When: Saturday, February 28th
Where: Loras College- Five Flags Center, Dubuque, IA
Teams: Augustana College (Illinois), Buena Vista University, Central College (Iowa), Coe College, Cornell College, Dubuque, Huntingdon, Knox College, Loras College, Luther College, Simpson College, University of the Ozarks, Wartburg College

#1 ranked Wartburg among the field in the Central Regional

Ranked Wrestlers by Team (NWCA rankings as of February 25th):

Central (2)- 125 Daniel Page (7th), 197 Matt Seabold (8th)

Coe (3)- 165 Farai Sewera (1st), 174 Ryan Harrington (10th), 197 Donnie Horner (10th)

Cornell (1)- 149 Trevor Engle (10th),

Loras (2)- 141 Luke Steger (5th), 157 Steve DeWitt (4th)

Luther (3)- 133 Evan Obert (5th), 141 Drew Van Anrooy (2nd), 184 Jayden DeVilbiss (3rd),

Wartburg (9)- 125 Jake Agnitsch (6th), 133 Connor Campo (6th), 141 Kaz Onoo (10th), 149 Kenny Martin (2nd), 157 Drew Wagenhoffer (6th), 165 Andrew Steiert (2nd), 174 Brandon Welter (2nd), 197 Gerard Roman (6th), 285 Ben Nagle (4th)

Ranked Teams: Wartburg 1st, Luther 16th, Coe 17th, Cornell 18th, Loras 28th

Breakdown by Weight:

125: Sixth ranked Jake Agnitsch of Wartburg should grab the one seed here, with a 5-3 head to head victory over seventh ranked Daniel Page (21-5) of Central.  Dubuque’s Joey Cisneros will also be a contender at the weight and could easily see Paige in the semis.

Augustana College: Jimmy Panozzo (27-13)
Buena Vista University: Ernesto Garcia (6-18)
Central College: Daniel Page (21-5)
Coe College: Jan Rosenburg (15-15)
Cornell College: Scott Smith (21-16)
Dubuque: Joey Cisneros (26-9)
Huntingdon: Wade Thomas (4-15)
Knox College: Cooper Collings (4-17)
Loras College: Dayton Olson (14-12)
Luther College: Julian Gendreau (16-17)
Simpson College: Open
University of the Ozarks: Open
Wartburg College: Jake Agnitsch (21-5)

133: Luther’s fifth ranked and returning All-American Evan Obert and Wartburg’s sixth ranked Connor Campo appear to be on a collision course for the finals. Obert won a tight 7-5 overtime match earlier this year. Third place and a bid for the NCAA championships are up for grabs as there is no clear front-runner. Centrals Aaron Anderson and Augustana’s Brennan Gould could very well end up in that spot.

Augustana College: Brennan Gould (26-10)
Buena Vista University:
Central College: Aaron Anderson (11-4)
Coe College: Brady Ruden (15-13)
Cornell College: Nathan Shank (9-15)
Dubuque: Nicholas Rivera (18-16)
Huntingdon: Matt Gilson (1-7)
Knox College: open
Loras College: Michael Triplett (19-15)
Luther College: Evan Obert (21-5)
Simpson College: Zach Johnston (13-9)
University of the Ozarks: Open
Wartburg College: Connor Campo (21-4)

141: This weight is one of the toughest weights in the Central regional with three ranked wrestlers. Luther received stud transfer Drew Van Anrooy from Oregon State, who comes in ranked second with no losses to division III competition. Nick Steger from Loras also remains undefeated at 21-0 and carries the fifth ranking. Nipping at there heals is former Mason City prep and two time state champion Kaz Onoo of Wartburg. Onoo owns a 20-8 record and is currently ranked tenth. Nashid Barrow of Buena Vista also owns a stellar 20-6 record and could make some noise

Augustana College: Collin Tomkins (21-13)
Buena Vista University: Nashid Burrow (20-6)
Central College: Jahleel Vester (13-18)
Coe College: Luke Kremer (11-13)
Cornell College: Jared Brothor ( 13-17)
Dubuque: Stephen Rosenburg (12-13)
Huntingdon: Robert Lowery ( 6-11)
Knox College: Jackson Faulkner (3-13)
Loras College: Nick Steger (21-0)
Luther College: Drew Van Anrooy (19-2)
Simpson College: Devan Berrian (12-5)
University of the Ozarks: Open
Wartburg College: Kaz Onno (20-8)

149: Clackamas transfer and Wartburgs Kenny Martin is heavily favored in this weightclass, coming in ranked second and 22-3. He will likely see Cornells Trevor Engle in the finals who is currently ranked tenth and boasts a 26-7 record. Third place appears to be a dogfight between Ryan Vandall of Central and Dakota Gray of Luther.

Augustana College: Matt Sears (11-23)
Buena Vista University: Steven Gutschenritter (13-10)
Central College: Ryan Vandall (21-8)
Coe College: Josh Donkle (16-17)
Cornell College: Trevor Engle (26-7)
Dubuque: Kody Krenz (9-9)
Huntingdon: Brewer Gilliland (5-11)
Knox College: Austin Ventris (2-20)
Loras College: Evan Weaver (13-12)
Luther College: Dakota Gray (24-10)
Simpson College: Jonathan Melton (13-11)
University of the Ozarks: Eli Garcia (0-0)
Wartburg College: Kenneth Martin (22-3)

157: This weight class is lead by fourth ranked Steven DeWitt (28-2)and 2013 All American Drew Wagenhoffer of Wartburg who is currently ranked sixth. Dubuques Brian Travis should meet one of the two in the semis, and could make some noise.

Augustana College: Hector Ruiz (22-12)
Buena Vista University: Seth Shatto (18-9)
Central College: Mike O’Connor (18-11)
Coe College: Brody Beck (12-16)
Cornell College: Aaron Engle (14-17)
Dubuque: Brian Travis (20-5)
Huntingdon: Mason Baldwin (4-13)
Knox College: Eric Vogel (6-13)
Loras College: Steven DeWitt (28-2)
Luther College: Reed Van Anrooy (7-3)
Simpson College: Jake Mize (19-16)
University of the Ozarks: Open
Wartburg College: Drew Wagenhoffer (23-5)

165: Coes Farai Sewera comes in as the regionals only wrestler ranked first in the country. He will be tested however with second ranked Andrew Steiert of Wartburg lurking on the other side of the bracket. Third Place should be up for grabs in this weight.

Augustana College: Connor Cummings (11-9)
Buena Vista University: Tyler Puls (5-11)
Central College: Cory McCleary (8-12)
Coe College: Farai Sewera (22-1)
Cornell College: Michael Maksimovic (18-15)
Dubuque: Manuel Mendoza (12-9)
Huntingdon: Deon Maxwell (7-12)
Knox College: Che Woodson (6-14)
Loras College: Greg Vance (9-9)
Luther College: Blake Letney (16-10)
Simpson College: Bryce Wignall (5-2)
University of the Ozarks: Zack Hall (0-0)
Wartburg College: Andrew Steiert (13-3)

174: Wartburgs second ranked Brandon Welter leads this weight. Lurking on the other side of the bracket will be Coes Ryan Harrington (12-3) who comes in ranked tenth. Third place and an NCAA Championship bid will be up for grabs as 4 more wrestlers in the bracket come in with winning records.

Augustana College: Jordan Richardson (22-17)
Buena Vista University: Austin Hayes (8-14)
Central College: Sam Apland (19-8)
Coe College: Ryan Harrington (12-3)
Cornell College: Brent Hamm (23-10)
Dubuque: Elton Turnage (19-18)
Huntingdon: Jacob Glaser (0-10)
Knox College: Greg Ventris (16-21)
Loras College: Joe Butler (9-11)
Luther College: Justin Kreiter (14-16)
Simpson College: Brett Roberts (21-16)
University of the Ozarks: Eladin Harmon (0-0)
Wartburg College: Brandon Welter (18-6)

184: The 184 pound weight-class may just be the toughest of the tournament, and whoever gets into the NCAA championships will have earned their bid. Luthers Jayden DeVilbiss is ranked third in the country and has wins over several opponents in the field. Ryan Sheldon of Coe is unranked, but is a wily veteran who placed 6th in the country last year. Devin Peterson of Wartburg boasts a 10-3 record, and was a highly touted recruit winning Fargo six times. Tyler Lowy of Central also has a 21-6 record, and will be right in the mix of things. Thomas Reyhons of Augustanna also poses a 24-7 record, and is a returning NCAA qualifier.

Augustana College: Thomas Reyhons (24-7)
Buena Vista University: Jared Bronaugh (6-7)
Central College: Tyler Lowy (21-6)
Coe College: Ryan Sheldon (21-11)
Cornell College: Brian Cristion (8-15)
Dubuque: Matthew Leveille (3-7)
Huntingdon: Jesse Herron (3-13)
Knox College: Nicholas Ryan (0-14)
Loras College: Awais Arain (10-19)
Luther College: Jayden DeVilbiss (25-4)
Simpson College: Spencer Ward (17-14)
University of the Ozarks: Open
Wartburg College: Devin Peterson (10-3) 

197: Gerard Roman of Wartburg and Matt Seabold of Central lead the pack in this field. They are ranked sixth and eighth respectively. Other contenders in the Central regional will include Coes returning All-American Donnie Horner and Loras Malcolm Watson.

Augustana College: Christos Giatras (21-9)
Buena Vista University: Jacob Staudt (4-15)
Central College: Matt Seabold (20-4)
Coe College: Donnie Horner (23-8)
Cornell College: Aburough Abegesah (14-17)
Dubuque: Nathan Cristion (11-13)
Huntingdon: John Williams (0-6)
Knox College: Open
Loras College: Malcom Watson (22-9)
Luther College: Tyler Walls (11-14)
Simpson College: Eric Quador (7-14)
University of the Ozarks: Open
Wartburg College: Gerard Roman (25-4)

285: Wartburgs Benjamin Nagle comes in as a heavy favorite being the only ranked wrestler in the weight class. Augustannas Jack Seaman, Luthers Conner Herman and Cornells Eric Tucker will contend.

Augustana College: Jack Seaman (28-10)
Buena Vista University: Gable Bonner (7-13)
Central College: Jay Pike (17-14)
Coe College: Creighton fox (19-17)
Cornell College: Eric Tucker (22-11)
Dubuque: Dan Howell (16-11)
Huntingdon: Aaron Williams (1-7)
Knox College: Open
Loras College: Connor Swier (6-9)
Luther College: Conner Herman (11-4)
Simpson College: Colby Vlieger (14-21)
University of the Ozarks: Open
Wartburg College: Benjamin Nagle (23-2)

Team Race: Despite losing nine returning starters and over 100 team points from last years NCAA championships, Wartburg comes in ranked 1st gunning for their 5th straight national championship. The Knights stick-to-it ness has consistently led them to success and they look to get ten qualifiers through. Luther, Coe and Cornell will likely fight for third place, ranked 16th, 17th, and 18th respectively. Of note, this year there will no longer be any wildcards, so you MUST place top three to get a bid to the NCAA championships.