Over the summer at Elite Takedown Club, athletes from across the country have the opportunity to participate in specific training schools (camps) at the Elite Training Center. The 60,000 square foot facility offers two wrestling rooms, training room with sauna and cold tub, fitness center, gymnasium (four mats), theater, dorm rooms, group suites, dining hall, and much more. Athletes can choose from an all-star lineup to give them some of the best discipline-specific technique in the country. This summer the training schools offer a combined 25 NCAA Championships!

What are the goals of ETC’s summer structure?
Athletes taking part in our summer training schools will experience an exciting change in the normal schedule of one’s training. Instead of developmentally consistent practices, athletes will get the chance to hear and learn from someone other than the ETC coaching staff. Although they are not taking part in official practices, they are actually wrestling more. The change of pace keeps wrestling exciting and helps to prevent burnout.

Why attend an ETC training school?
The training schools will be specifically designed to offer an athlete focused technique and training in each essential area of wrestling. Our aim is to bring in the best person in the country to help show our campers their core competence on the mat.
Example: Tilts and Turns with Logan Stieber & Joe Colon

Additionally, your camper will experience an abundance of value-added opportunities over their stay at the training center. These include athlete challenges, motivational speakers, opportunities to eat dinner with the clinician, and chances to spend time and hang out with the clinician as they will be residing at the training center as well.

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Takedown Training School
June 5-7
Waverly, Ia
Angel Escobedo, Dylan Peters, Kenny Anderson

This year’s Takedown Training School will feature a host of all-star athletes on their feet. Escobedo will pick you apart one takedown at a time, Kenny Anderson has a toolbox full of offense from his feet, and Dylan Peters will put you away and get falls from every neutral position. Athletes will spend the entire weekend working on offense from the neutral position. From hand fighting setups to explosive finishes, this camp will have athletes leaving with tools to take into any style of wrestling. Athletes will be separated into 2-3 different wrestling rooms based on size of camp and age. This will provide each athlete with a great coach/athlete ratio and will ensure a positive, attention-filled atmosphere. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity!

Big Man School
June 12-14
Waverly, Ia
Tolly Thompson, Chris Ortner

This year’s Big Man School will feature three of the best in the business. Chris Ortner, current head assistant coach at Wartburg College, was a 2x All-American at Wartburg as an athlete. More impressive than that, he has led 8 athletes to national championships and over 20 athletes to All-American honors at the 197 or HWT weight class. Tolly Thompson currently an assistant coach at the University of Northern Iowa. As an athlete, Tolly was an NCAA Champion and World Team Member twice. Additionally, he has held the role of strength and conditioning coach for two Division I programs. This passionate staff is here to help dedicate three days to technique for the BIG MEN ON CAMPUS! Open to any athlete in grades K-12.

Chain Wrestling School
June 23-25
Waverly, Ia
Elite Takedown Club Staff

ETC is excited to bring to you the 2015 Chain Wrestling School. This training school will focus on transitioning from one attack to another and chaining a combination of techniques together into one continuous attack. Learn to score lots of points in a hurry to put up bonus points for your team! Focus will occur on our feet, on bottom, and on top with full sessions dedicated to each discipline.

Scramble School
July 1-3
Waverly, Ia
Lee Roper, Joey Lazor

Wrestlers are giving up fewer takedowns, fighting every position, and not giving up easy scores. Much of this has happened due to the recent scrambling technique being taught around the country. Lee Roper and Joey Lazor bring three days of scrambling to Iowa. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to add a whole new dimension to your wrestling!

Foundation Training School

June 3-5
Waverly, Ia
ETC Staff

The Foundation Training School at ETC is designated for athletes who are new to the sport of wrestling, or have two years or less experience in the sport. We will host a Foundation Training School in both June and July and campers are welcome to attend both camps. Athletes in grades K-12 are welcome as two separate wrestling rooms will be utilized to ensure a proper coach-to-athlete ratio is available at all times. Wrestling skills and foundation positions will be taught with extreme attention to detail so campers feel confident leaving camp with a base in which to build from in the future.

Turns & Tilts Training School
July 6-8
Waverly, Ia
Logan Stieber, Joe Colon, Landon Williams, Dylan Peters

Want to score points? Want to score points in a hurry? We have the ticket for you. The Tilts & Turns Training School is designed to educate and train each camper in the top position with some of the best top clinicians in the country. Each of our five clinicians are hammers in the top position and each bring a slightly different twist to the game. Logan Stieber, Joe Colon, and Landon Williams will tilt and turn their opponents from every position on the mat, Dylan Peters can end a match at any time, and Kenny Anderson will bring a back-crushing leg ride down on you. Make people choose neutral…come join us in July.

July 6-12
Waverly, Ia
Logan Stieber, Paul Donahoe, DYlan Peters, Landon WIlliams
Joe Colon, Kenny Anderson

The Elite Intensive Training School is a weeklong camp package that includes the Turns & Tilts Training School. Athletes taking part in this camp will also take part in a structured strength and conditioning program including dynamic explosion lifts, morning runs, pool workouts, stadium workouts, and much more. Logan Stieber headlines the intensive camp, bringing a wealth of top position knowledge to the campers. Paul Donahoe also makes an appearance at camp, bringing a group of Michigan hammers along with him. Not only was Paul an NCAA Champion and 3x All-American, he also coaches one of the top youth wrestling clubs in the country. Dylan Peters, Joe Colon, Landon Williams, and Kenny Anderson will also be taking part in the weeklong camp. Do not miss this opportunity, register today! Athletes from across the country will attend this unique training opportunity to learn from some of the best in the business.
Logan Stieber
4x NCAA Champion
4x NCAA All-American
4x Big Ten Champion
Paul Donahoe
NCAA Champion
3x NCAA All-American
Dylan Peters
NCAA All-American
MAC Champion
3x HS State Champion
Kenny Anderson
3x NCAA Champion
3x IIAC Champion
3x NCAA All-American
Joe Colon
NCAA All-American
2x NCAA Qualifier
Landon Williams
2x NCAA Champion
3x NCAA All-American