13 thoughts on “Tony Ramos Press Conference”
  1. I really had no idea who would be the man at that weight class, and congrats to Dennis for winning. Now about Tony, he has been part of the Iowa wrestling program for many years. In my heart, he will always be a Hawkeye. Tony is hurting for losing to a better man on Sunday. Hopefully time will heal the pain and he will decide to remain at Iowa, but regardless, I will always respect Tony and for what he has done for the wrestling program at Iowa. Wish he would have waited to do the press conference a few days later, after he had a chance to talk to Brands. I do wish Tony well in the future and hoping that Dennis will represent the USA and that weight class with pride and bring home a GOLD medal.

  2. Wow so sad I just lost A lot of respect for Tony! You got beat by a fellow Hawkeye it’s nobody’s fault but your own cant believe is talking this way about the Coaches and the Hawkeye program!!!

  3. wahhh wahhh wahhh so your telling me none of these other guys that spend there time in Colorado don’t wrestle and train together there is only so many guys to work out with some have to be at same weight.

    1. Understand in the wrestling room, when they are coaching Dennis, they are coaching him on how to BEAT Tony. So it is not just Crying. Basically those who you trust, share your secrets with the guy who ends up being your opponant. Granted I doubt they foresaw this match-up. And it was cool they reached down to pull Dennis out of a low place, he never really reached his potential in college.

  4. Sad. Sounds like he was screwed over by people he trusted. Makes me feel different about the Iowa program now.

    1. He got beat by a fellow Hawkeye it’s called sour grapes! Do you think he would have felt that way if he had Won?

  5. If you want to be the best you got to beat the best, you didn’t so you aren’t, don’t cry about it, please leave now if you are unhappy with the situation. You did after all get a college education, but obviously have not matured to manhood. Keep trying one day you may get there.

  6. Wahhhh wahhhh wahhh. I’ve seen my 3-year-old nephew have more class when he loses to me in tic-tac-toe.

    1. I’d like to see all you haters go out there in the same situation as him and win. Don’t go bash people when you’ve never been in his position.

      1. He opened the can of worms. I don’t think one person is down on him for losing. He gave it his best and he should be proud of it. I think he’s surprised a lot of people with how well he’s wrestled in freestyle and is very influential on the sport right now because of his success. Wish he handled this not in public especially after the loss. I mean talk about throwing so many people under the bus. Makes me cringe watching it.
        Gotta remember it was the Olympic Trials. Not the Tony Ramos Trials. USA!

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