals LIVE STREAM

MATCH SUMMARY: Grand View 42 – Embry-Riddle 6
125 Chandler Strand (Embry-Riddle) over Joel Timmons (Grand View) Dec 7-3
133 Hunter Genco (Grand View) over Collin Anderson (Embry-Riddle) Fall 1:30
141 Josh Wenger (Grand View) over Cameron Huizar (Embry-Riddle) TF 17-0
149 Anton King (Embry-Riddle) over Derek Miller (Grand View) SV-1 3-2
157 Mason Miller (Grand View) over James Williams (Embry-Riddle) Maj 8-0
165 Ryan Niven (Grand View) over Taylor Damico (Embry-Riddle) Fall 0:59
174 Dylan Blackford (Grand View) over Brenn Schiess (Embry-Riddle) TF 18-0
184 Michael Pixley (Grand View) over Ricky Telles (Embry-Riddle) Fall 0:30
197 Evan Hansen (Grand View) over Ryker Greenbaum (Embry-Riddle) TF 21-0
285 Dean Broghammer (Grand View) over David Rupp (Embry-Riddle) TF 22-3

Grand View vs Embry-Riddle 

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