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Pre-Match Notes:  Fair warning, updates might be a bit slow today, the WiFi at the UW Field House isn’t exactly great.
Starting today at 125. All the heavy hitters are listed on the lineup card, so hopefully we’ll have some fun matches today. Everyone you’d expect to start for UNI will be going today, not 100% sure on the Wisconsin wrestlers.

Badgers are coming off a 20-19 win against Indiana on Friday night. UW won on a criteria point after the dual ended with a 19-19 tie.

Dual Preview

#17 UNI vs #11 Wisconsin

125: #3 Dylan Peters (UNI) vs Jens Lantz (UW)
1st: Alrighty they’re mopping the mats…for some reason. So that’ll delay things. Alrighty here we go. Both benches seem really far away from the mat for some reason, I guess i”m just used to the West Gym. Both guys just trying to feel each other out early, Peters with a headlock, nothing, tieup, nothing. Lantz trying to work an elbow but Peters to an outside single but can’t finish and gets caught and Lantz ends up on top for his own T2 and they go OOB. 2-0 Lantz early. Restart, Lantz with a claw, Peters up and out, 2-1. Peters with another outside try, nothing, Of note-Peters has tape and a pad on his left knee. Peters with another outside single try and he just goes by Lantz for a T2. 3-2. Peters works an armbar but can’t get him over and he’s way too high and Lantz gets out, 3-3 to the 2nd.

2nd: Lantz down to start, Lantz tries to get up but Peters holds a wrist, nothing yet and there it is, 4-3 he leads, Lantz with a shot but Peters goes heavy and we stalemate. Peters with a shot, Lantz fights it off, and there’s a single by Peters and he spins for a T2. Schwab really wants stalling on Lantz who hasn’t taken a shot all period. Peters elevates and puts Lantz nearly on his back but not quite there. 5-4 Peters leads and they go OOB. restart, 19 seconds left Peters really needs to ride him out here. Lantz tries to build but Peters with a suckback and nearly with a tilt but no. 5-4 Peters leads to the third.

3rd: Peters’ down to start, he half rolls and catches Lantz leg and gets the R2, 7-4 he leads now. Schwab really wants stalling on Lantz, Peters has Lantz leg, I can’t really see what’s going on, but Schwab is saying that Lantz has Peters’ wrist and that’s why he can’t do anything. Oh and they circle back around so I can see and there’s the stalemate. Sigh. 22 seconds left, restart, Lantz up to his feet, Peters brings him back down.. but up again and he gets the E1, and that’s it.

Match Score: 8-5 Peters
Team score: 3-0 UNI.

133: #16 Josh Alber (UNI) vs Eli Stickley (UW)
1st: Right off the whistle Alber’s in on an outside single. And the Alber fans come to life, that’s fun. Alber works that leg and brings Stickley down for the T2. Stickley trying to build a base but Alber doing a good job trying to put in a half and turn, Stickley up but Alber brings him back down and now he’s too high trying to turn him and after a little while he gets the R2 but NO that’s not a good call as Alber is right back in on the legs and now a locked hands called on Stickley because he’s technically in control and a R2 by Alber, and it’s 5-2 that was a confusing sequence, and Alber rides him out.

2nd: Now they’re reviewing something before the first period, no idea what it is. Alber down to start the 2nd. Alber to his feet, back down, Stickley doing a good job controlling Alber’s right leg and arm, but there Alber gets his arms out but Stickley gets them again and rolls him through but no NF. Wisconsin fans want stalling on Alber, no call, Alber is just kind of laying there, can’t see again because the ref is in the way, RT erased for Alber. Alber back to his base, and there’s the stall warning against Alber which makes NO sense compared to Peter’s match. Stickley with a tilt but no NF. That’s the period.

3rd: Stickley chooses top, smart move by him. Alber still leads 5-2. Stickley with another tough ride looking for a tilt. All of Wisconsin wants another stall warning on Alber, but nothing yet. Alber to his base, he’s working an arm but can’t get anywhere. Stall on Alber, Barry Davis all over the place, he wants Stickley to cutAlber, Stickley has RT and he does and he’s in on a shot and gets a T2 so it’s 6-5 but Stickley has RT. Alber needs to avoid another  stall here and we go to OT.

OT: Wisconsin clock stalls this a bit, Alber in on a single leg, he’s working to circle…nothing, Stickley with the splits and he stands up, nothing. Alber with a body lock lookin got thow him but he can’t get it and Stickley just forces Alber to the ground for the T2 and Stickley upsests Alber.

Match Score: 9-6
Team score: 3-3

141: Jake Hodges (UNI) vs #21 Cole Martin (UW)
1st: Schwab almost challenged that last T2, but doesn’t and he’s warned now. Hodges up now against Martin. Feeling each other out here, Martin with a shot, nothing, Hodges with a headlock, stalemate. Restart, neither guy really doing a whole lot…Hodges trying to work on a wrist, but can’t make anythign out of it. Hodges tries an ankle pick, nothing. Martin wtih an outside single and Hodges rolls through doing a great job of scrambling AND THAT SHOULD BE TWO AND NEARFALLS COME ON !!!! But they go OOB and WOW that’s a HUGE no call. Restart 15 seconds left. And that’s it

2nd: Hodges goes down to start, rolls, nothing, rolls again, nothing. Martin with a good job of staying with him. Hodges nearly in a defensive fall situation, but they go OOB. Restart, Hodges up and Martin returns him, Badgers know how to ride tough, Martin has Hodges flattened out, 20 seconds left in the period. And that’s it.

3rd: Martin goes down to start. Martin goes up but Hodges can’t hang with him and Martin gets the R2 and has Hodges on his back, if that wasn’t a fall then it was as close as it can get but Hodges rolls through and it’s 6-0 Martin all of a sudden. Martin pretty much lets Hodges out, 6-1.  30 seocnds left. Hodges with a lazy attempt and Martin gets another T2, restart for some reason, it’s 8-1. Hodges can’t get up and it’s over.

Match Score: 9-1 Martin
Team score: Wisconsin leads 7-3

149: #15 Max Thomsen (UNI) vs #18 Andrew Crone (UW)
1st: Thomsen with a single leg off the whistle and he works around for the T2. Thomsen trying to work an armbar and he eventually does, but Crone to his base, and now back down, and they call PD just as Thomsen starts to turn him. Barry Davis out to the middle of the mat to talk at Schwab, not sure what that was about. Restart, Thomsen working hard on top, he has 1:30 of RT, Crone up and out, 2-1. Thomsen ties him up and shoots the outside single again, lifts, but can’t finish that way then to a double leg and now Crone is draped over the back and Thomsen comes out the backdoor for the T2. 4-1 and that’s the first.

2nd: Crone down to start, he sits, but Thomsen is right there with him, back to his base and sits again and gets out. 4-2 Thomsen leads and Thomsen with another single leg and he lifts and Crone is draped over the back again, Thomsen kind of rolls and is looking for a fall, but can’t get that so he cuts him off and gets the T2. 6-2. Wisconsin fan next to me wants a “5 point penalty” for Thomsen grabbing Crone’s toe, pretty sure that’s not a thing. Crone gets mostly out but Thomsen grabs a leg and the ref gets to 5 so that’s a stall. Restart, Crone up and out, 6-3 and that’s it for the 2nd.

3rd: Thomsen going down, the way this dual has been going I don’t know if I would do that. Caution on Crone for a bad starting position. Wow he moved there too but no call. Thomsen to his base but can’t get there, now he’s in on a leg and that’s nearly a R2 but nothing and now Crone has a front headlock and somehow that’s an E1 for Crone, now Crone is trying to work around for the T2 but cna’t get there, Thomsen in on a single leg again, it’s 7-3 by the way, they get back to their feet still tied up and Crone with a shot and T2, and E1 right away, 8-5, Crone tries a go by but that doesn’t work at all and now Thomsen in on a single leg but Crone comes out on top for a T2 and it’s 9-7 and Crone shoots again and that ties it up 9-9 but Thomsen has RT which I don’t think anybody knew, so Thomsen wins 10-9.

Match Score: 10-9 Thomsen.
Team score: 7-6 Wisconsin leads.

157: Paden Moore (UNI) vs TJ Ruschell (UW)
1st: Moore does a good job handfighting and gets to an inside single,Ruschell sits on his butt and just looks at the ref for a restart. He gets it after a few seconds. Restart,Ruschell with a shot, Moore reshoots, nothing. Tie up, Moore with another inside try, nothing. 1 minute left, other than Moore’s first shot, not a whole lot else has happened. snap down by Ruschell, nothing. Ruschell works for inside position and snaps Moore down and gets to the single to the double for the T2. Ruschell rides Moore out and that’s it.

2nd: Ruschell down to start. To his feet but Moore works him back down, Ruschell tries a sit, that doesn’t work, to his base, Moore puts a leg in but Schwab yells “no leg” and he takes it out, Ruschell with a sit out, nothing, and now Moore gets too high but he returns him somehow. Ruschell in on a leg now but he just can’t turn around, Moore back to riding and he rides him out.

3rd: Moore goes down to start, he tries to sit out but gets sucked back right away and gives up the NF2. It’s 4-0 Ruschell. Moore gets back to his base and now Ruschell has him flattened out. 1 minute left, Ruschell working a crossface, then puts a leg in and just flattens him out and rides him. There’s no real attempts to turn him, but Ruschell is doing a great job of riding, Moore rolls and stands up, but Ruschell goes right with him, and that’s it.

Match Score: 4-0 Ruschell
Team score: Wisconsin leads 10-6


165: #9 Bryce Steiert or Isaiah Patton vs #3 Issac Jordan
1st: Alright match of the night right now. Steiert’s on the line ready to go. Tie up, Jordan with a lot of forward pressure. Jordan looks A LOT bigger than Steiert. Jordan with a front headlock and grabs an ankle for the T2, Steiert trying to roll through it but can’t and just bellies out. Steiert up but Jordan trying to 3/4’s him, that doesn’t work and Jordan works him back down. Steiert up but Jordan returns him, Steiert on his belly again, Jordan working a crossface and a leg, he’s REALLY putting pressure on Steiert’s head. And Jordan rides him out. 2-0 to the 2nd.

2nd: Jordan goes down to start, he’s up and out. 3-0. I’m not sure it’s just where I am or what, but Jordan really does look big. They tieup, break, Steiert with a fake, nothing, again, nothing and Jordan gets faked out by the fakes and Steiert just RUNS through him that was great! and Jordan’s bleeding from the nose. That was really nice. Restart now, Jordan back down, and he’s up and out. Tie up and a shot from Jordan but can’t get through Steiert. Stalemate. Restart, and Jordan with a single leg but Steiert goes right through it and grabs a leg and nearly comes out the back door for his own T2 but time runs out, it’s 4-2 to the 3rd.

3rd: Steiert goes neutral to start, smart by him, Jordan ties him up but can’t do anything off of it, Steiert works forward and gets a single leg for the T2!!! 4-4 but Jordan has RT but not anymore. WOW Jordan is literally just sitting there on bottom not moving at all and no call and there he starts moving and gets the R2 somehow and Steiert gets out so it’s 6-5 but Jordan has RT again. 20 seconds left and Steiert can’t get to anything because Jordan is backing up. That’s it. That no stall call changed that match.

Match Score: 7-5.
Team score: 13-6 Wisconsin.

174: #12 Taylor Lujan (UNI) vs #20 Ryan Christensen
1st: Lujan with a shot early, nothing. They tie up, Christenen with a snap, nothing, Lujan with an inside trip try, nothing. Lujan with an inside single, nothing. Wisonsin coaches wnat Christensen to stay locked up and heavy. Christensen with a go-by and that works but Lujan rolls right through it and nearly gets a T2 but can’t quite get there and if they’re not OOB they’re as close as possible, and Christensen tries to switch out and Lujan cuts off Christensen’s other leg and but they go OOB wow that was close. Lujan gets a T2 on a single leg, sorry I missed it. Christensen with an E1 and Lujan gets another T2 after a go-by. 4-1 he leads. Lujan rides him out.

2nd: Lujan goes down to start the 2nd, he’s up and out no problem and he still has RT. 5-1. Lujan treis a snap to a single but can’t get it and then throws Christensen to his back but Christensen rolls through, no points, and then Lujan ends up behind him for a T2 but no call yet!!! What’s going on? and there’s the T2 that needs to happen sooner than that. Lujan works an arm and tilt, but they roll through, now Lujan with a leg in and trying to work him over but can’t quite get there. But Lujan rides him out and it’s 7-1.

3rd: Christensen down to start, Lujan just kind of lets him go, 7-2. They’re tying up again, Christensen with a single try but Lujan fights that off easily. Christensen with another but Lujan goes heavy on the head and we stalemate. Restart, 1 min left, Christensen with an underhook, bails, Lujan deep on the elbow while Christensen ties an inside single leg and Lujan just goes around him, now Lujan is working a spladle but that doesn’t work, E1 for Christensen and Lujan can’t get another shot off.

Match Score: Lujan 10-3
Team score: 13-9.

184: #13 Drew Foster (UNI) vs Hunter Ritter
1st: Updated the Twitter and missed the action, Ritter took down Foster right away but Foster up and out, 2-1 40 seconds gone in the first. Foster with a double leg try, can’t finish. They break and Foster dives for a single leg, Ritter dives on Foster but doesn’t go around, no points. Foster shoots again but Ritter does a good job blocking and circles for a T2 of his own. OOB restart, Foster out right away, 4-2 he trails. 40 seconds left in the period, nobody really does much else…and we go to the 2nd.

2nd: I’ve never heard an announcer so excited for a defer before. Ritter goes down and he’s up and out, 5-2. RT not a factor. Ritter with a dive, nothing, Foster has move this guy, he fakes one way and comes back for a single leg but Ritter dives for Foster’s leg and holds it. Restart. 50 seconds left, they tie up, I’m not sure this is where Foster wants to be, they break, Foster controls the wrist and then shoots a blast double for the T2 and that’s the period. 5-4 Foster trails.

3rd: Foster goes down to start, he’s up and out, and it’s 5-5. Foster with a snap, nothing, Ritter with a fake, nothing, as it was a fake. Ritter with a dive for an ankle and he cuts the corner for the T2 but Foster is up and out right away, 7-6. Ritter hits the same shot but can’t cut it off this time…..lots of time side by side here and Ritter lifts it up but back down and up again and Foster fights him off. 30 seconds left. And Ritter ties for that ankle a 3rd time but Foster gets out of the way expecting it and gets around for his own T2! 8-7 Foster leads adn that’s it!!

Match Score: 8-7 Foster
Team score: 13-12 Wisconsin leads.

Match Score: 6-1
Team score: UNI leads 29-0

197: Jared Bartel (UNI) vs #16 Ricky Robertson
1st: Bartel comes out with a nice single leg but Robertson does a great job of fighting that off. And I was updating twitter and missed some action, Robertson with a T2, sorry about that. We restart and Robertson rides forward and with a lot of pressure. Robertson with the old-school tights under the singlet look. That’s kind of wierd. Bartel tires to get up but can’t, restart. Bartel up again but Robertson sucks him back and rolls through and the official awards NF2 on a quick count. It’s 4-0 as the period expires.

2nd: Bartel goes down to start the 2nd, Robertson with a near wrist, and flattens Bartel out, now he works a cross face, nothing there though. Robertson has Bartel’s leg and he can’t really do much from there. Robertson works Bartel over and gets the NF4, but Bartel holds him off long enough and we go to the 3rd.

3rd: 8-0 Robertson leads and he goes on top to start. Bartel up but Robertson resturns, flattens Bartel out, and turns him for a NF4, it’s 12-0. Everyone in the gym wants him to do it again…and there it goes. 16-0.

Match Score: Robertson wins 16-0
Team score: Wisconsin leads 18-12

285: JJ Everard (UNI) vs #2 Connor Medbery
1st: Well UNI needs a fall here from Everard, so we’ll see what happens. Medbery with a go-by but Everard rolls and snags a leg of his own and we get PD. Restart, Medbery with shot but Everard fights that off, good job there. Medbery with forward pressure but Everard with a shot try, nothing though. Medbery with an outside single leg that looked like it was in slow motion, and gets the T2. 2-0 1 min. left in the first. Medbery works a tilt and gets another very close NF2, 4-0. I don’t like that call. And that’s the first.

2nd: Everard goes neutral to start. Medbery with a couple snaps, nothing, Everard with a shot, nothing. Medbery with a single leg and gets the T2. He’s trying to work another tilt, but Everard really isn’t doing much on bottom and there’s the stall warning. Another tilt by Medbery, nothing, and another, nothing. Not sure where those fast NF2’s came from earlier if that one wasn’t. That’s the period.

3rd: Medbery goes neutral to start, he shoots an outside single and scores, now working on top, and there’s the tilt, NF4 so it’s 12-0. And another makes it 14-0. He can’t get anything else though, so that’s it

Match Score: 15-0
Team score: 23-12

Match score:
Final Team score: