Dual scheduled to start at 6:00 PM Central Time, Refresh often for updates.

Dual Preview
Here’s the link to the free video from Virginia Tech

Pre-meet notes: The dual will start at 149 pounds
The dual tonight is taking place at VTech’s Moss Arts Center, which is a theatre opposed to the traditional gym.

149: Trevor Jauch (UNI) vs Sal Mastriani (VT)

1st: Jauch sees his first action at 149 pounds this year. He comes right out with a go-by for two,  Mastriani goes up but Jauch returns, Jauch working on a tilt now, but Mastriani just kind of sits up and turns into him, no points yet, Jauch has the leg and gets hit with a stall warning, but he’s still on top. Restart, Jauch still riding tough, Mastriani up again but Jauch returns. And now the stream cuts out…but Jauch working a tilt and that should be points but nothing called, Schwab unhappy (can hear him on the video). Mastriani felt on his belly, he gets a stall warning, he’s doing NOTHING on bottom, and that’s the period. 2-0 Jauch leads

2nd: Dresser wanted Mastriani to defer, but Mastriani choses down to start, Jauch has him flat right away. Mastriani is literally laying on the mat, Jauch gets an arm and runs him over for the NF2! 4-0 he leads now. Mastriani still doing nothing and another stall call goes against him, 5-0 now. Stalling on Jauch now, which doesn’t make any sense to me but thats ok, 5-1 restart with 26 seconds left. Jauch with a claw ride and one arm in, but no points, end of the 2nd.

3rd: Jauch goes smart and starts on top, Mastriani stands up, and Jauch holds on too long, he gets a stall call on him again, 5-2, and Mastriani is out, 5-3 but Jauch is behind Mastriani again, and gets Mastriani down for the T2! 7-3 he leads now. Restart, one minute left, Jauch still riding tough, Mastriani on his belly again, Jauch with an arm, and gets a NF2 at the end, but time runs out before he can get the NF4, he wins 10-3

Match Score: Jauch wins 10-3

Team score: 3-0 UNI leads

157: #20 Bryce Steiert (UNI) vs Jake Spengler (VT)

1st: Couple shots by each guy, nothing doing. Steiert with a shot but he buried his head, Spengler working to get around for two and apparently he does, 2-0 he leads, now he’s working for a cradle but can’t get there, Steiert gets the E1, 2-1. Hand fighting now, Steiert takes a shot at a single, Spengler really good at sitting out of it but now he’s draped over Steiert’s back, Steiert trying to come out the back door and a stalemate is called, that was REALLY fast. Restart, both guys with a shot, nothing, now Spengler with a shot, Steiert sprawls out of it, nearly gets a T2 of his own but time runs out. 2-1 Spengler leads

2nd: Steiert on bottom to start, he gets the R2 to go ahead, and Spengler gets out, 3-3 now. Spengler with another shot but nothing, and Steiert goes to an inside trip and gets the T2! Spengler fell like a tree there, that was a great move. Now Steiert’s riding, Spengler is flat on his belly and basically crawling out of bounds, don’t like to see that, and time runs out in the 2nd.

3rd: They go neutral to start the 3rd, camera work was a little weird there and I missed the T2, but it goes to Steiert, he’s got a leg in and is working forward to get back points but can’t get him over yet. Spengler is flat on his belly. Spengler warned for stalling. one minute left, Spengler is up and out it’s 7-4 now. 30 seconds left, each guy with a half shot each, nothing, now Steiert with a high crotch and gets another T2, 9-4 he leads and will win 10-4!

Match Score: Steiert 10-4

Team score: UNI Leads 6-0

165: #8 Cooper Moore (UNI) vs #19 David McFadden (VT)

1st: Stream had some issues, but we’re back now. Hand fighting, and Cooper takes a shot on an outside single but McFadden fights up and gets out. Not a lot of action, McFadden with a front headlock, but they stand back up, nothing. McFadden with a shot to the outside, and wraps him up and they roll around…and the ref awarded McFadden the takedown…and a NF2?!? What’s going on there? Now Moore gets up and gets the R2, and McFadden gets the E1, making it 5-2, but Schwab challenges. There’s no way that was a T2 for McFadden. the call  stands, I don’t have any idea what he was looking at. 5-2 Moore trails, 26 seconds left in the period. UNI’s bench was warned. Nothing else in the period.

2nd: Moore on top to start things off, McFadden stands up and puts his hands out like he’s surfing, Moore returns, then McFadden gets OOB, restart. Moore puts it to McFadden right away, seatbelt ride but McFadden gets up and out, 6-2 now. Fans starting to get into it too now. McFadden with a shot, but he’s a mile away, Moore stretches him out but somehow McFadden has the leg, and there’s a stalemate. 30 seconds left in the period, Moores going to have to take a shot sometime, McFadden with a front headlock again, and that’s the period.

3rd: Moore goes down to start, he stands up but  McFadden brings him back down. Moore in a tripod, now rolls, but rolls OOB. Restart, Moore tires to sit out right away but McFadden sucks him back in, Moore tripods up, nothing there. McFadden riding tough, and apparently Moore got out there? then McFadden with a takedown right away, that makes it 8-3. I missed that, sorry. Moore gets up and out again, 8-4. Stall warning on McFadden as they go OOB, McFadden in on another takedown though and an E1 quickly for Moore, but McFadden wins 11-5 with RT.

Match score: McFadden 11-5

Team score: UNI leads, 6-3

174: Kyle Lux (UNI) vs David Bergida (VT)

1st: This is big for team points. Lux with a high crotch attempt but Bergida fights him off, now just a collar tie, Lux with a single leg attempt, nothing. Stream problems, can only hear now, doesn’t sound like much is happening and now a T2 for Lux! He leads 2-0 and that’s the period, 2-0 Lux leads

2nd: Bergida on bottom to start, he tries to get up but can’t get there and now Lux should be getting back points! but nothing called (again!!!) Bergida gets up on all fours, but nothing, and now blood time. Lux still leads 2-0. Bergida up but Lux brings him back down and holds him for the NF2, Lux leads 4-0. Bergida working to get up again, is on all fours but Lux breaks him back down to end the period, Lux leads 4-0 to the third.

3rd: Lux goes on bottom to start the third, he’s up and out for the E1, 5-0 he leads now, UNI bench wanted a locked hands call there, and now my stream is out. Sigh. We come back and Lux has another T2and is working hard to keep Bergida down on the mat. Restart, Lux goes optional start, 7-1 now. Lux with a shot, but Bergidawith one at the same time, I think Lux got hit in his personal area, if you know what I mean, he takes injury time. Bergida down on the restart, he’s up and out, 7-2, and he takes a shot at a single leg, stalemate. Bergida can’t get anything else done, Lux wins 7-2.

Match score: Lux 7-2

Team score: 9-3

184: Drew Foster (UNI) vs #14 Zack Zavatsky (VT)

1st: Foster takes the mat for UNI, I don’t believe he was even announced at the beginning of the dual. Zavatsky with a shot, nothing, and here’s another and he gets the T2. And my stream is super choppy so I can’t really tell what’s going on. Foster works up and gets out, 2-1, but Zavatsky is right in on a single leg again and gets the T2, he leads 4-1. Zavatsky riding tough, but now Foster gets up and around, but can’t get out before time runs out. Zavatsky leads 4-1 to the 2nd.

2nd: Zavatsky starts down, and he’s up and out right away. He has 2:06 of RT and leads 5-1. Foster with a half shot, nothing, Zavatsky with a half shot, nothing. Zavatsky with a go-by, Foster holds but Zavatsky goes the other way for the T2, 7-1 he leads. Stalling on Foster, he’s flat on his belly to end the 2nd.

3rd: Stream problems again (!), sorry, Zavatsky got a T2 and Foster an E1 while the picture was frozen, 9-2. Now Foster with a single leg, and as soon as a fan yells out stalemate, the ref makes that call. Restart. Foster tries a single leg, but Zavatsky just throws him by and gets around for his own T2. Foster gets hit for stalling again, and it’s 12-2  now. Zavatsky wins 13-2 with

Match score: Zavatsky 13-2

Team score: UNI leads, 9-7

197: Jared Bartel (UNI) vs Austin Gabel (VT)

1st: Alright back from break and right away my stream freezes. I’m back in with 2:25 left in the first, and both men are in a collar tie, Bartel tries a snap, nothing. Another snap by Bartel, nothing. Neither guy has taken a shot yet, and as I type that Bartel takes a half shot. Restart, one minute left and Bartel is in on a single leg but Gabel is over the back, we saw a quick stalemate out of a similar situation with Steiert’s match and we get one here too. Restart with 45 seconds left, collar ties, another Bartel snap down, he’s going to hit one of those eventually, but as it stands now, nothing. And we’re going to the 2nd.

2nd: Bartel is down to start the 2nd, and now we’ve got a stoppage…for something, I assume blood but I’m not sure. Caution on Gabel, and now we’re off. Bartel tripods up, and gets up and out, he leads 1-0. They tie up again and Bartel hits a blast double for a nice takedown, he leads 3-0. Gabel gets up and out for the E1, 3-1 now. Collar ties mostly here, Schwab wants Bartel to go, but time runs out, 3-1 to the third.

3rd: All kinds of stream issues, but Gabel gets up and out, 3-2 Bartel leads. I don’t know if Gabel has taken a shot the whole match, oh theres one but he’s way off the mark. One minute left as they restart, ugh my stream is super frustrating, really choppy. 30 seconds left, no real action, something comes off of Gabel’s knee brace, restart, he’s still just taken the one shot, and there’s another one but Bartel backs off, 10 seconds left, Gabel tries again, nothing, and Bartel wins it 3-2!

Match score: Bartel 3-2

Team score: UNI leads 12-7

285: #15 Blaize Cabell (UNI) vs #3 Ty Walz (VT)

1st: This is a HUGE match (no pun intended). Walz wants to dictate the pace of the match, Cabell with an outside shot, nothing, 1:30 left. Holy cow my stream is TERRIBLE right now. Neither guy really taking a lot of risks, Coach Pugh wants Blaize to create angles, and I agree. 45 seconds left, still no score. Cabell with a double leg attempt but nothing, now an ankle pick and Walz is basically sitting on his head, no points as time runs out. 0-0 to the 2nd.

2nd: Cabell goes down to start the period, and is up and out in two seconds, that’s got to be some kind of record. Stream freezes and Walz has a T2 and Cabell has another E1, so it’s 2-2 with under a minute left. Not a lot of other action, it’s 2-2 going to the 3rd.

3rd: So I’m having major computer issues. Walz went down to start the period, got up and out, 3-2, then hit a double leg to take the match 5-2.

Match score: Walz 5-2

Team Score: UNI leads 12-10

125: Leighton Gaul (UNI) vs #3 Joey Dance (VT)

1st: Sorry, again having issues with the internet (thanks Mediacom), Dance with a T2 early and then goes optional start, 2-1. Dance with another T2 and he lets Gaul out, 4-2. Restart, Gaul tries…something…and Dance gets behind him for the T2, E1 right away for Gaul, 6-3. Dance with a front headlock now and gets behind for the T2, he leads 8-3 at the end of the first period.

2nd: Gaul starts on bottom, Dance cuts him, 8-4 now. Dance with a shot that Gaul fights off, they’re tied up now, but nothing. Dance with a shot and they both roll through but Dance comes out on top, he leads 10-4. Dance cuts him, 10-5, then feigns a double leg then snaps him down and gets around for the T2, Dance leads 12-5 to the 3rd

3rd: Dance starts down, he’s up and out and still has RT. Dance tries for a single leg, nothing, Gaul right back in on a reshot and now Dance gets to the side gets the half in and gets the pinfall.

Match score: Dance wins by pinfall

Team score: Virginia Tech leads, 16-12

133: #17 Josh Alber (UNI) vs Dennis Gustafson (VT)

1st: Tie ups to start, nothing doing. Gustafson has a big brace on his right knee, just an observation. halfway through the period and neither guy has taken a shot yet, Gustafson with a snap, nothing. Alber with a snap, nothing. Gustafson with a two on one, nothing. Alber with a bad shot, and that lets Gustafson get in on his legs for the T2. Gustafson flattens Alber out, and he can’t get out before the period ends, he trails 2-0

2nd: Alber’s left knee is tapped up as well, just another observation. Alber tries a tilt but can’t get the NF points, now Gustafson is up but Alber brings him back down and is still working for a tilt, Gustafson in a ball on the mat, now he sits out and they roll around and Gustafson is in on a single leg and now a double, Alber with some really heavy hips and they cut to a picture of the VTech coaches, but Gustafson gets the E1, 3-0 he leads. That ends the period.

3rd: Alber is down to start the third, he’s up and gets out right away, 3-1. 1:20 left, they’re in a collar tie, Alber with a double leg try but he’s too far away, Gustafson bails and Alber is right around behind him and drags Gustafson down to the mat and gets the NF4! Alber leads 7-3 now with 30 seconds left in the match. And that’s it!

Match Score: Alber wins 8-3

Team Score: VTech leads 16-15

141: #19 Jake Koethe (UNI) vs #11 Solomon Chishko (VT)

1st: Tie up to start, Chishko with some heavy hands about a minute in, then he tries a snap down but nothing doing. Tie ups again, and now Chishko with an outside single leg, but Koethe with a wizzer in, but Chishko gets the T2 with just under a minute left. 2-0 he leads. Koethe can’t get up as Chishko rides him out, 2-0 to the second.

2nd: After a lengthy review, apparently for who’s choice it was, Koethe starts down to start. Chishko leads 2-0 after the first period, Koethe chooses down to start the second. Koethe gets up but Chishko returns him, Koethe is flattened out now as we get a good look at the back of one of the officials. one minute left in the second. Not a lot of anything going on, Koethe trying to get up but Chishko not letting him, stalemate and stall warning on Chishko with :27 seconds left, warning against VTech’s bench as well. Restart, Koethe still flattened out, can’t do anything really, end of the 2nd, Koethe trails 2-0.

3rd: Chishko down to start, he’s up and out quickly. He has RT locked up. 3-1, but essentially it’s 4-1. Chishko with some heavy swipes and now is in on a single leg, Koethe with another wizzer in but Chishko gets the T2, he leads 5-0. Koethe just hasn’t been able to get his offense going and can’t get out from bottom. Stall warning on Koethe. Koethe warned again after a while, and now Koethe gets the R2, he trails 6-2, and now 7-2 after an E1. Chishko wins it 8-2 and Virginia Tech wins the dual 19-15

Match Score: Chishko 8-2

Final team score: Virginia Tech wins 19-15