The IAwrestle team is pleased to announce our pound-for-pound rankings for the state of Iowa. Please join in on the discussion of these rankings on and Use the hashtag #IAwrestleP4P.


1. Chase Shiltz – Creston
2. Marcus Coleman – Ames
3. Bryce West – Highland
4. Ryan Leisure – Clear Lake
5. Drew West – Highland
6. Max Lyon – Epworth
7. Triston Lara – Fort Dodge
8. Wyatt Wriedt – North Scott
9. Keaton Geerts – New Hampton
10. Brayden Curry – Sergeant Bluff
Honorable mention: Adam Brown – Southeast Polk, Brock Henderson – North Linn, Derek Holschlag – Union, Garrett Kubovec – Cedar Rapids Kennedy, and Rocky Lombardi – WDM Valley.

The top three remain unchanged from the last set. All three completed dominant seasons which ended in a state championship. Ryan Leisure moves up over Drew West after claiming his second title. Both Max Lyon and Triston Lara also remain unchanged after winning state titles as well. Wyatt Wriedt goes from first two out to the eight spot by defeating the #2 senior, Ethan Andersen. Keaton Geerts also breaks into the top ten after winning the 2A 132 title (and admittedly could make 126). Geerts was also R12 at Fargo. Curry drops two spots with Wriedt and Geerts moving in. Brock Henderson and Derek Holschlag drop out, due to lack of marquee wins, but remain honorable mention with Garrett Kubovec, Adam Brown,


11 thoughts on “IA Wrestle Iowa High School Pound for Pound Junior Rankings”
  1. I get the national resume stuff, but we wrestle Folkstyle in Iowa and freestyle and greco results should be the last thing considered when looking at rankings! Here is how I see the Jr, soon to be Sr class:

    1. Schiltz-Creston (3x finalist)
    2. B West-Highland Riverside (Lost to Portillo as Freshman)
    2. D West-Highland Riverside (Only 2 HS losses to Thomsen)
    4. Leisure-Clear Lake (3x finalist)
    5. Coleman-Ames (2x Champ)
    6. Lyon-Western Dubuque (3x top 4, lost to 2x champ patton as soph)
    7. Lara-Fort Dodge (3x top 4, lost to 3x champ wagner as soph)
    8. Henderson-North Linn
    9. Curry-Sergeant Bluff (Would be a 2Xer w/o 3Xer Rathbun at his weight)
    10. Geerts-New Hampton
    11. Johnson-Dike-NH
    12. Axmear-English Valley
    13. Kyner-Southeast Warren
    14. Wriedt-North Scott
    15. Brinkman-IC Regina
    HM – Adam Brown-SE Polk, Daniel Bishop-Hinton, McGwire Midkiff-CB Thomas Jefferson, Austin Yant-Waverly-SR, Derek Holschlag-Union, Rocky Lombardi-Valley

    The fact that you have Garrett Kubovec on this list is a joke. Yes, I know he was an AA at fargo, but he is not deserving of an HM over many other canidates. (Seehase, Krakow, Duwa, Hansen, Broderson, Bartel, Barnes, Clark, Jennings, Bluml, Hensley, Naig, Shaw, Lundgren, Taachia – all 2x placers you could have considered over him. He took 6th once and has not qualified for state besides that. There were 12 other Juniors in 3A alone that placed higher than him at state, excluding the ones you put on the list and HM.

    1. “but we wrestle Folkstyle in Iowa and freestyle and greco results should be the last thing considered when looking at rankings! ”

      Websites that do national rankings (not to mention college coaches) are looking at freestyle results, why shouldn’t we? When an Iowa guy goes above and beyond the regular season to seek out some more high level matches why shouldn’t those wins be considered? I respect your opinion, but this is the process we have been following the last year.

  2. You do know that Rocky Lombardi pinned Wyatt Reidt twice in the first period and beat him 11-4 and lost to him once.

    1. We did know that. But Wriedt was able to get revenge in the semifinals and then defeated Ethan Andersen, who was considered the #2 SR P4P (and also was a top 5 nationally 220). We took that, his 2015 top three finish at state, and his Fargo All-American finish and decided his national accolades was deserving of the top ten spot.

      We love Lombardi and he is on our radar for sure. We appreciate the feedback!

  3. Midkiff should be on the list. Beat Henderson at Conflict. Only losses were to State Champs who were the best in all classes.

  4. T. Lara has a legitamit argument to move up as he beat Drew West at Conflict 9-3.

    1. Lara has been really good, and has taken a big step forward in 2015-16. What kept West so high was his national resume, which is pretty solid and will keep him above Lara for the time being.

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