Dual scheduled to start at 2:00 PM, Refresh often for updates.

Dual Preview

Pre-meet notes:

Wrestling will start at 133lbs between #2 Cory Clark (IA) vs #7 Earl Hall (ISU).

Stands are even close to full on lower level.

133: #2 Cory Clark (IA) vs #7 Earl Hall (ISU)

1st: Hall in on quick TD in :30. 2-0 Hall. Escape Clark 2-1. Hand fighting in the center of the mat.Clark in on shot but Hall hips down and we get a stalemate with :25 left. 2-1 after 1st period. Hall has :03 riding time. Clark chooses down.

2nd: Clark chooses down and gets escape in :08. 2-2. Clark working front head lock. :45 left in 2nd. Clark pushing Hall on outside of mat. Hall in on shot with :20 left in the match and Clark counters with two on one. 2-2 going into 3rd. Hall chooses down.

3rd: Clark flattens Hall out and working chicken wing. 4PT nearfall to lead 6-2 with :55 left in 3rd. Hall warned for stalling on bottom with :30 left. Clark has 1:20 RT and building. Clark puts Hall on his back again for a 2PT NF to win 9-2 with riding time. Hawkeyes 3-0.

Match Score: Cory Clark dec 9-2

Team score: Hawkeyes 3-0.

141: Logan Ryan (IA) vs Dante Rodriguez (ISU)

1st: 1:30 off the clock and no action. Neither wrestler attempting shots. Ryan takes the first shot but Rodriquez fights it off. :17 left. 0-0 after 1st period. Ryan was in on outside single but couldn’t finish. Rodriguez chooses down.

2nd: Rodriguez chooses down. Ryan puts Rodriguez on his back but only gets one count. Rodriguez up 1-0 with :45 left in 2nd. Rodriguez with a nice reshot to go up 3-0 with :30 left in 2nd.

3rd: Ryan chooses down. Ryan reversal to make it 3-2 and Rodriguez escapes to make it 4-2 with 1:00 left. :48 riding time for Rodriguez. :30 left Ryan in on shot but can’t get his knees under him. :15 left and Rodriguez gets the TD to win 6-2.

Match Score: Dante Rodriguez 6-2

Team score: Tied up 3-3

149: #3 Brandon Sorensen (IA) vs #15 Gabe Moreno (ISU)

1st: 1:00 gone and both trying to feel each other out. Still scoreless with 1:00 left. Sorensen takes a half shot but no score at end of 1st period.

2nd: Moreno chooses down. 2pt nearfall for Sorensen on suck back. 1:00 left in 2nd. Moreno warned for stalling. Moreno escapes to make it 2-1 with :20 left. Sorensen with 1:32 riding time at the end of 2nd period.

3rd: Sorensen chooses down and escapes keeping 1:28 riding time. 6-2 now with TD by Sorensen and escape Moreno. Sorensen TD2 and release to make it 8-3 with :30 left. Another TD by Sorensen to make it 10-3 and with riding time he gets the major.

Match Score: Sorensen 11-3

Team score: Hawkeyes 7-3

157: Edwin Cooper Jr. (IA) vs Renaldo Rodriguez-Spencer or Logan Breitenbach (ISU)

1st: Nice TD by Rodriguez-Spencer to go up 2-0 with 2:00 left in 1st. Escape Cooper 2-1 with 1:45 left. 2-1 score after 1st period.

2nd: Cooper chooses down. Hard lift and return for Rodriguez-Spencer but Cooper right back up to get escape. 2-2. Spencer dinged for stalling and Cooper leads 3-2 now. Cooper in on shot but its on edge of mat. Shoots him off and headed back to middle. 2nd period ends.

3rd: Rodriguez-Spencer chooses down. Spencer dinged for stalling again and Cooper leads 4-2 with 1:15 left. Another stall call and Cooper leads 5-2. Also establishes riding time. 6-2 with riding time.

Match Score- Cooper Jr. dec 6-2

Team score: Hawkeyes 10-3

165: Patrick Rhoads (IA) vs #11 Tanner Weatherman (ISU)

1st: Weatherman in on shot but Rhoads counters and almost gets TD but scramble brings them to their feet. 1:45 left. 0-0 after 1st.

2nd: Weatherman chooses down and gets escape in :06. He’s in on an outside single. Brings it up to his feet and gets the TD. Escape Rhoads. Weatherman TD2 now. 5-2

3rd: 5-2 Weatherman after 2nd period. :07 riding time. Rhoads chooses down. Rhoads to his feet and gets escape in :07. 5-3. In on another shot for Weatherman 9-4 with :50 left. Rhoads left. Weatherman in on another shot but counter from Rhoads for TD. 10-6. Crazy end of match. Love to see action. Weatherman wins 10-9. Hawkeyes lead 10-6 at intermission.

Match score: Weatherman 10-0

Team score: 10-6


Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 3.00.23 PM

174: #4 Alex Meyer (IA) vs Lelund Weatherspoon (ISU)

1st: 0-0 WITH 1:00 left. Weatherspoon in on shot. Meyer sprawls and gets TD. 2-0 with 1:30 left. Weatherspoon comes up but reaches behind and Meyer bear hugs him back to the mat.

2nd: Weatherspoon chooses down. Meyer riding tough on top up over 2:30 of riding time now. Stall warning on Weatherspoon on bottom. Meyer warned for stalling. Meyer racks up 3:35 of riding time to end the 2nd.

3rd: Meyer chooses down. Meyer up off whistle and Weatherspoon locks hands. 3-0 Meyer. Meyer up off whistle with 1:35 left in match leading 5-0 and has 3:20 riding time. Alex Meyer wins by decision 7-1 pushing Hawks lead 13-6.

Match score: Alex Meyer 7-1

Team score: Hawkeyes 13-6

184: #12 Sammy Brooks (IA) vs Dane Pestano (ISU)

1st: Pestano in on shot off the whistle. Brooks quick defends. Brooks in on shot and Pestano laterals him to his back to get 2-0. No back points.  Brooks escapes and gets TD to tie it up 3-3 after release. Pestano warned. Brooks in on outside single and runs the pipe for TD to make it 5-4 after release with :40 left in 1st. Brooks in on another outside single and gets the TD to lead 7-4 after 1st period. :25 riding time.

2nd: Brooks chooses down and escapes 8-4. Pestano in on shot but Brooks sprawl and spins to get TD. Release and another TD from Brooks to make it 12-5 with :57 left. Escape Pestano and also hit for stalling. brooks up 13-6 and gets TD on edge of match to make it 15-7 after release. TD Brooks 17-7. Stalling Pestano now 18-7 after 2nd.

3rd: Pestano chooses down. Brooks cuts Pestano. Pestano hit for stalling on edge of mat. 18-8 with 1:25. TD Brooks now 21-8 Brooks lets him up and gets the fall with :15 left in match. Hawkeyes 19-6.

Match score: Brooks fall

Team score: Hawkeyes 19-6.

197: #4 Nathan Burak (IA) vs Duke Egli (ISU)

1st: TD2 Burak and escape Egli 2-1 with 1:45 left. TD2 Burak and escape Egli. 1:05 left. TD2 Burak with :45 left. Burak rides Egli out for rack up 1:24 riding time.

2nd: Egli chooses down. Escape Egli and Td from Burak. 8-3 with 1:24 left in 2nd. Release and TD Burak, Another release and Burak throws a headlock and gets 2pt fearful. 14-5 after 2nd.

3rd: Escape Burak and TD to make it 17-6 with escape. TD2 Burak 19-6. Burak Releases and gets another TD making it 21-7. Series of takedowns from Burak to finish out the third period to win by maj dec 22-8. Hawkeyes lead 23-6

Match score: Burak maj dec 22-8

Team score: Hawkeyes 23-6

285: Sam Stoll (IA) vs Quean Smith (ISU)

1st: Stoll threw Smith to his back. 6-0 Stoll with 1:32 left. Stoll tries the same throw again after escape but Smith gets the TD. Escape Stoll. Smith tries to throw Stoll and Stoll gets TD to lead 9-3 after 1st period.

2nd: Stoll chooses down and escapes and right in on single for the TD. 12-3. Hits the butcher for the fall.

Match score: Sam Stoll fall

Team score: Hawkeyes 29-6

125: #2 Thomas Gilman (IA) vs Kyle Larson (ISU)

1st: TD2 Gilman with 2:00 left in 1st. TD under review and its confirmed. Escape Larson. 4-1 after 1st period Gilman leads with 1:16 riding time.

2nd: Larson chooses down. 4-2 with escape. Larson warned for stalling on edge of mat. Gilman spins around Larson to lead 6-2 with :50 left. Gilman rides Larson out to lead 6-2 after 2nd with 2:17 riding time.

3rd: Gilman chooses down. Gilman escapes. 1:45 left in match. 2:05 riding time. Gilman in on outside single and comes around for the TD2. Escape Larson. Gilman left hand hi-c for the TD2 at end of period to win 12-3 with riding time.

Match score: Gilman 12-3

Team score: Hawkeyes 33-6