Here is a list of Iowa High School wrestlers who qualified/placed at the Iowa State Wrestling Tournament that participated at state or made an all state team in another sport. Let us know if we forgot anybody. Who says wrestlers aren’t athletes!

Football (INA All State)

4A 1st Team        Offensive Lineman         Jake Marnin                    SE Polk (3A 1st Place 285)

4A 1st Team        Defensive Back              John Milani                      Iowa City West (3A 7th Place 170)

4A 2nd Team       Offensive Lineman         Dalton Kuehl                   Cedar Rapids Jeff (3A 2nd Place 285)

4A 2nd Team       Offensive Back               Sam Cook                       Fort Dodge (3A 1st Place 195)

4A 2nd Team       Linebacker                     Deion Mikesell                 SE Polk (3A 2nd Place 195)

4A 3rd Team        Linebacker                     Colin Kreiter                    North Scott (3A 3rd Place 195)

3A 1st Team        Offensive Lineman         Logan Linderbaum          Solon (2A 6th Place 285)

3A 1st Team        Linebacker                     Seth Maitlen                    Creston (2A 4th Place 195)

3A 1st Team        Punter                            Grant Sherman               Saydel (2A 3rd Place 152)

3A 2nd Team       Quarterback                   Brent Lammers               West Delaware (2A 2nd Place 182)

3A 2nd Team       Offensive Back               Chase Shiltz                    Creston (2A 1st Place 160)

3A 2nd Team       Defensive Lineman        Gavin Dinsdale                Webster City (2A 5th Place 285)

3A 3rd Team        Offensive Back               Riley Hasken                  Dubuque Wahlert (2A 3rd Place 182)

2A 1st Team        Offensive Back               Carter Isley                      Albia (2A 1st Place 220)

2A 1st Team        Defensive Lineman        Mario Pena                      Hampton-Dumont (2A 2nd Place 285)

2A 2nd Team       Offensive Lineman         Ethan Lape                      North Fayette (2A 4th Place 285)

2A 2nd Team       Linebacker                     Steven Holloway              Mediapolis (2A 1st Place 195)

2A 2nd Team       Linebacker                     Ko Kieft                            Sioux Center (2A Qualifier 195)

2A 3rd Team        Linebacker                     Jace Hadacheck             Union (2A Qualifier 220)

2A 3rd Team        Linebacker                     Kendrick Sunkten           Hampton-Dumont (2A 2nd Place 220)

1A 1st Team        Offensive Back               Trent Johnson                 Dike-New Hartford (1A 6th Place 132)

1A 1st Team        Defensive Lineman        Luis Uribe                        South Winneshiek (1A Qualifier 138)

1A 1st Team        Defensive Lineman        Jacob Giese                    West Branch (1A Qualifier 285)

1A 1st Team        Defensive Back              Logan Peed                     South Central Cal (1A 6th Place 160)

1A 1st Team        Offensive Utility              Trenton Wells                  Central Decatur (2A 5th Place 182)

1A 2nd Team       Offensive Back               Austin Lentz                    Ogden (1A Qualifier 170)

1A 2nd Team       Defensive Lineman        Tim Butcher                     Manson NW Webster (1A 7th Place 285)

1A 2nd Team       Defensive Lineman        Lander Kuboushek          South Winneshiek (1A 4th Place 182)

1A 2nd Team       Linebacker                     Ryan Hageman               South Winneshiek (1A 3rd Place 170)

A 1st Team          Offensive Lineman         Landan Paulsen              Woodbury Central

A 1st Team          Offensive Back               Brady Charbonneau        Logan-Magnolia (1A 7th Place 152)

A 1st Team          Offensive Back               Ryan Parmely                  Maquoketa Valley (1A 1st Place 220)

A 1st Team          Defensive Lineman        Joe Ricker                        Mount Ayr (1A 2nd Place 285)

A 1st Team          Defensive Lineman        Levi Paulsen                    Woodbury Central (1A 1st Place 285)

A 1st Team          Linebacker                     Clay Meinders                  AGWSR (1A 3rd Place 220)

A 2nd Team         Offensive Lineman         Tyler Larson                    Nashua-Plainfield (1A 5th Place 195)

A 2nd Team         Defensive Lineman        Brady Heusinvelt              Denver- Tripoli (2A Qualifier 285)

A 2nd Team         Linebacker                     Izaak Shedenhelm           Denver-Tripoli (2A 3rd Place 195)

A 2nd Team         Linebacker                     Colton Massengale          BGM (1A 6th Place 182)

A 2nd Team         Defensive Back              Trevor Smith                    Audubon (1A Qualifier 152)

A 3rd Team          Offensive Lineman         Luke Worden                   Belmond-Klemme (1A 5th Place 285)

A 3rd Team          Defensive Back              Lane Nichols                    Woodbury Central (1A 7th Place 132)

8 Man 1st Team Offensive Lineman          Cody Thompson              Graettinger (1A Qualifier 285)

8 Man 2nd Team Offensive Back               Austin Laabs                    Guthrie Center (1A 2nd Place 182)

8 Man 2nd Team Offensive Back               Colton Ranney                 Central Decatur (2A 5th Place 160)

8 Man 2nd Team Defensive Lineman        TJ Even                            Don Bosco (1A Qualifier 170)

8 Man 2nd Team Linebacker                     Jacob Hoch                      SE Warren (1A 4th Place 160)

8 Man 3rd Team Offensive Back               Dylan Meister                   Tripoli (2A 6th Place 170)

Baseball (INA All State)

4A 1st Team         Outfield                               Colin Kreiter                       North Scott (3A 3rd Place 195)

3A 1st Team         Outfield                               Brent Lammers                 West Delaware (2A 2nd Place 182)

Cross Country (State Results)

3A           27th Place                                             Chase McLaughlin            Lisbon (1A Qualifier 120)

3A           122nd Place                                          Tate Battani                       Ballard (2A Qualifier 113)

2A           1st Place                                                Eric Lenz                          Tipton (1A 2nd Place 113)

2A           6th Place                                               Gable Siepaerda               Central Lyon GLR (2A 5th Place 106)

2A           26th Place                                             Nick Meling                        East Marshall (2A Qualifier 113)

1A           10th Place                                             Jacob Hansen                   West Fork (1A 6th Place 126)

1A           48th Place                                             Josh Keller                        Columbus Junction (2A 2nd Place 106)

1A           86th Place                                             John Tuttle                        Alta-Aurelia (1A 7th Place 126)

1A           97th Place                                             Ryan Szalat                       St. Edmonds (1A 8th Place 120)

Golf (State Qualifiers)

3A           Team Qualifer                                   Brad Irwin                           Centerville (2A 1st Place 132)

Track and Field (State Results)

3A 200 Meter Dash        Qualifier                Grant Sherman                 Saydel (2A 3rd Place 152)

3A 400 Meter Dash        7th Place               Grant Sherman                 “                                         “

3A 110 Meter Hurdles    Qualifier                Wyatt Rhoads                   Gilbert (2A 8th Place 145)

3A 400 Meter Hurdles    8th Place               Wyatt Rhoads                   “                                         “

3A Shot Put                    14th Place             Joe Teague                      Algona (2A 1st Place 182)

2A 100 Meter Dash        7th Place               Derek Hooyer                   Sioux Center (2A Qualifier 170)

2A 200 Meter Dash        8th Place               Derek Hooyer                   “                                                        “

2A 1600 Meter Run        9th Place               Jacob Hansen                  West Fork (1A 6th Place 126)

2A 1600 Meter Run        1st Place               Eric Lenz                          Tipton (1A 2nd Place 113)

2A 3200 Meter Run        1st Place               Eric Lenz                          “                                          “

2A 3200 Meter Run        17th Place             Nick Meling                      East Marshall (2A Qualifer 113)

2A 110 Meter Hurdles    Qualifier                Darin Greenfield              Sheldon (2A 5th Place 195)

2A Discus                       9th Place               Levi Duwa                        Mid-Prairie (2A 8th Place 195)

2A Shot Put                    10th Place             Levi Duwa                        “                                                  “

2A Discus                       3rd Place               Levi Paulsen                    Woodbury Central (1A 1st Place 285)

2A Shot Put                    17th Place             Landan Paulsen              Woodbury Central

2A Shot Put                    7th Place               Jared Brinkman               Regina (1A 5th Place 220)

1A 1600 Meter Run        3rd Place               Gable Sieperda               Central Lyon GLR (2A 5th Place 106)

1A 3200 Meter Run        1st Place               Gable Sieperda               “                                                            “

1A Long Jump                22nd Place            Riley Wohlers                  Logan-Magnolia (1A Qualifier 170)

1A Discus                       14th Place             Joe Ricker                       Mount Ayr (1A 2nd Place 285)

1A Shot Put                    19th Place             Joe Ricker                       “                                                     “

1A Discus                       15th Place             Tim Butcher                    Manson NW Webster (1A 7th Place 285)

1A Shot Put                    15th Place             Ryan Parmely                 Maquoketa Valley (1A 1st Place 220)

1A Shot Put                    3rd Place               Clay Meinders                AGWSR (1A 3rd Place 220)

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  1. Anyone who says wrestlers aren’t athletes is, for use of a better term, very ignorant. Football coaches love to recruit wrestlers. Wrestling skills and the dedication and discipline the sport demands provides advantages to many other athletic endevours.

  2. You guys are forgetting Alex Paulson. Goes to school at North Iowa, Buffalo Center. Wrestles class 2A (4th place 220) for Forest city. Was an all state lineman Defensive lineman in 8man football and also qualified for state track in both the Shot Put and Discus

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