Earlier this week we unveiled our Night of Conflict lineup on the Potentially Dangerous podcast and with the event upon us we bring you the official NOC lineup. Remember that the doors open at 6:00 and that’s when you’ll want to be there, because Carter Happel leads things off against nationally ranked Jarrett Degen. Another reason to get your tickets online so you can skip the line and get right in. Please print tickets for easier scanning.

Match # Team Metcalf Team Ramos
1 Jarrett Degen Carter Happel
2 Justin Stickley Josh Portillo
3 Dylan Prince Ethan Andersen
4 Cody Phippen Kyle Biscoglia
5 Rachel Watters Morgan Becker
6 Gannon Gremmel Zach Muller
7 Aden Reeves Justin Portillo
8 Kaleb Young Colton Clingenpeel
9 Drew West Gabe Townsell
10 Kanen Storr Ryan Leisure
11 Max Murin Brock Rathbun
12 Alex Thomsen Cole Manley
13 Brody Teske Louie Hayes
14 Jack Wagner Jason Renteria
15 Micky Phillippi Carter Happel
16 Alex Marinelli Drew Hughes



By Ross Bartachek (@rossbchek)

Lead Editor of IA Wrestle

38 thoughts on “Night of Conflict Lineup”
  1. Renteria wins 7-4. Illinios showing excellent hand controland basic wrestling

  2. MM gets the turk with 1 minute to go to secure the 6-2. Max looked smaller but his gas tank full

  3. Leisure standing up shooting now adjusting.
    Storr wins 5-3 last minute was confusing

  4. All wrestlers with sweet nikes. And Iawrestle singlets.
    2-1 Storr 1:30 to go. Scores on pushouts

  5. Double leg by GT ends up with DW droping and swinging them hips. 5-0 injury time

  6. Ethan too much off the start 9-2. Watch from 1:24 for upper body tussels.
    Ethan with the fall :24 seconds left 1st period.

    1. Again mainly riding not much too see here. They have a bright future wrestling each other.

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