(Cover Photo by Rachel Jessen)
Pre-dual notes: Starting at 149. **Alex Marinelli weighed in**

Both Marinelli and Gunther out to shake hands at 16, Sam Stoll and Steven Holloway shake at 285, only Laux comes out at 133.

149: #2 Brandon Sorensen vs Alex Kocer

1st: Sorensen controlling the center of the mat, drops to a knee for a single attempt, backs out for a go behind takedown. Cuts Kocer and back on their feet. Single attempt by Kocer, reshot single attempt by Sorensen no score for either. Sorensen in on another single, grabs the second leg and drives through for his second takedown. Cut Kocer pretty quickly again. Guys trading a couple shots here with under a minute to go, no real committed attempts, period ends 4-2 lead for Sorensen.

2nd: Sorensen starts down, works hand control off the whistle, does a sit out for his escape. Both guys trading shots, no score on either attempt back to their feet. Sorensen controlling the center of the mat, heavy pressure on the head, single attempt for Sorensen not able to convert to a score. Pick attempt Sorensen, reshot by Kocer. Period ends 5-2 Sorensen.

3rd: Kocer to his feet off the whistle, gets his escape, Kocer in on a single trying to come out the back door, Sorensen comes around and gets the takedown. Sorensen underneath grabbing the leg, stalemated. Match is tied. Off the restart, Sorensen trying a sitout and Kocer tries to put a leg in Sorensen comes on top for a reversal. Stall warning on Kocer. Kocer tries to sitout, Suckback nearfall for Sorensen

Match Score: Sorensen decision Kocer, 9-5
Dual Score: 3-0 IOWA

157: #6 Michael Kemerer vs #20 Colin Holler

1st: Low single off the whistle for Kemerer for a takedown and lead. He cuts Holler quickly. Kemerer with another single attempt, but no score. Half attempt by Holler, reshot by Kemerer, no score they back out of bounds. Single attempt by Kemerer who puts a good sprawl to get out, now in a front head lock position, stalemate. Another late attempt by Kemerer. Period ends 2-1 lead for Kemerer

2nd: Kemerer starts down, up to his feet, breaks the hands and gets his escape.Holler tries underhooks, Kemerer clears looking to change levels. Can’t quite find an opening. Holler with a leg attempt with short time, but can’t clear Kemerer’s arms. Period ends 3-1 Kem lead

3rd: Holler starts down, Kemerer trying to ride tough, but gives up an escape. Single attempt by Holler, Kemerer able to sprawl out and stalemate. Straight on double for Kemerer and he finishes for a takedown with just under a minute left. Holler comes up to his feet and gets the escape. Sloppy single attempt by Holler and Kemerer go behind for a takedown

Match Score:Kemerer decision Holler, 7-3
Dual Score: 6-0 IOWA


165: Joey Gunther vs Luke Zilverberg

1st: Gunther snaps off  the whistle, now in an underhook and controlling the center of the mat early. Single attempt by Zilverberg, no score. Zilverberg wants the two on one tie, Gunther working to clear and get his own tie. Stalemate called by the ref. Zilverberg with a shot, whizzer by Gunther and able to bulldoze his way into a takedown. Zilverberg gets out, missed it due to the choppy feed. Gunther reaching for the leg a couple times on the edge, Zilverberg blocking it off. Period ends 2-1 Gunther.

2nd: Zilverberg up to his feet, Gunther able to maintain control until they go out of bounds. On the restart, Zilverberg gets into a whizzer position, up to his feet and gets the escape. Zilverberg with a single to score on Gunther, and Gunther is out in seconds. Gunther continuing the forward pressure. Shot by Gunther, reshot Zilverberg, crazy leg passing scramble that somehow Gunther manages to come out on top of. Gunther trying to ride tough to finish the period, Gunther able to suck back and finish a rideout. 5-4 Gunther lead.

3rd: Gunther starts down, up to his feet, Zilverberg trips him to his base, tries to put the leg in but can’t. Gunther back up to his feet and Zilverberg has to cut him. Gunther digging underhooks, snapping Zilverberg, single leg attempt Zilverberg that Gunther fights off. Straight on double attempt that Gunther stops Zilverberg. Gunther warned for stalling late.

Match Score: Gunther decision Zilverberg, 6-4
Dual Score: 9-0 IOWA

174: #6 Alex Meyer vs #18 David Kocer

1st: Both guys working the collar ties early, not a lot of action in the first minute, stalemate. Kocer leg attempt off the whistle, nothing. Single attempt Kocer, Meyer able to back out, Kocer didn’t really commit so back to their feet. Meyer just about to get his two on one hold, but Kocer clears the hold. Low single attempt by Kocer, Meyer trying to break the base and get a crotch left locked up, Meyer working to get his leg back, Kocer runs out of time. 0-0

2nd: Meyer elects down, up to a tripod position, Kocer hanging a high, Meyer now gets to his feet and gets his escape in under :30. Two on one tie for Meyer tries a near side trip doesn’t work. single attempt by Kocer that is stalemated. Another single by Kocer, Meyer warned for stalling, Meyer able to come out the back for a takedown with :20 left in the period. 3-0 Meyer

3rd: Kocer starts down, Meyer has the wrists and breaks down Kocer to his belly. Kocer back to his base and feet, Meyer able to break him back to his base and they go out of bounds. Meyer bellies Kocer out on the restart, Meyer finishes the rideout

Match Score: Meyer decision Kocer, 4-1
Dual Score: 12-0 IOWA

184: #7 Sammy Brooks vs Martin Mueller

1st: Mueller gets pulled down to his knees, trying to come around and score on Brooks, Brooks able to go behind and score a takedown within the first :40 seconds. Brooks riding on a restart, now cuts Mueller, Goes to a two on one arm tie just pulls the arm down and goes behind for a takedown and cuts him. Single attempt right away he finishes for another quick score just over a minute. Cut by Brooks, throw by on an under over and gets another takedown trying to do a trap wrist tilt for 4NF.  Brooks cuts with :25 to go tries a lat drop doesn’t get it but gets a go behind. 14-4 Brooks lead.

2nd: Mueller starts down, Brooks trying to work for near fall not getting the call, cuts Mueller. Brooks inside trip for two on the edge as they go out. Trap arm tilt, 4 more NF:

Match Score: Brooks Tech Fall Mueller, 20-5
Dual Score: 17-0 IOWA


197: Cash Wilcke vs #5 Nate Rotert

1st: Underhook Rotert, coming on a leg attack early against Wilcke, Cash able to fight it off. Head inside single takedown for Rotert. Wilcke to his feet, returned by Rotert. Wilcke back to his feet and cuts Wilcke. Single leg by Rotert, Wilcke fighting them off, double by Wilcke and he finishes for two! Rotert gets his escape with short time tie match.

2nd: Wilcke to his feet, Rotert able to string together a couple return attempts that he finishes to keep him down as the go out. Wilcke to his feet on a restart, Rotert returns. Rotert with a tightwaist ride, Wilcke to his feet, trying to break the hands and Rotert returns. Wilcke keeps getting to his feet, couple more mat returns by Rotert. Wilcke can’t break the hands when he gets up. Wilcke finally out with :37 left, Rotert coming with a couple attacks, Wilcke warned for stalling. Period ends 4-3 Willcke

3rd: Rotert starts down, gets to his feet and Wilcke cuts him. Rotert has RT currently. Wilcke with an single attempt, no score. Single attempt by Rotert able to come around for the second leg and finishes for the takedown, :59 left. Wilcke up to his feet, Rotert cuts him, Wilcke looking to drive on a single but unable to score. Rotert looks up a bear hug, Wilcke bails and gives up the takedown

Match Score: Rotert decision Wilcke, 9-5
Dual Score: 17-3 IOWA

285: Steven Holloway vs Alex Macki

1st: Single leg  for Holloway bring to his feet able to finish for a takedown in about :30. Holloway rides tough for :38 seconds and cuts Macki. Not much doing for either guy to end the period. 2-1 Holloway

2nd: Holloway starts down, gets to his feet, mat return for Macki. Holloway back to his feet and gets his escape, goes out of bounds. Collar tie, clear, rinse, repeat. Now a single leg attempt by Macki with 1:00 left. Period ends 3-1 Holloway

3rd: Macki takes down, gets to his feet and is out. No RT in favor of Holloway. Single leg attempt by Macki, nothing. Single attempt Holloway, nothing. Single leg again by Macki. Another single attempt by Macki, Holloway warned, Single attempt by Macki, Holloway now reaching for the leg, Macki tries a couple more and match ends.

Match Score: Holloway decision Macki, 3-2
Dual Score: 20-3 IOWA

125: #1 Thomas Gilman vs Ben Gillette

1st: Gillette shot attempt, knee tap to go behind GIlman, cut, another go behind takedown for Gilman. Cut, single leg, sweep for another takedown all before the first minute. Gilman cut on a restart, snap go behind takedown. Looking for some back points, puts himself on his own back and close to the defensive fall. Gillette with a reversal. Gilman starts down on a restart, up to his feet, Gillette working tough to return, but Gilman gets out. Gilman comes with a barrage of attacks and scores two more with :45 to go. Gilman cuts, in on a single attempt that he scores on again. Gilman finishes a :23 second rideout. 13-6 lead Gilman

2nd: Gilman starts down, gets his escape in under :10. Go behind for another takedown. Cuts right away, Gilman in the front headlock position, comes around for another score. Gilman cuts. Single leg takedown. trying a trap arm tilt, cuts instead, single leg finishes for two more. Rides out to end the period. 22-9 lead Gilman

3rd: Gillette takes down, optional start cut. Gilman looking for a single doesn’t get it. Gillette comes in on a shot, go behind Gilman for the score. Gilman cuts and in on a single he finishes

Match Score: Gilman tech fall Gillette, 26-11
Dual Score: 25-3 IOWA


133: Phil Laux vs #6 Seth Gross

1st: Laux in on a single off the whistle, tries to shelf it, but can’t whizzer by Gross and knocks Laux off his knees for a takedown. Gross working the wrist on top, suicide tilt attempt by Gross, Laux fighting it hard and Gross heads back on top. Gross with all sorts of pressure up top, Laux warned for stalling, trap arm tilt for 4NF for Gross period ends 6-0 Gross.

2nd: Laux chooses neutral to begin second, high crotch by Laux, Gross able to knock Laux off his knees again and comes around for a takedown.Laux unable to work to his base on bottom until the very end. Gross finishes the rideout. 8-0 Gross lead.

3rd: Gross starts down, to his feet, lift return for Laux. Gross back to his feet, breaks the hands and is out. Low single Gross and gets the takedown. Gross able to get a roll through NF on Laux. Laux warned for stalling gives up a point, with RT this will be a TF

Match Score: Gross tech fall Laux, 15-0
Dual Score: 25-8 IOWA

141: Topher Carton vs Henry Pohlmeyer

1st: Single by Carton and he finishes for a takedown. Pohlmeyer to a tripod, but Carton able to put a leg in and break him down to his belly. Trap arm tilt gets 4NF with just over a minute to go. Carton finishes a tough rideout.

2nd: Carton will start down. gets to his feet and Carton right in on the legs for a takedown. All that within :30 of the start of the period. Got the leg in , working a power half on top is Carton, but Pohlmeyer fighting it off. Carton finishes the rideout, up 9-0 with RT locked up.

3rd: Single attempt by Pohlmeyer, good defense Carton and go behind for a takedown. Escape Pohlmeyer .Single leg for Carton, Pohlmeyer in the splits and its stalemated. Single by Pohlmeyer gets stalemated. Single leg attempt by Pohlmeyer, Carton breaks the hands trying to come around but can’t. Pohlmeyer again in on the leg can’t finish

Match Score: Carton major decision Pohlmyer, 12-1
Dual Score:29-8 IOWA

By Ross Bartachek (@rossbchek)

Lead Editor of IA Wrestle