MAC Championship 2016The Mid-American Conference announced their pre-seeds today following a conference call with all nine coaches. The seeds can change before the conference tournament this weekend, but I wouldn’t expect to see any big shakeups. Here’s a link to my predictions, so you can more easily see where I got things wrong and, hopefully, where I got some things right. Let us know in the comments whether or not you think the conference coaches got the seeds right and any changes you’d like to see before Saturday!


1- Dylan Peters, Northern Iowa
2- Barlow McGhee, Missouri
3- Brent Fleetwood, Central Michigan
4- Shakur Laney, Ohio
5- Brandon Jeske, Old Dominion
6- Kyle Akins, Buffalo
7- Alijah Jeffery, Northern Illinois

8/9- Armando Tores, Eastern Michigan
8/9- Del Vinas, Kent State

1- Mack McGuire, Kent State
2- Zach Synon, Missouri
3- Cameron Kelly, Ohio
4- Corey Keener, Central Michigan
5- Josh Alber, Northern Iowa
6- Emilio Saavedra, Old Dominion
7- Austin Eicher, Northern Illinois

8/9- Shayne Wireman, Eastern Michigan
8/9- Bryan Lantry, Buffalo

1- Matt Manley, Missouri
2- Chris Mecate, Old Dominion
3- Steve Bleise, Northern Illinois
4- Zach Horan, Central Michigan
5- Trevor Jauch, Northern Iowa
6- Anthony Tutolo, Kent State
7- Kyle Springer, Eastern Michigan

8/9- Noah Forrider, Ohio
8/9- Brandon Lapi, Buffalo

1- Lavion Mayes, Missouri
2- Justin Oliver, Central Michigan
3- Alexander Richardson, Old Dominion
4- Mike DePalma, Kent State
5- Nick Barber, Eastern Michigan
6- Gabe Morse, Northern Illinois
7- Colt Cotton, Buffalo

8/9- Cullen Cummings, Ohio
8/9- Adam Perrin, Northern Iowa

1- Ian Miller, Kent State
2- Luke Smith, Central Michigan
3- Bryce Steiert, Northern Iowa
4- Spartak Chino, Ohio
5- Le’Roy Barnes, Missouri
6- Andrew Morse, Northern Illinois
7- Devan Marry, Eastern Michigan

8/9- Alex Smythe, Buffalo
8/9- Devin Geoghegan, Old Dominion

1- Daniel Lewis, Missouri
2- Cooper Moore, Northern Iowa
3- Austin Reese, Ohio
4- Tyler Buckwalter, Kent State
5- Seldon Wright, Old Dominion
6- Dakota Juarez, Eastern Michigan
7- Shaun’Qae McMurtry, Northern Illinois

8/9- Rrok Ndokaj, Buffalo
8/9- Colin Heffernan, Central Michigan

1- Mike Ottinger, Central Michigan
2- Blaise Butler, Missouri
3- Cody Walters, Ohio
4- Trace Engelkes, Northern Illinois
5- Jacob Davis, Eastern Michigan
6- Jeriod James, Kent State
7- Muhamid McBryde, Buffalo

8/9- Kyle Lux, Northern Iowa
8/9- Jared Swan, Old Dominion

1- Willie Miklus, Missouri
2- Jack Dechow, Old Dominion
3- Andrew Romanchik, Ohio
4- Jordan Ellingwood, Central Michigan
5- Cole Baxter, Kent State
6- Derek Hillman, Eastern Michigan
7- Drew Foster, Northern Iowa

8/9- Joe Ariola, Buffalo
8/9- Quinton Rosser, Northern Illinois

1- J’den Cox, Missouri
2- Kyle Conel, Kent State
3- Phil Wellington, Ohio
4- Shawn Scott, Northern Illinois
5- Anthony Abro, Eastern Michigan
6- Jackson Lewis, Central Michigan
7- James Benjamin, Buffalo

8/9- Cody Krumweide, Northern Iowa
8/9- Terrell Forbes, Old Dominion

1- Blaize Cabell, Northern Iowa
2- Gage Hutchison, Eastern Michigan
3- Jake Gunning, Buffalo
4- Newton Smerchek, Central Michigan
5- Austin Coburn, Old Dominion
6- Arthur Bunce, Northern Illinois
7- Devin Nye, Kent State

8/9- Jesse Webb, Ohio
8/9- Cody Johnston, Missouri

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