Dual Preview

Dual scheduled to start at 2:00 PM, Refresh often for updates.

Who: #2 Iowa vs. Northwestern
Date: Sunday, January 10th, 2016
Time: 2:00 PM
Location: Evanston, Illinois

Pre-match notes:

-Iowa leads the all-time series, 70-7-1.

-Iowa has won 10 straight against Northwestern and owns an all-time mark of 33-4-1 in Evanston.

-The Hawkeyes have won four straight road duals against the Wildcats.

-Northwestern’s last win in the series was a 22-19 victory in Evanston on Jan. 29, 2005.

-The Hawkeyes are 9-0 against Northwestern under head coach Tom Brands.

-Dual will start at 125lbs

125: #2 Thomas Gilman (IA) vs Garrison White

1st: Gilman throws a left handed headlock. 6-0 after release then Gilman locks up the cradle goes behind and gets the fall in :56

Match score: Gilman fall

Team score: Iowa 6-0

133: #2 Cory Clark (IA) vs Dominick Malone

1st: Malone gets a quick takedown. Clark escapes with 1:10 left in 1st. Clark works two on one from his feet and gets the takedown. 3-2 after 1st.

2nd: Clark chooses down and gets TD. Up 6-2 now. Clark getting nearfall 10-2.

3rd: Malone chooses down and gets the escape. Clark working front head lock and gets the go behind for td2. Release and hits scores on another front head lock. Clark up 16-4. Gets Malone on his back and gets the fall.

Match Score: Clark wbf.

Team score: 12-0

141: Topher Carton (IA) wins by forfeit

Team score: 18-0

149: #2 Brandon Sorensen (IA) vs #3 Jason Tsirtsis

1st: Tsirtsis comes out on one knee. Sorensen having tough time passing hands or figuring out style. End of 1st 0-0

2nd: Tsirtsis goes down. Sorensen riding tough. Tshirt gets escapes. Sorensen has :30 of riding time. Sorensen in on low outside single. Sorensen gets the takedown. Sorensen now with injury time. Elbow does not look good.

Tsirtsis has to injury default out of match.

Match Score: Sorensen by injury default

Team score: 24-0

157: #16 Edwin Cooper Jr. (IA) vs Petrone

1st: Cooper in on takedown and gets the takedown. Cooper whips him over for the fall!

Match Score: Cooper wbf

Team score: Hawkeyes 30-0


20 minute intermission. The first part of the dual didn’t last 20 minutes.


165: Patrick Rhoads (IA) vs Luke Norland

1st: Rhoads in on nice high crotch for td2, Rhoads with release with 1:21 left. Rhoads in on shot and gets the td2. Rhoads with the ride out leading 4-1.

2nd: Norland with escape and Rhoads in on a shot. Tree tops it on his feet and leads 6-3 now after a release from Rhoads. :40 left. Rhoads in on another TD and gets it to lead 8-3. 2nd ends 8-3 with 2:12 riding time.

3rd: Rhoads chooses neutral to start third. Norland in on shot. Rhoads defends. Scramble positio here with :30 left. Rhoads in late takedown but can’t get it.

Match score: Rhoads wbd 9-3

Team score: Iowa 33-0

174: #10 Alex Meyer (IA) vs Mitch Sliga

1st: Sliga in on a shot. Scramble by Meyer and he comes up with the takedown. 2-0 Meyer. Sliga comes to his feet and Meyer lifts and returns him to the mat on the edge and they go out of bounds. Meyer with cheap tilt for four point nearfall to lead 6-0. Period ends with Meyer up 6-0 with 2:02 riding time.

2nd: Meyer chooses down. Meyer gets up to his feet. Gets the escape and goes right in for the leg. Gets the TD to lead 9-0 with 1:00 left. Mayer gets the ride out and has 2:42 RT

3rd: Sliga chooses neutral. Meyer has front head lock. Gets the go behind for td2. 11-0 Meyer. Meyer gets cheap tilt for 4pt nearfall for the tech.

Match score: Meyer 15-0

Team score: Hawkeyes 38-0

184: #8 Sammy Brooks (IA) vs Regis Durbin

1st: Brooks in with double unders. Durbin bails and Brooks lead 2-0. Brooks with series of tilts and is up 10-0. Period will end with 2:12 riding time.

2nd: Brooks hits a double leg right to Durbins back and he gets the fall!

Match score: Brooks WBF

Team score: Hawkeyes 44-0

197:  #3 Nathan Burak (IA) vs Jacob Berkowitz

1st: Burak with a high crotch. 2-0. Burak releases Berkowitz. They go out of bounds. Burak gets a takedown with :10 left in 1st. Burak rides him out to establish 1:03 of riding time and leads 4-1

2nd: Berkowitz chooses down. Escape NU. Burak in on a leg but action is stopped. Berkowitz warned for stalling. Burak in on a single leg and gets the TD with :10 left in 2nd. Period ends with Burak up 6-2

3rd: Burak chooses down. Burak gets escape and gets in on shot right away. Takedown Burak to go up 9-2. Berkowitz dinged for stalling. 10-3 after release and stall call. Burak rides him out and gets the major with riding time.

Match score: Burak 11-3

Team score: Hawkeyes 48-0

285: #8 Sam Stoll (IA) vs Conan Jennings

1st: Jennings in on shot. Sam Stoll with a whizzer and limp arms out to get the takedown 2-0 Stoll. Off the edge of the mat and we’ll head back to the center. Stoll gets the ride out and has 1:37 of riding time.

2nd: Jennings chooses down. Stoll breaks him down and gets an arm bar. Runs it over and getting nearfall. Flattens him out and gets the fall.

Match score: Stoll wbf

Team score: Hawkeyes 54-0