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No. 3 Wally Zernich was given the two to win 4-3 and then they waved it off so No.2 Drew West was your district champion.

30 thoughts on “No. 2 Drew West and No. 3 Wally Zernich”
  1. No takedown. Good wave-off. Secondary not there for a good seat. Has a job to do and did it. They’re both great wrestlers and handled it well. Good luck at The Well!

  2. I was there, in my opinion, this should have been 1-1 and settled in ot. Takedown awarded in the first period on a scramble which ended with a 2-1 score. Looking to watch video on that as well, just to verify what I felt like during the match, Anyone else have thoughts on the first td awarded, if you were there and saw the match live?

  3. This is not a takedown. First off the wrestling trying to be scored on is completely out and if you look closely it looks like part of the wrestling attempting the takedown has part of his shoulder then head on the roll out of bounds. In that case those would be his supporting points and would make both wrestlers out. If in fact it is to close to call at that point when defensive wrestler pulls the leg across on the roll across his back and the offensive wrestler plants his foot out that makes not wrestlers out and again no takedown

  4. I was there & although So Exciting, I agree with the ref in determining that 2 pts were not warranted. Both wrestlers are Very Talented!! Looking forward to watching them at STATE

  5. In Pa. I have seen this go either way but my opinion there wasn’t control for two.

  6. Definitely no takedown. First off, the defensive wrestler didn’t touch the mat with his hand beyond reaction time so there’s no point in arguing whether or not there was enough control to call a takedown. A supporting point- in this case the hand- has to touch “beyond” reaction time in HS wrestling. In college, there is no reaction time when the hand touches the mat in a “control” situation for a takedown. I think the difference in rules between HS and college confuses just about everyone except college coaches and officials.

  7. Great call by the reff, definitely not a take down, there was no control established for 2pts to be awarded..

  8. There was no takedown – he was correct to waive it off… Good use of your asst. referee in that situation… When his hand initially touched – the wrestler had control of his right foot only – there was no control at that time… That was the correct call…

    1. This must be a spoiled little 3a boy who has his mommy pack his lunch. Size of school doesn’t matter. Pretty sure Bosco, Alburnett, Lisbon have whooped up on plenty of larger schools in their day

  9. A ref can not let the secondary ref come in and waive that off. Take control of your match and stick to your guns. Two point takedown when the hand hits the mat.

  10. When his hand was on the mat it was not weight bearing, and he only had one leg. No control. No take down. The scramble at the end did not exhibit control as they went out of bounds.

  11. If the 2 was given when the hand was on the mat early in the video, it should have remained 2. If the 2 was given when they hit the mat at the out of bounds line, then it should have been waived off. Unfortunately, this call reversal had a huge impact – both qualify, but Zernich gets #1 Alex Thomsen first round.

    1. What does wrestling first ranked kid first round have to do with anything. Is his goal to get 2nd place. You have to beat everyone to stand at the top.

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