IAWrestle will be doing an NCAA D1 Wrestling Tournament Pool at www.wrestlestats.com
Click on the link to wrestlestat. Then click on the TOURNEY POOL button. Sign up for an account (totally free just need and email). Once you’re signed up look for the IAWrestle D1 Pool group and enter your team. This is totally free to enter and open to everyone. Please only enter 1 team per person. If you have any questions feel free to email us at iawrestlecontact@gmail.com

We will be giving out an IAWrestle shirt to 1st Place and a hat to 2nd. Below is a breakdown of how the pool works.

WrestleStat TourneyPool Point System:

  • For the TourneyPool, you have a total of 1000 points to use across 10 different wrestlers (one at each weight).
  • In each of the weights, the wrestlers are seeded 1 thru 16 using the seeds provided by the NCAA.
  • The #1 seed at each weight is worth 200 points. The points go down progressively for each seed, where the last seed (16) is worth 20 points.
  • Any non-seeded wrestler is worth 10 points.
  • Using simple math, this means you are able to select up to 4 #1 seeds for your submittal (since 5 x 200 = 1000, and you’d still have 5 spots to fill, with 0 points available)
  • You do NOT have to use all 1000 points, you could select all non-seeded wrestlers if you really wanted to…
  • If the seeds were to get changed (ie a wrestler drops out of the tournament and the NCAA selects a replacement), the seeds will get updated, and WrestleStat will send an email notification IF the new seeds cause your submittal to go over the 1000 point maximum
  • Every team point the 10 wrestlers you selected score will go towards your score
  • The tiebreakers will be picking the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishing team as well as how many points they will score.

Be sure to check back the day before the tournament begins to ensure that your submittal does not go over the 1000 point maximum, just in case.

You will not be able to update your picks after 8:00am central time on the 19th.