After taking a breif break from the wild ride that was the 2015 NCAA tournament, we can now look ahead to next season as we at IA Wrestle try to project what the preseason top 8 rankings will look like. For a majority of the rankings we took the top returning All-Americans at each weight in order and then filled in with R12 and R16 guys. Nahshon Garrett (Cornell) has already made his decision to go to 133 public so he is the only weight change thus far. All-Americans Zain Retherford (PSU) and Bryce Hammond (Cal-Bakersfield) both come off redshirts at 141 and 174 and have been slotted in about where they would have fallen with this crop of returning All-Americans.

Think of this as just an early snap shot for next season. We all know that freshman and wrestlers coming off redshirt are going to emerge and spring up the rankings. As will guys who will have a break out season, and then wrestlers will change weight. You get the picture. This isn’t a perfect ranking. Just a view at the top returning wrestlers at each weight right now.

1 Nathan Tomasello Ohio State
2 Zeke Moisey West Virginia
3 Thomas Gilman Iowa
4 Conor Youtsey Michigan
5 Eddie Klimara Oklahoma State
6 Jordan Conaway PSU
7 Joey Dance Virginia Tech
8 David Terao American
1 Cody Brewer Oklahoma
2 Cory Clark Iowa
3 Jimmy Gulibon PSU
4 Ryan Taylor Wisconsin
5 Mason Beckman Lehigh
6 Rossi Bruno Michigan
7 Nahshon Garrett Cornell
8 Earl Hall ISU
1 Dean Heil Oklahoma State
2 Evan Hendersen North Carolina
3 Kevin Jack NC State
4 Zain Retherford PSU
5 Rick Durso Franklin and Marshall
6 Chirs Mecate Old Dominion
7 Lavion Mayes Missouri
8 Anthony Ashnault Rutgers
1 Jason Tsirtsis Northwestern
2 Brandon Sorensen Iowa
3 BJ Clagon Rider
4 Alex Richardson Old Dominion
5 Dan Neff Lock Haven
6 Sal Mastrani Virginia Tech
7 Alec Pantelo Michigan
8 Colin Heffernan Central Michigan
1 Isaiah Martinez Illinois
2 Brian Realbutto Cornell
3 Nick Brascetta Virginia Tech
4 Ian Miller Kent State
5 Brian Murphy Michigan
6 Mitch Minotti Lehigh
7 Anothy Collica Oklahoma State
8 Spartak Chino Ohio
1 Alex Dieringer Oklahoma State
2 Bo Jordan Ohio State
3 Ethan Ramos North Carolina
4 Isaac Jordan Wisconsin
5 Jim Wilson Stanford
6 Cooper Moore UNI
7 Dylan Palacio Cornell
8 Clark Glass Oklahoma
1 Kyle Crutchmer Oklahoma State
2 Zach Epperly Virginia Tech
3 Kurtis Julson NDSU
4 Cody Waters Ohio
5 Bryce Hammond Cal-Bakersfield
6 Alex Meyer Iowa
7 Blaise Butler Virginia
8 Zac Brunson Illinois
1 Gabe Dean Cornell
2 Nate Brown Lehigh
3 Vic Avery Edinboro
4 Blake Stauffer Arizona State
5 Kenny Courts Ohio State
6 Hayden Zilmer NDSU
7 Willie Miklus Missouri
8 TJ Dudley Nebraska
1 Kyle Snyder Ohio State
2 Morgan McIntosh PSU
3 J’den Cox Missouri
4 Conner Hartmann Duke
5 Nathan Burak Iowa
6 Aaron Studebaker Nebraska
7 Jace Bennett Cornell
8 Anthony Abro Eastern Michigan
1 Nick Gwiazdowski NC State
2 Adam Coon Michigan
3 Connor Medbery Wisconsin
4 Ty Walz Virginia Tech
5 Michael Kroells Minnesota
6 Austin Mardsen Oklahoma State
7 Blaize Cabell UNI
8 Collin Jensen Nebraska

By Ross Bartachek (@rossbchek)

Lead Editor of IA Wrestle

20 thoughts on “IA Wrestle’s 2015-16 Preseason Top 8 rankings”
  1. PSU will likely have Mega at 125, Conaway at 133, Gulibon at 141 and Retherford at 149. Should be interesting.

    1. I am not sure how I would like that from a PSU perspective. Conaway and Gulibon weren’t big for their weights. I’ll put it this way, I would much rather see Conaway at 133 than Gulibon.

      1. How about if Nico went to 133 and Conaway stayed at 125? Jimmy to 141 and Retherford at 149?

        1. That might be a bit better. I think Nico could be the same position at 125 as he is at 133, but don’t feel the same about Conaway.

          Of course that is just my opinion.

      1. I understand he wasn’t an AA, but I don’t think that tells the whole story with Sammy. His 2 losses at Nationals were to the #1 and #3 seeds, Dean and Stauffer. That’s just bad luck, not an indication of where he resides in the 184 hierarchy. I suspect we will see Sammy ahead of a TJ Dudley even though Dudley finished 8th at nationals…he beat the 14 and 6 seeds to get to the podium, where Sammy had the 1/3…not even close. Congrats to Dudley for being an AA, but he shouldn’t be ranked ahead of Sammy to start next year.

  2. Won’t matter about Retherford. He will be going to 149. Also you are missing Nico.

    1. Right, but for now we have to rank guys where we have actual confirmation where they will be wrestling. Until Cael/Zain say he’s going to 149, the default for wrestlers is their old weight.

      For Megaludis, I seem to recall that they said there was a posability he was taking his Olympic shirt. We can insert him when he comes back.

  3. This is interesting and it gives a good view of who is returning all-americans with some other sprinkled in versus actual rankings.

      1. Also his two loses at nationals in 2014 was Mitchell Port and Logan Steiber (who he beat).

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