We need to be able to say I Will, I’ll Adjust, I’ll Find A Way to everything in our life, that doesn’t match up with our personal standards.

I didn’t accomplish my goals, because I didn’t believe. I didn’t address what I, parents, coaches and competition KNEW needed attention.

Have your results not matched your potential?
Are you going to gamble your limited time in High School or College to reach dreams over crumbs. History tends to repeat it’s self. How will your results be different unless you do something different?
I’m selling goal, dream and performance insurance at a very low price.

I offer two separate programs

Mental Warriors which is a one-on-one performance program for elite competitors, looking to gain an edge in the mental aspect of competition

Opportunities to succeed which is a presentation on my life story combined with effective and proven ways to accomplish your goals and gain a mental edge, this includes a workbook and my curriculum that I have created.
Take the next step, give yourself every opportunity to succeed and become a Mental Warrior TODAY.


Opportunities to succeed is ideal for beginning of the school year, athletic season, business training, assembly, growth in personal, professional, academic and athletic life. This is NOT a wrestling talk. Opps2 is about excellence, doing the “little things,” awareness, growth, education, development, life skills, investigation, reflection and responsibility. The spirit of Opps2 is on common sense but not common action. We go to the core where real change happens. We’re striving for a mental-climate that can manage and excel from everyday situations, milestones, goals and purpose. The steps unveiled, if followed and worked, will tilt the scale in your favor. Six months / one year is going to pass regardless of what you do, but at the end of those six months / year you can be in a totally different place, a better an outstanding position. If you’re going to be living the next six months and on earth anyway, you might as well strive for quality health, growth, and excellence. You will gain awareness and confidence at a fundamental level – basics and simplicity works best. You will be challenged, strengthened and mature as a person, athlete, student, or professional. Opps2 gives you every opportunity to succeed by helping you believe in yourself, follow your passions, dreams and find meaning in your life. In this passionate presentation, you will depart awakened, informed and motivated. Everything in Opps2 is within your control at the source of lasting progress and change. The eights steps are below with number seven being adjustable