These rankings will be a combination of Freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling. However, we will have two separate age groups with Cadet rankings as well as Junior rankings. We love seeing kids that wrestle both styles but also know that some of the top ranked wrestlers in the state only do one or the other and try to rank them accordingly. These rankings favor the wrestlers who have gone out and competed against the best of the best. Wrestlers who wrestled in events like the State tournament, Northern Plains, Junior Duals, & Fargo nationals will be rewarded for going after that competition.

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Cadet Rankings

1. Cullan Schriever  Sebolt Wrestling Academy
2. Adam Allard  Legends of Gold
3. Daniel Kimball  Elite Takedown Club

1. Eric Faught  Sebolt Wrestling Academy
2. Cody Anderson Ubasa Wrestling Academy
3. Cobe Siebrecht  Eastern Iowa Wrestling Club

1. Cael Happel  Eastern Iowa Wrestling Club
2. Kaden Anderlik  Outlaw Wrestling Club
3. Logan James MWC Wrestling Academy

1. Legend Lamer  Team Valley Wrestling Club
2. Gable Fox Elite Takedown Club
3. Grayson Kesterson  Ubasa Wrestling Academy

1. Aden Reeves  Young Bucks
2. Brody Teske Team Valley Wrestling Club
3. Cade Devos Unattached

1. Gabriel Ruepke  Sebolt Wrestling Academy
2. Lance Runyon  High Altitude Wrestling Club
3. Joseph Pins  SSWC

1. Garret Thompson  SWIFT
2. Matt Robertson  Assumption
3. Matthew Jordan Viking Wrestling Club

1. Harlan Steffensmeier  Eastern Iowa Wrestling Club
2. Ryan Steffen  Outlaw Wrestling Club
3. Will Jefferson  Bettendorf Wrestling Club

1. Zane Mulder High Altitude Wrestling Club
2. Lucas Roland  Young Bucks
3. Gabe Kjeldgaard  Power House Wrestling Club

1. Jacob Wempen  Eastern Iowa Wrestling Club
2. Cael Krueger Ristallions
3. Baylor Crigger  Agoge

1. Tad Griffith  Rails Wrestling Club
2. Thaddeus Breitsprecker  Basement Boys Wrestling Club
3. Caleb Kingery  Power House Wrestling Club

1. Joel Shapiro Ubasa Wrestling Academy
2. Garet Sims  Tiger Wrestling Club
3. Nick Milder  Eastern Iowa Wrestling Club

1. Logan Schumacher  High Altitude Wrestling Club
2. Tyrell Gordon  Waterloo Freco
3. Brandon Tessau  Waukee Warriors

1. Hunter DeJong  Zappas
2. Kaleb Reeves  Eastern Iowa Wrestling Club
3. Dakoda Powell  Outlaw Wrestling Club

1. Guy Snow  Eastern Iowa Wrestling Club
2. Andrew Snyder  Waverly Area Wrestling Club
3. Enutifa Gamia  Trojan Wrestling Club

1. Spencer Trenary  Team Valley Wrestling Club
2. Korby Keehner  MFL Mar Mac Bulldogs
3. Jesse Alger Des Moines East

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  1. I think you are over looking Kaleb Reeves at 195. He is probly number 1.

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