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Pre-Match Notes:  Fair warning, some updates in some matches might be a little bit scattered, I’m taking photos and video today as I lost my helper, but I’ll do my best.
No Brandon Jeske for ODU today at 125
Seth Stetzel listed at 157 and Isaiah Patton listed at 165 for UNI. Little surprise there.
Starting today at 125

Dual Preview

Old Dominion vs #17 Northern Iowa

125: #2 Dylan Peters or Jay Schwarm (UNI) vs Steven Simpson (ODU)
1st:Alrighty here we go, Peters up for UNI. Tie up to an ankle pick, single leg and Peters is up 2-0. Armbar, now he’s got both boots in stretching Simpson out, now they stand up and it’s an E1, on the edge, Peters circles in, front headlock and he’s got the cow catcher!! TO HIS BACK AND the ref says they went OOB. That’s a call there for sure! WOW. We restart Peters in on a double leg and down for the T2 and he’s got the arm and he works him over for the NF4 and works and puts him on his back for the real pinfall!!

Match Score: Peters wins by pinfall 1:30
Team score: UNI leads 6-0

133: #15 Josh Alber (UNI) vs Alex Madrigal (ODU)
1st: Steve Martin is in fine form early on here, telling Madrigal to, “Pull, not push!” as tehy tie up early. Front headlock for Alber, they break, antoher headlock, another break. And a single leg by Alber and he’s got it elevated, Madrigal works to break it but can’t and Alber just drags him down and gets around for the T2. Madrigal works his way up but Alber brings him back down, and they go OOB. Restart and Alber rides him out, has 1:14 of RT and leads 2-0.

2nd: Alber down to start, Madrigal rides for a while but Alber works hard to stand up and then switches out. 3-0. They tie-up on the edge and Alber hits an outside single that looks like it should have been two with no reaction time, but no points and then Madrigal backs OOB and they give the “action” call instead of stalling. Restart, Alber just throws Madrigal to the side, Madrigal looks confused/dazed, not sure if somthing happened or not. Alber works a leg and the head and pulls him down to the mat to get the T2, it’s 5-0. Alber works Madrigal to his belly and now works an arm but time runs out.

3rd: Madrigal down to start after Martin tells him, “Whatever you want.” Alber brings him back down to the mat, trying to work an arm but nothing, stalling on Madrigal, Alber cuts him, 5-1. Alber with the cow catcher in but Madrigal barely gets out but its’ still a T2, Alber cuts him, Madrigal goes OOB stalling again and it’s 8-2. Restart, Alber with the single leg to the double and the T2. Alber rides him out and that’s it

Match Score: 11-2
Team score: 10-0

141: Jake Hodges (UNI) vs Emilio Saavedra (ODU)
1st:Alrighty Hodges comes out and he’s the guy who I think most needs a win today for UNI. They tie up, nothing, tie up again and Saavedra gets a shot but Hodges fights him off. They tie up again, nothing. Handfighting from Saavedra, and he shoots an outside single but Hodges fights him off. Tie up, nothing, 1 minute left. Bad shot by Hodges and nearly goes OOB but he switches positions with Saavedra and now they’re on the line. They regroup in teh middle, Hodges with a snap, nothing. Another try from Saavedra but nothing, and that’s the first.

2nd: Hodges down to start, he’s up and out in 4 seconds, 1-0 he leads. Go-by try for Hodges, nothing, a single try, nothing. Front headlock by Hodges, they break. Neither guy can finish a shot. Tieup, nothing. Shot by Saavedra Hodges goes heavy but can’t get around and they regroup in the middle. No other shots and that’s the 2nd.

3rd: Saavedra down to start, Hodges with a leg in, sucks him back, but can’t get NF points. Saavedra to his base, up and Hodges gets to a leg and brings him back down. Saavedra on his belly now, they go OOB. Restart, and Hodges works a tilt and gets teh NF4 and he leads 5-0! Hodges rides him out and gets the win!

Match Score: 6-0
Team score: 13-0 UNI leads

149: #15 Max Thomsen (UNI) vs Michael Hayes (ODU)
1st: Sorry I told you I’d miss something, Thomsen hits an outside single and works Hayes over for a NF2, he leads 4-0. Restart, 1:25 left. Caution on Thomsen, not sure why…I thought he should have had another there, but no. Hayes is up and out and it’s 4-1. Thomsen with a shot and Hayes is draped over the back, Thomsen trying to scoot back to get NF points…real close and a stalemate. Alber in again on the same shot off the restart, and that should be NF points I think, but no call, Thomsen has both Hayes legs trapped but time runs out, 4-1 Thomsen leads to the 2nd.

2nd: Blood time, that slows things down Here we go, Hayes is down to start, Thomsen with a seatbelt ride, Hayes up but Thomsen brings him back down and then just lets him go. 4-2 and again Thomsen shoots inside and Hayes is draped over the back and Thomsen is trying to get him back but Hayes’ head is in the way. Restart. Thomsen with another shot but this time to the outside and gets Hayes on his butt and everybody wants two but no points and Thomsen works forward and gets the T2, 6-2 he leads with RT. Hayes is just kind of hanging out on the mat now, not doing anything at all really for a full 30 seconds and that’s the period.

3rd: Thomsen down to start, he’s up but gets in on a double leg and AGAIN Hayes is draped over the back but they circle out and now Hayes does the splits and can’t circle when Thomsen does and he gets the T2, 8-2 he leads as he cuts Hayes. 8-3, Thomsen with a shot, nothing, another shot stall on Hayes and Max has him draped over the back again but he’s got both legs again and is trying ot sit him back but nothing yet, 20 seconds, and Thomsen works around for the T2 and that’s it!

Match Score: 11-3
Team score: 17-0

157: Paden Moore (UNI) vs Austin Eads (ODU)
1st: Eads comes out with a HARD snap down, nothing there, and then pretty much hits Moore in the head, but no call. They tie up, nothing really. Now a really crazy thing, Moore with an outside single leg but Eads kind of clings to him like a Koala Bear, then Moore brings him back down to the mat and nearly has a cradle but not really and then Moore ends up on top of him but Eads circles around and we stale out. Restart, Moore with another single leg try, he’s got Eads draped, but he turns and cirles and nearly gets teh T2 but Eads has a leg. Moore works REALLY hard to get his leg out but he can’t, and there he finally does for the T2! 2-0 hea leads 17 seconds left in the first and he rides him out and we go to the 2nd.

2nd: Moore down to start, he’s up and out no problem. 3-0 he leads. They’re up and now Moore with a body lock and he nearly puts him down but almost gets himself in trouble too but gets around for teh T2, 5-0 and now Eads rolls and gets the E1, 5-1 and they go OOB. Restart. Tie up, Eads tries to push Moore away, but Moore comes right back with a shot, nothing though and we tie up again. Moore has an arm and just kind of whips Eads down and NEARLY gets a T2 and back points and that probably would have been a fall but the ref says AGAIN that they were OOB. Restart. Moore with a single leg try, stall on Eads, time runs out and it’s 5-1 to the 3rd.

3rd: Eads down to start, he’s in his base, Moore with a wrist, now he gets Eads to his belly. Eads is laying there, not doing anything. Like, at all. Moore trying to get a leg tied up, but can’t. Eads gets his wrist back finally, stalling on him, it’s 6-1. Moore still trying to do something, but can’t because Eads is laying there like a used crash-test dummy. Even Martin yells, “get your ass to the sky!” but he doesn’t listen. Stall on Eads, 7-1 now. He cuts Eads, 7-2, 10 seconds left and he gets an outside single but can’t finish a shot because Eads holds onto a leg as time expires

Match Score: Moore wins 8-2
Team score: 20-0


165: Bryce Steiert or Isaiah Patton vs #13 Seldon Wright
1st: No tie up really to start, Steiert goes to one knee, and he snags an ankle and works Wright to his butt, now Steiert grabs the other ankle and gets the T2, Steiert made that look easy. OOB, restart, caution on Wright, another caution on Wright, whistle and he’s up and out. Steiert to one knee again, Wright doesn’t know exactly how to attack that, they tie up on their feet. Steiert with duck under try, nothing, back to a knee, they tie up again. Steiert looks like a bigger Dylan Peters out there. Wright with a blast double but Steiert blocks that off, that was REALLY nice by Steiert there. Snap from Wright, nothing. Steiert tries an ankle pick but Wright recovers, they tie up, and that’s the first.

2nd: Wright is down to start, no cautions this time, Wright up and Steiert tries picking him up but Wright rolls and it’s 2-2. Tie up, nothing, shot by Steiert, nothing. Not sure what that was. Steiert with a double leg try, Wright pushes him to the side. Wright hasn’t shot in this period at all. Steiert with a shot, nothing, and there’s the stall on Wright, they tie up, snap down tries by somebody but nothing, and that’s the 2nd

3rd: Steiert down to start, he’s up and out in 2 seconds. That was quick. Steiert with an ankle pick, nothing, and Wright tries to get around but nothing. Wright with an outside single leg and gets around but Steiert kicks out. Tie up, Steiert with a bad shot and Wright nearly catches him, but nothing. Steiert leads 3-2 under a minute left. Martin yelling for Wright to do something, but he’s not listening. Steieft with a double leg try, nothing, Wright still not doing anything, there he takes a shot, but nothing, and Steieft with a headlock but Wright gets under him and doubles him to the mat but time ran out half a second before Wright put him down. Wow.

Match Score: Steiert, 3-2
Team score:23-0

174: Taylor Lujan (UNI) vs Antonio Agee
1st: Alright, sorry about that. I missed a T2 by Agee, then a nice R2 by Lujan, and a E1 by Agee, so it’s 3-2, and a nice single leg for a T2 and it’s 4-3 Lujan after one.

2nd: Lujan down to start, he’s up and out quickly, 5-3. They tie up, Schwab doesn’t want Lujan there, Lujan with a single leg try, nothing, reshot by Agee, nothing. ODU works a two on one to a single leg, then to a double back to a single and Lujan catches him in a bad spot and works Agee over for a T2 of his own! Agee flat on his belly, Lujan with a tight seatbelt ride trying to work him over, but Agee just too stubborn on bottom and we go to the 3rd, 7-3.

3rd: Agee down to start, up but Lujan returns him, Agee up again and he’s out this time, 7-4, but Lujan has RT. Double try by Agee but Lujan does a good job fighting that off, now Lujan is in on a single leg on the edge and drags Agee back in, tries to trip, can’t, drags him back in again and goes under Agee’s arm to get behind him for the T2. 9-4 and Agee is flat on his belly and Lujan just stands up and cuts him. 9-5. Agee with an outside single, and they stalemate on the edge. Restart, Lujan tries one more time for a shot, but can’t get there and he wins 10-5

Match Score: 10-5 Lujan
Team score: UNI leads 26-0

184: Drew Foster (UNI) vs #12 Jack Dechow
1st: Missed the action but Foster gets a T2 early and racks up 24 seconds of RT against Dechow. Dechow got the E1 off a restart, and it’s 2-1 with 1:40 left in the first. Foster gets poked in the eye, weird, no stoppage. They tie up, nothing. Foster with an inside single and then gets teh other leg up and puts Dechow down on the mat for the T2. That was a really nice move. He’s got Dechow’s arm as they go OOB, restart, 15 seconds left, 4-1. Dechow up right away but Foster works hard to stay behind and keep him down and puts him on his belly as time runs out and the West Gym gets loud again. To the 2nd.

2nd: Dechow down to start, he tries a sit out, nothing, now to his base and Foster just does a GREAT job of holding him down as they go OOB again. Restart, Foster has RT now, Dechow to a tripod, tries to roll and Foster nearly catches him on his back, no NF points though, and Dechow is flat on his belly again, not doing anything and everybody wants stalling. Schwab asking, nothing Foster tries a tilt but can’t get him over, Dechow tries to get to his base but Foster flattens him out again. And there’s the stalling on Dechow. He’s really not doing anything, it’s kind of weird. Schwab wants stalling again, and Dechow gets to his base, tries to sit out and roll but Foster goes right with him and to the third we go!

3rd: One of Foster’s contacts fell out, but he’s down to start, caution on Dechow as he doesn’t tell the ref about the optional start, and Foster is up and out and it’s 5-1 and he has RT. Duck under try by Dechow gets nothing. Shot by Foster and they go OOB. Restart, no ties, single try by Dechow, nothing. Elbow pass by Dechow, nothing, duck under by Dechow, nothing. Foster not exactly pushing the pace here. Foster uses a fake, nothing, Dechow with a reshot, nothing. Ref stalemates it for a reason. Not sure why as both guys were on their feet. Restart. Dechow pushing, Foster circles, 20 seconds left, Dechow with a shot, Foster with a reshot, Foster with a double leg try but Dechow fights it off and that’s it!!!

Match Score: 6-1
Team score: UNI leads 29-0

197: Jared Bartel (UNI) vs #7 Kevin Beazley (ODU)
1st: One minute left and Bartel is down 2-0, Sorry I missed the T2 updating Twitter. Beazley is riding tough and trying to turn him but Bartel does a good job staying down. Stalemate restart and Bartel switches and gets a leg for a single leg but Beazley sprawls out of it for 20 seconds before time runs out, no E1 given and Schwab is challenging the call. Reviewing…. both guys getting a break. Call on the mat is confirmed, no E1 for Bartel, and I don’t understand that call at all.

2nd: Beazley is down to start, he’s up and out quick. 3-0. They tie up, break, nothing. Not a lot here, snap by Bartel, nothing, snap by Beazley, nothing. Snap again by Beazley and he gets to a leg and gets the T2. He’s got Bartel’s left leg tied up, and a stall warning on Bartel comes before time runs out. Blood time before the third.

3rd: Bartel goes neutral to start, probably a good decision, unhook by Bartel, nothing, tie up, nothing. Bartel pushing, another underhook and trip, but nothing. Bartel to a single leg, but Beazley has a leg too, and they stalemate. Restart, adn Bartel goes hard after Beazley, pushing the head and faking him out enough to get Beazley to fall on his backside but he can’t take advantage before they go OOB. Bartel is really going after him, another hand to the head, ref stops it, and they restart, Beazley just backing up now doing nothing and that’s it.

Match Score: Beazley 6-0
Team score: UNI leads 29-3

285: JJ Everard (UNI) vs Will Hiliard (ODU)
UNI forfeits at heavyweight, Panthers win the dual 29-9.

Match score: Hiliard wins by forfeit
Final Team score: 29-9