Over 2700 wrestlers on 34 mats were on display January 8-10 for the 2016 NUWAY Duals and the NWCA National Dual Championships at the Allen County War Museum in Fort Wayne, IN.   Every mat featured intense wrestling from all wrestlers from 6 years old to college seniors that was exciting for all in attendance and those watching the live video feeds streaming on Trackcast.

Iowa was represented at the NUWAY Duals by Gold and Black 8U, 10U, 12U teams and a 14U Team Iowa that battled teams from California to Pennsylvania which featured some of the best wrestlers from each state.  It was common to see a state champion versus another state champion – but individual accolades were set aside as team success became the priority.  The boys and girls on these teams arrived in Fort Wayne representing clubs from all over Iowa, many of them not knowing each other, and left with lifetime friendships.  And while the performance on the mat was impressive, the kids on the sideline cheering and coaching their teammates was just as inspiring.

Pool matches were started on Saturday and finished Sunday which determined the Gold, Silver, and Bronze brackets.  One of the highlights Saturday evening for the kids was the introductions of the State National Teams before the finals of the NWCA Championships when they ran through the tunnel and onto the floor through fog machines and a light show to ‘Eye of the Tiger’ – followed by the introductions of the NWCA championship teams where Wartburg, Grand View, and Ellsworth CC were fan favorites of our Iowa youth teams.

After the pool matches were finalized on Sunday morning, the placing brackets (gold, silver, and bronze brackets) were released and the teams immediately went to work.  Here are the final team standings:


#2 Team Iowa Black

#6 Team Iowa Gold


#5 Team Iowa Black

#15 Team Iowa Gold


#4 Team Iowa Black

#10 Team Iowa Gold


#5 Team Iowa


We have a lot to be proud of with our performances from our Iowa teams, but I think we all have our eyes on the top spot for the future which was owned in every division by Pennsylvania Gold.  All of their teams were impressive and will keep our kids passionate to keep improving.

Below are the team rosters:   (I apologize if I’m missing some names, and I’m sure that I’m missing some coaches)

Those wrestlers with names in bold type finished with a .500 record or better (includes forfeits).  Those wrestlers with an asterick(*) by their names posted a perfect record with zero losses.


8U Head Coach: Shae McCabe
Team Iowa Black Team Iowa Gold
Coaches: Shae McCabe, Tim Koester Coaches: Bobby Forseen, Mike Greiner, Anthony Watson
Wrester Name Weight Class Wrester Name Weight Class
Cael McCabe 43 Kane Forseen 43
Weston Porter 43 Taitumn Deppe 46
Joe Hackett 46 Remi Dierks 46
*Carter Pearson 49 Daniesha Watson 49
Tanner Weitzel 52 Aaron Boone 52
*TJ Koester 55 Rehanah Utterback 55
AJ Walker 58 Steele Dierks 58
Cody Trevino 61 Caiden Greiner 61
Brayden Koester 61 Joshua Ringler 64
Shayden Washburn 64 Gabby King 67
Levi Langfitt 67 Will McDermott 72
Kaz Rebarcak 72 Trent Jacobs 82
Kendyll Kerr 82 Mason Koehler 92
Ben Sbiral 92 Samson Thompson 130
Ashton Honnold 130
10U Head Coach: Dan Magayna
Team Iowa Black Team Iowa Gold
Wrester Name Weight Class Wrester Name Weight Class
Kendall Kurtz 50 Isaac Aragon 50
Carsen Newton 54 Emmit Newton 54
Carter West 58 *Cale Seaton 58
Kael Kurtz 62 Gavin Reed 62
Wyatt Vlasek 66 Saquoreal Lorenzo Davis Jr 66
Tyler Lee 70 Dalton Knox 70
Elijah Hurt 75 Ronan Thomas 75
Joshua Glendening 80 Jace Brown 80
Brent Slade 85 Karson Downey 85
Daniel Max Magayna 90 Robert Poyner 90
Braden McShane 95 Sam Kueter 95
Emmit Fleshman 100 Makade Bloker 100
*McCrae Hagerty 105 105
Draven Woods 115 Cole Thompson 115
140 140
12U Head Coach: Ryan Tyler
Team Iowa Black Team Iowa Gold
Wrester Name Weight Class Wrester Name Weight Class
Gable Porter 65 Dawson Townsend 65
Blaine Frazier 70 Bayden Parke 70
Jaythan Smith 75 Marcel Lopez 75
Bryce Parke 80 Isaiah Fenton 80
Hayden Taylor 85 Grant O’Dell 85
Cayden Miller 90 Bryant Williams 90
Grifen Molle 95 Sam West 90
Keenan Tyler 100 Stone Schmitz 95
Ben Kueter 107 Aiden Zook 100
Reese Moore 115 Bradley Hill 107
Carter Cahill 125 Carson Hagan 115
*Elijah Wagner 135 Caleb Vercande 125
Ryley Snell 260 Chris Krueger 135
Skyler Young 260
14U Head Coach: Dustin Coufal
Team Iowa
Wrester Name Weight Class
Ayden Kingery 80
Aiden Noonan 85
Beau Klingensmith 90
Jack Gaukel 95
Eli Loyd 101
Gabe Lewis 108
Colby Tool 115
Cameron Rice 122
Logan Niels 129
Jake Matthaidess 136
Cael Meyer 143
Damian Petersen 160
Billy Grout 260

Special THANKS to Shawn Koehler for covering the NUWAY National Duals for IAwrestle.