Dual with UNK scheduled to start at 5:45, dual with UVU starts at 7:30 Refresh often for updates!

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Utah Valley won the first dual, 35-6. UNI and UNK will start on time, at 5:45

Dual Preview
Pre-meet notes: #1 Destin McCauley will not be wrestling tonight for UNK.
We’re starting at 125 for both duals tonight

University of Nebraska-Kearny vs UNI
125: Jay Schwarm (UNI) vs Vlad Kazakov (UNK)

1st: Alright so Schwarm gets the nod for this one over Rohweder. They tie up and Kazakov with a nice single shot, Schwarm goes heavy though and gets around for the T2. Schwarm’s works the leg, now up near the head locks the cradle up and gets the fall!!
Match score: Schwarm wins by pinfall, 1:02
Team score: UNI leading 6-0

133: #14 Josh Alber (UNI) vs Bryce Shoemaker (UNK)
1st: Alber with a quick tieup and he’s really pushing forward, tries a go-by but nothing, now with just a simple push-pull and forces Shoemaker down and gets around for the T2. 2-0 he leads early in the first, and now he’s pushing forward with a seatbelt in, now a claw ride keeping a lot of forward pressure on Shoemaker. More of the same for the next minute, stall warning on Shoemaker and they go OOB. Restart, Shoemaker up but Alber brings him back down, and that’s the first.

2nd: They go neutral to start, Shoemaker with quite the slap to start, doesn’t really phase Alber. Front headlock for Alber, he tries to work around but can’t, tires again but nothing. They center and another hard left hand from Shoemaker, Alber works the front headlock again and this time he gets around for the T2. Shoemaker on his belly, Alber is doing a great job with the claw ride to keep Shoemaker down. Stall warning on Shoemaker so it’s 5-0 Alber. And that’s the end of the 2nd.

3rd: Alber’s down to start, Shoemaker’s heavy on Alber’s head, but Alber works up to his feet and kicks out, 6-0 he leads with 3:15 of RT. Shoemaker with a single leg try but can’t finish, and now they scrable around and Alber comes out on top with the T2, that was a crazy scramble. 8-1 after Alber lets him up. Shoemaker with a shot, nothing, Alber tries throwing him by again, nohting, Alber with a single leg from a mile away but it works, and it’s 10-1 Alber. He rides him out and gets a tilt going and nearly pins him at the end but he just got the NF4.

Match Score: 15-1
Team Score: 10-0

141: Jake Hodges (UNI) vs Jeff Bizzle (UNK)
1st: Hodges with some hands to start, but Bizzle takes a shot and they roll around for a second and Bizzle comes out on top, 2-0 he leads. Hodges up, back down, rolls, and again, now Hodges kicks out and it’s 2-1. Hodges with a shot but can’t finish as Bizzle gets around, stalemate. Hodges with a shot off the whistle and Bizzle’s draped over the back but Hodges turns into him and gets the T2 and Hodges has a Bizzles arm deep at the elbow, but he gets too high and loses it, it’s 3-2 Hodges leads. Stalemate, restart. Hodges with a leg in, Bizzle on hands and feet and nearly gets Hodges off, but can’t get there, that’s the period.

2nd: Hodges down to start, Bizzle with both legs in deep, flattens Hodges out, they roll once but nothing, and now a stalemate. Restart, Hodges moves forward right away and stands, Bizzle puts both legs in while Hodges is up so Hodges shakes him off and gets the E1 4-2. Hodges with an ankle pick but can’t finish before the PD is called. Restart and Hodges in on a single leg again and drives forward for the T2, 6-2 he leads, and a stall warning on Bizzle. Hodges has Bizzle flattend out and and now has an arm and works him over for the NF 4 annnndddd no fall before time runs out, it was VERY close. 10-2 Hodges leads to the 3rd.

3rd: They’re neutral to start, Hodges with a shot and nearly gets caught driving through but recovers nicely. Hodges with a shot but Bizzle fights that one off, and now Bizzle with an ankle pick, Hodges draped over the back and Bizzle comes out the back door and Hodges needs to be careful of getting pinned but stalemate. 10-2 and Hodges has RT. Restart, Bizzle with a shot, ntohing, tie up, Hodges with a snap and single, Bizzle draped over the back, Hodges trying to settle back but Bizzle gets to the side and is just holding on. Nothing else and that’s the win for Hodges

Match Score: 11-2
Team score:14-0

149: #15 Max Thomsen (UNI) vs Walker Johnson
1st: Alrighty my first time see Max, I’m pretty excited for this one. Thomsen with a front headlock, snapdown and gets around for the T2 15 seconds into it, he’s working an arm bar and he’s got it deep, but swiches off to the power half and is very close to turning but Johnson gets out and they go OOB. Missed the action there as I was updating Twitter, but Thomsen with another T2 and he lets Johnson up. 4-2 and he’s in on another shot and drives forward for the T2, And he’s back working the wrist and gets teh chicken wing and runs him over and he GETS THE FALL!!
Match Score: Thomsen wins by pinfall in 2:31
Team score: 20-0

157: Paden Moore (UNI) vs Seth Harrington (UNK)

1st: The younger Moore makes his West Gym debut. He tries a few snaps, nothing doing. Front headlock now and he drags Harrington down to the mat and nearly works him over, but Harrington gets up and out and we’re neutral. Moore with a nice knee tap, working the single leg and they’re side by side he slides by and gest the T2, Harrington our right away and it’s 2-1. Shot by Harrington, nothing, they’re handfighting and Harrington with a stall warning to end the first.

2nd: Harrington down to start the 2nd, he’s up but Moore puts him right back down, they go OOB and a little shove by Harrington at the end there, no call though as we restart. Paden with an arm and works the tilt and gets the NF4, 6-1 he leads and he has RT. Warning on Harrington again and that was a fast call, it’s 7-1 now. Harrington to his feet and gets out, 7-2. Head tab from Harrington, nothing, Paden with a nice single leg and trips him down hard for the T2, 9-2 he leads to the third.

3rd: Moore goes down to start, he’s at a tripod right away, pushes out and gets the E1, 10-2 he leads. Harrington with an ankle pick try, nothing. Not a lot here for the next minute, just collar ties and fakes, Moore with double underhooks in now though, He trips him to his back and that looked like it hurt Harrington, luckily he’s ok and Moore works a tilt but can’t quite get there, it’s 12-2, and that’s how it’ll end.

Match Score: Moore wins 13-2
Team score:24-0

165: Isaiah Patton UNI) vs Richie Miranda (UNK)
1st: Patton takes the mat against Miranda, he’s got a T2 and works a couple of tilts but can’t keep Miranda still long enough to score nearfalls. Again he tilts him and only can get a one count. Stall warning on Miranda, tilt again by Patton and he gets the NF2, 4-0 he leads as we go OOB. Restart, Patton doesn’t really drive forward just holds Miranda in place and nearly gets another tilt, but nothing doing. Miranda gets up but Patton sucks him back and that’s the first.

2nd: We’re neutral to star thte 2nd, Patton has 2:51 of RT arleady. He’s in on a single leg and really drove forward but Miranda has a whizzer in fights out. Good job by him there. Miranda with an outside single try, nothing. Coaches Robbins says, “Forward Isaiah” and Patton automatically took three steps forward, that’s nice to see. Now Miranda with a single leg but that’s a bad shot and Patton easily gets around him for the T2, and now he works a tilt but time runs out. 6-0 to the third.

3rd: Patton down to start, he tries a switch, nothing, and again and he’s up and out. 7-0 he leads. Miranda with some head taps, but that’s not going anywhere. Not a lot of energy right now from either guy. Miranda’s in on a shot but Patton sprawls and they roll, Patton nearly on his back in a couple of spots but PD is called. Restart. 30 seconds left, Patton with a low single, but his head is down and he can’t finish, and Miranda gets around for the T2 as the buzzer sounds.

Match score: Patton 8-2
Team score: 27-0

174: Taylor Lujan (UNI) vs Isaac Deaton (UNK)
1st:Alright so apparently the Panthers are having a contest to see who can score the fastest tonight. Lujan comes out and gets a T2 right away, Deaton up and Lujan returns him hard, then lets him up. Anotehr T2 for Lujan and another hard return to the mat. Deaton gets out though and it’s 4-2 before we’ve wrestled a minute. An ankle pick and Lujan has another T2, 8-3 annnnddd I missed a T2 and E1 somewhere in there, sorry about that. Lujan has Deaton on edge now, snap down and fake and he catches Deaton flat-footed, but Lujan can’t finish that shot and PD is called. restart, Lujan pulls the head and catches an ankle for another T2, it’s 10-4 to the 2nd.

2nd: Lujan on top to start, Deaton up but is returned, Lujan with a half in now but can’t get him, E1 Deaton. T2 Lujan on an ankle pick to a double leg, and releases him right away, 12-6. Lujan with a double leg try, and now Deaton is draped over the back, no points here though as Lujan nearly has back points and he scoots around gets the T2 and has a cradle locked up! But Deaton does a good job fighting but gives up a NF4, it’s 18-6 to the third.

3rd: Sorry if the play by play is a little confusing, Lujan is all over the place tonight. Lujan is down to start, he nearly gets a reversal but not quite, #1 so it’s 19-6, and a double leg will finish it off

Match score:21-6
Team score:32-0

184: Jacob Holschlag (UNI) vs #8 Zach Stodden (UNK)
1st: And this is probably the biggest match of the night, not a lot of action to start and Stodden with a BIG right hand to Holschlag’s head, draws a scream from the crowd and a whistle (it really wasn’t that dramatic, just sounded worse than it was). No shots from either guy here really, Holschlag works a headlock, nothing, and a shot try from the Panther and they roll around like CRAZY and no points scored. That was a great scramble by both guys. 0-0 to the 2nd.

2nd:They go neutral to start, I’m not sure who chose, sorry. Stodden with a deep single leg, lifts Holschlag up and nearly drops him on his head but just to the side, no points still, and Holschlag nearly gets caught on his back but he does a great job hanging onto a leg and working around…now he’s up on top and gets the T2! That’s a great job by Holschlag there, and now he’s working a tilt, nothing and again and there he gets the NF4, 6-0 Holschlag leads. They just stall out, to the third.

3rd:Holschlag goes on top to start, he works forward right away with a claw, UNK wants Stodden to roll faster but he’s not listening, Holschlag with some heavy forward pressure and they go OOB. Restart, not a lot going on , Holschlag gets a leg in, but nothing. Restart. Caution on Holschlag now, not sure why…restart, they roll, Holschlag with the claw in still, now a tilt, nothing, Stodden gets up for the E1, 6-1 30 seconds left. Stodden with a blast double and gets around for the T2. That was kind of a weird finish to that, and Stodden is too far to the side and Holschalg turns into him for a R2 at the end! He wins 9-3

Match score: Holschlag wins 9-3
Team score: 35-0

197: Drew Foster (UNI) vs Corey Van Dorn (UNK)
1st:Sorry I got distracted talking to Mike Allen, Drew Foster takes the mat for UNI and he’s up 10-1 after the first period after a couple T2’s and some tilts.

2nd: Foster down to start, he’s up and out 11-1, T2 for him and it’s 13-2. Foster just pushes Van Dorn away for the E1, and Van Dorn is in on a single leg, but Foster with a whizzer in and he fights him off, good job there by Foster. Good head fake by Foster to the left and he came back to the right with a single leg to get the T2 and it’s 15-3. Sorry I missed something somewhere, it’s 17-3 to the third.

3rd: Van Dorn tries to start down, but Foster just gives him the point, 17-4. Foster with some heavy hands and snaps, but can’t get anything before they go OOB. Restart, Van Dorn with a shot from a mile away that Foster just shrugs off, Foster with a shot try, but that doesnt’ work and they’re side by side and now with some rolls, that was a weird scramble and they go OOB. 55 seconds left, collar tie, Van Dorn with a shot, can’t finish and Foster circles around for the T2 and the Tech fall.

Match score: Foster wins 19-4
Team score: 40-0

285: JJ Everard (UNI) vs Jarrod Hinrichs (UNK)
1st: Alright last match of the first dual. Everard with a shot, Hinrichs kind of hops away, nothing. Not a lot else…Everard with a shot now, but can’t finish and nearly gets taken down himself but he gets away. Everard gets a high single leg elevates it and puts Hinrichs down as they go OOB. He leads 2-0 with 20 seconds left. Restart, Hinrichs up but Everard trips him back down, and that’s the period.

2nd: Hinrichs starts down, he’s up and out quickly, 2-1 Everard leads. Hinrichs doing a good job hand fighting and pushing the action, backing Everard up, they center and Everard hits a really nice low outside single, Hinrichs hits the splits as Everard tires to work up, and he eventually gets the other ankle and gets the T2. E1 right away though, 4-2 Everard leads. They tie up again, Everard is being pushed around a little bit which I find surprising. He’s doing a good job of circling back in though and that’s the second.

3rd:Everard is down to start, he’s up to his feet, Hinrichs picks him up but Everard rolls (!!!) and gets the E1. Wow that was cool. Hinrichs tries a shot but Everard circles around him for a T2, E1 right away and it’s 7-3. Hinrichs pushing forward again and Everard is hit with a stall warning as he backs OOB. Restart and Hinrichs gets poked in the eye, timeout. Restart, Everard still backing up, Schwab yelling at him to get his butt back to the center, he doesn’t listen though and gets hit with another stall warning, 7-4. Hinrichs pushing the action now forces Everard out again and Everard gets dinged again, 7-5 he leads. Restart, Hinrichs with a single leg, but Everard flattens out and it’s too late to do anything else before the buzzer

Match score: Everard wins 7-5
Final Team score: UNI wins, 43-0

We’ll start the next dual at 7:20!

Utah Valley University vs UNI
125: Jay Schwarm (UNI) vs Mitch Brown (UVU)
1st: Alrighty we’re under way here. Tie-ups to start, Brown with a single leg, he’s in deep but Schwarm falls over his back, breaks the grip and circles around for the T2. Now he’s got a leg in and is working hard to turn him, can’t quite get there though and he’s super high on Brown, Brown’s arm is in a weird spot though around one of Schwarm’s legs and we stalemate. Restart, Schwarm has a leg in and works an over over, but again just can’t quite get there. Now Brown snags a leg because Schwarm was too high, but Schwarm fights out of that and has a cradle locked up! He works forward, he’s trying but just can’t quite get anythin gout of it, he drops the cradle but rides him out and it’s 2-0 to the second.

2nd: Schwarm is down to start, Brown with a seatbelt, now a claw. Schwarm’s head is down but he works up to his base. Brown with the claw in again, Schwarm tries to roll, nothing though, Brown is riding tough, now he tries a tilt but can’t get there and Schwarm gets up but Brown returns him and gets a tilt and gets a NF 2, and other NF 2 as they go OOB. 4-2 Brown leads. Restart and Brown rides him out. To the third.

3rd: Brown goes neutral to start, not a lot of action, Schwarm gets his arm tied up and Brown hits a really nice single leg and gets the T2 to go up 6-2. Schwarm hits a roll though and gets to his feet, but is returned by Brown. They go OOB with 38 seconds left. Schwarm down on the restart, Brown treis a tilt right off the whistle, that’s real close to NF’s but nothing, and again with teh tilt but nothing. Schwarm hits a roll to get the E1 but that’s it, and UNI drops it’s first match of the night.

Match score: Brown 7-3
Team score: UVU leads, 3-0

133: #14 Josh Alber (UNI) vs Jarod Maynes (UVU)
1st: They go through a bit of a feeling out process, Alber gets a T2 on a move I missed, sorry about that. Maynes stands up and Alber tries to return him, but is called for an illegal hold. 2-1 as we restart. Maynes gets up and out, 2-2. They tie up Alber with double underhooks briefly, but Maynes bails out and gives up the T2. Maynes up and out to make it 4-3. Alber with a headlock and nearly throws him for a fall but gets a T2, so he’s up 6-3. Restart as they go OOB. Caution on Alber. Alber tries a seatbelt, nothing, Maynes stands up and hits a switch and it’s 6-4. Maynes pushing the pace with a couple of fakes and that’s the end of the first.

2nd: Alber is down to start the second, he hits a switch and gets the E1, 7-4 he leads. Alber lowers his level like he’s in slow motion and shoots a single leg for the T2, that was really nice but I don’t think he’ll want to take that much time against better opponents. They go OOB and restart, and catuion on Maynes but no call, that was weird. Maynes is up and out so it’s 9-5. Alber with a nice low single leg and he switches off to the double leg and gets the T2. A quick escape by Maynes makes it 11-6. Alber with another low single attempt and gets a last T2 with 2 seconds left to go up 13-6.

3rd: Maynes starts down, and he’s up and out for the E1, 13-7. He continues to push the pace, but can’t connect on a shot, and as I type that he hits one. 13-9 now but Alber moves quick and snags an ankle as Maynes tries to stand up and drops Maynes HARD to his back for the R2, 15-9, and an E1 for Maynes 15-10. Maynes with a bad shot and Alber reshoots to get another T2, 17-10 but Alber is winded and he lets Maynes up, 17-11, but he’s right back in on a double leg and gets the T2 and rides him out for the MD!

Match Score: Alber wins 20-11
Team Score: UNI leads, 4-3

141: Jake Hodges (UNI) vs Trevor Willson (UVU)
1st:They tie up to start, and stay that way for a while. Willson makes some weird grunting noises in there, that’s kind of strange. Willson hits a snap and double leg for the T2 going OOB. 2-0 he leads, Hodges tries a switch, nothing, now to his base and rolls and gets the R2! That was a really nice move. 2-2 Hodges ties it up. Hodges has Willson flat on his belly now, now at his base. Hodges gets way too far forward and just lets Willson up, 3-2 Willson leads. Tie ups, Willson looks like he’s interlocking the fingers there, but no call. Willson with a single leg and now Hodges with a leg buut it’s a weird positon. Refs call for the T2 for Willson and Schwab challenges the call as time runs out.

2nd: So the call on the mat stands, 5-2. Referee Frost didn’t see enough to overturn his own call. Willson starts down and gets out, makes it 6-3. Willson with a shot, can’t get anything going, stalemate. Restart. Tie up, not much here, Willson takes a shot and Hodges nearly gets around him but nothing. Willson with another shot, Hodges draped over the back and they roll and Hodges in on a single leg and he works up for the T2 just before the period runs out! Willson leads 6-4 to the third.

3rd: Hodges starts down, caution on Willson, just kidding again UVU starts early and no call! Wow I thought that was obvious. Stalemate. Restart, Hodges to his base, Willson just hanging on the head, no call, and Willson just lets him go, it’s 6-5 Willson leads. Stalemate, but I don’t really understand that one as the ref is only talking to Willson. Schwab doesn’t like that call either. Restart, both are leaving on teh head, Hodges with a shot, nothing, again, nothing. Willson with a single leg try, nothing. under a minute remaining, tie up on teh eidge, they cetner, Hodges with a shot, nothing, Willson with a shot and he connects but hodges comes back around and gets a cradle locked up for the T2!!! 7-6 he leads and nether guy are doing anything just sitting there and E1 for Willson as hdoges breaks his grbi and Hodges with antoher Shot as time runs out but no call! Wow! to OT

OT: Tie up to start, the West Gym is LOUD for the first time tonight. Tie up again, Willson with as shot, but a bad one an Hodges gets around him for the T2 and the win!!!

Match Score: Hodges wins 9-7
Team score: UNI leads 7-3

149: #15 Max Thomsen (UNI) vs Grant LaMont (UVU)
1st: Alright I miss yet another T2 as I was updating twitter. 2-1 after an E1, but Thomsen is right back in on a shot and gets another T2 on a double leg. LaMont tries to work up but Thomsen has an ankle, that probably should have been a five count but the official doesn’t start counting until too late. They go OOB eventually. Restart, LaMont is up, Thomsen picks him up but loses his grip and goes for the ankles and they go OOB. Restart, LaMont up again but Thomsen returns him and rides him out for the 4-1 lead to the 2nd.

2nd: Thomsen down to start, he gets the R2, not sure how, sorry. And LaMont gets the E1. LaMont is warned for stalling after backing up one too many times, and Thomsen gets an outside single and gets the T2 to lead 8-2. LaMont with an E1, but Thomsen with another shot and eventually gets LaMont down on the mat for the T2. A second stall warning on LaMont makes it 11-3 as we go to the 3rd.

3rd: LaMont goes down to start the third, he’s up and out fairly quick. Thomsen with some fakes, and now a single leg but he’s too far away, he locks his hands though and LaMont is draped over the back, they roll a little bit and Thomsen nearly steps over the leg but can’t get there, now he turns into him and gets the T2, 13-4. And a tilt but no NF’s as they go OOB. 32 seconds left. Restart and Thomsen lets him up, another warning on LaMont makes it 14-5, LaMont with a single leg, and Thomsen just waits it out

Match Score: 15-5
Team score:UNI leads 11-3

157: #12 Bryce Steiert (UNI) vs Raider Lofthouse (UVU)
1st: Steiert runs to the mat ready to go, he’s in on a double leg right away for the T2, now with a claw ride he’s working hard. Sorry had to update the twitter (I know your tired of that excuse). E1 for Lofthouse, another T2 and E1 make it 4-2 for Steiert. They center on the mat, Lofthouse with a single leg but he can’t finish, Steiert has Lofthouse’s ankle but he can’t get around either. They restart, Steiert tires a go-by but Lofthouse is right there, they tie up and the period ends.

2nd: Steiert is on top to start, he gets a caution for…something…Lofthouse up on teh restart, Setiert drops to a leg and now they’re in a weird spot but Lofthouse kicks out. 4-3 Steiert leads. Lofthouse with a shot, but Steiert does a good job fighting it off, now Steiert is trying to get around him, knee topple try but nothing. They scramble for a minutes and now Lofthouse is in on a deep single leg but can’t finish before time runs out. 4-3 Steiert leads to the third.

3rd: Steiert goes down, caution on Lofthouse. Lofthouse gets really high on the restart, Steiert is up and out and right away goes for an ankle pick. Lofthouse goes heavy and Steirt has to bail out, but he shrugs him by and gets the T2, then a quick E1 by Lofthouse, it’s 7-4 Steiert, RT not a factor. 1 minute left, they tie up, Lofthouse with a fake, nothing. Steiert now using his face to block, that looks uncomfortable. Lofthouse with a shot but Steiert flattens him out, Lofthouse does a good job of blocking Steiert from circling though and we’re still netural, and that’s how we’ll end it.

Match Score: Steiert wins, 7-4
Team score: UNI leads 14-3

165: Paden Moore (UNI) vs Koy Wilkinson (UVU)
1st: Alright so a lot’s going on. Paden Moore bumped up to 165, he starting things off with a double leg nearly to Wilkinson’s back, Schwab and co really wanted NF’s called but the official wasn’t having it, and Schwab received a warning. Wilkinson got up and out, and then took Paden down for his own T2, and Paden got out so it’s 3-3 to the second.

2nd: Moore’s down to start, he’s up and out, but Wilkinson with a blast double and gets the T2, Paden with another E1 so it’s 5-5 after all that. Not a whole lot else, and we go to the third.

3rd: Wilkinson is down to start, he’s up and out right away, 6-5 he leads. They tie up, they’re both really working with the hands. Moore with a shot, too far away. He’s backing Wilkinson up now, Moore with another shot, Wilkinson with a nice sprawl and gets away. Moore tires a go-by, nothing. Wilkinson with a shot, nothing, Moore with shot but they go OOB which is probably good as Wilkinson was in on him. Restart, Moore with a single leg but Wilkinson fights out, Moore with another shot but Wilkinson dances around, stall warning on Wilkinson but just as that happens he hits a go-by on Moore and gets a T2, and that’s it.

Match score: Wilkinson wins 8-5
Team score: UNI leads 14-6

174: Taylor Lujan (UNI) vs Kimball Bastian (UVU)
1st: Both men trade shots as we start, and they both go OOB. Restart, Lujan with a really nice high-crotch and gets the T2, but Bastian kciks free and gets the E1. Bastian now gets around Lujan…somehow…but Lujan gets out and it’s all tied at 3. Restart as they go OOB and Bastian hits a double leg for 2, 5-2 he leads and they both go OOB hard. Restart, Lujan up and out, 5-4. They tie up, and Lujan with a nice snap to a single and gets the T2 as they go OOB. 6-5 Lujan leads. restart, Bastian goes up but Lujan returns him hard, Bastian up again and Lujan just lets him up, 6-6. they just tie up until it’s over, to the second.

2nd: Bastian is down to start the 2nd, Bastian up but Lujan brings him back down, OOB. Restart, Lujan with a crotch lift, but just lets him out, 7-6 Bastian leads. They go OOB. Restart, Lujan with a shot, nothing, Schwab wants stalling on Bastian, nothing though, another shot by Lujan, can’t get there. Lujan with another shot, but Bastian with a nice reshot and nearly gets a T2 but it’s waved off and Lujan gets his own T2! UVU coach waves the little red flag though so we go back to the monitor. But the call on the mat is confirmed, so it’s 8-8 after Bastian got an E1 before the review. They tie up, but that’s the end of the 2nd.

3rd: Lujan is down to start, to the tripod, tries a switch, but can’t finish and there he does, it’s 9-8 Lujan leads. Bastian with a double leg try but Lujan fights him off and now he has double underhooks and just shrugs Bastian to the mat for a T2. E1 right away though and it’s 11-9. CRAZY scramble off the E1 and they both go OOB with 30 seconds left, neutral. Restart, Bastian with an inside single and REALLY ALMOST gets a T2 but can’t quite finish it off, so Lujan wins 11-9

Match score:Lujan wins, 11-9
Team score:17-6

184: Drew Foster (UNI) vs Will Sumner (UVU)
1st: Foster got an early T2, and got dropped on his head as the two of them were going OOB, he looks a little disoriented as they go back to center, but I guess he’s fine. Foster rides tough and gets a tilt for a NF 2 and he leads 4-0. I really though that should have been more but that’s ok. Foster has both legs in, and has a wrist and is trying to tilt again but can’t quite get there on the right side, so he tries the left, nothing there either, so Foster just cuts him. E1 for him makes it 4-1 and a quick go-by by Foster makes it 6-1 to the 2nd.

2nd: Sumner goes neutral to start, Foster in on a single leg early and drops Sumner on his side but they stalemate out. No points. Restart, they tie up, Foster with a reeaaaaallly low ankle pick, and he just keeps circling on his butt until……he gets around and gets the T2! 8-1 he leads now Foster lets him go now, 8-2. Foster with another single leg but Sumner gets an ankle and circles around for his own T2, and its’ 8-4 as we go to the third.

3rd: Foster goes neutral to start the third, interesting choice. As an aside, Sumner has a knee brace on his right leg, and you can definitely see metal through it, I thought that was illegal. However I’m not a ref. Foster hits another low single leg for a T2 and cuts him, 10-5 as we get a break in the action as one of Foster’s contacts pops out. Oh and during that TO the UVU coach fixes Sumner’s knee brace. Restart, 1 minute left. They tie up, Sumner with a go-by, nothing. Foster with a shot, nothing. Foster with a fake, they tie up again, Sumner tries a shot, but Foster blocks it, Sumner really pushing at the edge of the mat but Foster throws him OOB in a nice defenseive move. Restart and Foster hits a blast double off the whistle and that’ll be it.

Match score:Foster wins, 13-5
Team score: 21-6 UNI leads

197: Jared Bartel (UNI) vs Tanner Orndorff (UVU)
1st: Not a lot of action to start, Bartel tries a snap down but he can’t finish. Orndorff with a headlock but Bartel clears it. Now they tie up, they trade some shots but nether can connect on anything. Really neither guy can do much of anything except tie up. Orndorff tries a two on one, but that doesn’t work, and then a single leg but that also doesn’t work. That’s it.

2nd: Orndorff is down to start, right off the whistle the official starts counting and I don’t know why. Bartel works up a little bit more and he stops, but then Orndorff gets up and out, 1-0 he leads. Bartel with a shot but gets stuffed and then Orndorff gets an ankle and runs him over for the T2 and Bartel gets caught on his back and there’s the fall.

Match score: Orndorff wins by pinfall in 4:14
Team score: UNI leads 21-12

285: JJ Everard (UNI) vs Jordan Karst or Dustin Dennison (UVU)
1st: Alright last match of the night, which is good because I don’t think I can type anymore. Not a lot happening but then Everard connects on a high single but Dennison scrambles around but Everard gets the T2 before Dennison gets the E1 right away. Everard has one second of RT, that’s how fast that was. Both guys with a head tap, now they tie up. Dennison with a shove, Everard circles back in….Everard with another high single leg but doesn’t drive through and just kind of gives up on it. They get back to the center and that’s it for the first.

2nd: Everard goes down to start, and he’s up and out. 1-0 he leads. They tie up, snap by Dennison, shot by Dennison but nothing, shot by Everard but nothing. Shot by Dennison, nothing. Neither guy wants to finish a shot. Another shove by Dennison, they center again. Another shot by Dennison, nothing doing. Shot by Everard, nothing. Head taps by Dennison, inside trip try by Dennison, nothing. to the third.

Alright so basically I missed a T2 in there somewhere, sorry about that. Everard wins 3-2.

Match score: Everard wins, 3-2
Final Team score: Panthers win 24-12.

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