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Scoring Related: TD- Takedown (2 points) NF# – Near Fall (# will denote the amount of back points scored)
OOB- Out of Bounds
RS – Restart

News and notes: A battle of high school teammates at 184. Alex Meyer vs Willie Miklus. Brooks did not weigh in.

125 – #5 Thomas Gilman vs.#2 Alan Waters
1st: Gilman is out to a front headlock, stalemate.
RS Another front headlock situation stalemated.
RS 2:00 to go, Waters on top with front headlock, stalemate.
RS Gilman comes has a left underhook, Waters slips out and tries a shot, not there. Back to their feet, they are ear to ear in a collar tie, Gilman getting backed out. Stalemate on the edge.
RS :40 Waters tries to break the hold and go not there, Period.

2nd: Gilman defers, Waters takes down, Waters to his feet, but Gilman keeps him down, Waters working again, but they roll OOB
RS Gilman still riding, Waters tripod up, Gilman trips him back, Waters still working, they go OOB!
RS Waters to his feet, Gilman switches to a single, he gets Waters back on his knee, ref is counting, Gilman warned for stalling.
RS :45 to go, Gilman over 1:00 RT. Waters to his feet, Gilman sucks him back, Waters to his feet again, Gilman has to cut him 1:30 RT. Gilman with the pushout.
RS :10 to go (1-0 MO) Period.

3rd: Gilman takes neutral. As mentioned he has RT already. There has been a little after the action whistle here, but nothing too bad. Stalemate.
RS 1:30 to go, Gilman has the head for a front headlock, Waters works to his feet and gets out of it. 1:00 Stalemate.
RS :45 to go, both guys tied up, another stalemate.
RS :29 to go, nothing (1-1 w/RT)

SV: Waters trying to work head taps, Now both on their knees, Waters tries a double, but nothing there. Ref stops the action.
RS Gilman tries a little slide by Waters gets away. Waters trying to toss Gilman, somehow Gilman recovers we go to the tie breakers.

TB1: Waters starts down, ref calls locked hands on Gilman, and then gets a reversal (4-1 MO)
TB1: Gilman’s turn down, Gilman to his feet, Waters throws a leg in and just hands on gets returned. Gilman to his feet again. Gilman flops to his back hard on Waters ref calls potentially dangerous. Each wrestler awarded a penalty point. Waters got a little heated after he was slammed. Gilman down :12 to go, Wstands up and hits a reversal on Waters with a head lock. Still lost.

Match Score:Waters decision Gilman 5-4 TB
Team Score:3-0 Missouri

133 – #6 Cory Clark vs Zach Synon
1st: Clark out working the head, if he could win by bonus it would be huge for the Hawks. Cory working a two on one, Synon doing a good job of fighting out of it. Synon able to drop to an ankle, get a TD and Clark is out in :11 (2-1 MO).:54 to go, Clark still trying to fight through hand control, there he drops in on a leg, has the one picks it up, Synon going backwards they call it out while Cory trying to finish.
RS Period. 2-1 MO

2nd:Clark takes down, he to his feet and is out in :02. (2-2) Synon drops to a leg, Clark on top trying to come around, Carver goes nuts when he gets it! 4-2 Clark. Clark riding with 1:20 to go. Synon to his feet, Clark brings him back down and bellies him out. Stall warning on Synon. Clark still working :30 to go. Clark has over 1:00 RT, finishes the ride out. Still 4-2 Clark

3rd: Synon starts down. Clark doing a good job of keeping him bellied out. Another stall call (5-2 IA) Clark trying to roll the wrist. :25 to go another stall call on Synon (6-2 IA) Clark got a leg in looking for NF doesn’t get it.

Match Score:Clark decision Synon 7-2
Team Score:3-3

141 – #6 Josh Dziewa vs.#5 Lavion Mayes
1st:Mayes being active off the whistle, Dziewa having good shot defense, able to get away. Mayes rattled off quite a few here. OOB
RS Blast double by Mayes (2-0 MO) OOB
RS 2:15 Dziewa coming up to his feet of the whistle trying to break hands and is out in :08. Duck under by Dziewa, looked good, but Mayes was able to stay out of it. Mayes to a single, switches to a double for the TD (4-1 MO) OOB.
RS 1:13 to go, Dziewa comes up and out (4-2 MO). Mayes with :36 RT. Mayes with another double for 2 (6-2 MO) Dziewa gets to his feet on the edge OOB.
RS :29 Dziewa tries a switch and comes to his feet, Mayes warned for stalling for not returning then they go OOB
RS Period 6-3 Mayes

2nd:Dziewa starts down, Mayes bellies Josh out. Josh gets back to his base, Almost got out, but Mayes got back around. Now Dziewa gets released (6-3 MO) Mayes with 1:57 RT. Mayes feigns a shot Dziewa tries to come forward, Mayes hits another double and then cuts Josh (8-4 MO). Period.

3rd:Mayes takes neutral, Mayes takes a shot, Dziewa fights it off enough to get to the edge and a stalemate.
RS 1:30 to go. Mayes head tapping takes another shot, Dziewa backs out of it. Single OOB by Mayes no score. Dziewa warned for stalling
RS 1:15 to go. Mayes double TD OOB (10-4 MO), intentional release on the RS
RS :39 to go. (10-5 MO) Dziewa taken down on the edge again (12-5 MO)
RS JOsh gets out Mayes takes a shot Dziewa backing away.

Match Score:Mayes decision Dziewa 13-6
Team Score:6-3 Missouri

149 – #2 Brandon Sorensen vs. #4 Drake Houdashelt
1st:BIG MATCH. Houdashelt trying to work Sorensen’s head to start the match. Not a lot of action through the first minute. Houdashelt with a shot on the edge, OOB.
RS 1:49 Sorensen tried a shot, but Houdashelt able to fight Brandon off, Brandon forces him OOB
RS 1:15 Houdashelt tapping the head, now they tie up, Houdashelt tries a shot, Sorensen muscles out of it. Sorensen and Houdashelt working on the edge of the mat with short time, Period Scoreless.

2nd:Sorensen is going down. working hand control, looked like Houdashelt might’ve had locked hands, ref doesn’t call it and Houdashelt rides him OOB
RS 1:49 Houdashelt trying to break him down, Sorensen works to his feet, Houdashelt grabs an ankle as they go OOB
RS 1:34 Sorensen trying to come to his feet, Houdashelt returns him OOB
RS 1:23 caution Houdashelt. SOrensen to his feet, Houdashelt runs him straight OOB
RS 1:17 Sorensen to his feet, OOB
RS 1:07 Sorensen comes up Houdashelt returns him OOB this time gets a stall warning.
RS 1:01 caution Houdashelt. Sorensen trying to come up, can’t their action goes OOB
RS :42 Sorensen to his feet, Houdashelt returns him. Houdashelt working a spiral ride. Finishes the rideout All 2 mins..

3rd:Houdashelt takes down, caution Sorensen. Houdashelt up and out in :05, Sorensen forces the action out
RS 1:46 Sorensen tries a shot, Houdashelt got a front headlock. Sorensen backs him out
RS 1:10 Sorensen reaches down for that ankle, can’t pick it up, they go OOB
RS :33 Sorensen needs to hit a move. Houdashelt backs out hit for stalling. 1-1
RS :12, Sorensen taking a shot and backs him out, :01 left, he’s going to fall

Match Score:Houdashelt won by decision 2-1 w/ RT
Team Score:9-3 Missouri

157 – #15 Mike Kelly vs. #12 Joey Lavalley
1st:Got an quick stalemate while the two are working.
RS 2:36 Both guys working collar ties. Kelly trying to get to a two on one it looks like, but he can’t get to it. 1:00 to go Lavalley takes a shot, but Kelly gets out, both guys working to try and gain advantage on thee edge OOB
RS Lavalley, on a shot, Kelly trying to get a go behind, ref stalemates.
RS :17 Scoreless first

2nd: Kelly takes down, Lavalley trying a spiral ride, Kelly trying to come up. Working hand control gets his feet and Lavalley rides him OOB
RS 1:30 Lavalley workig his spiral ride, Kelly trying to get that wrist before he comes up, on his feet and gets out, :53 to go. OOB
RS :47 Lavalley drops to a single right away finishes for a TD, they stalemate after the TD
RS :22 Lavalley drops to an ankle, rides Kelly to the edge OOB
RS 06 2-1 Missouri, Lavalley with 1:41 RT

3rd:Lavalley takes down, Kelly trying to ride, but Lavalley up and out. (3-1 MO) Now Lavalley in on another single, got Kelly’s legs up by his heads while he’s on his knees. stalemate.
RS 1:22 Lavalley trying to pick up the ankle, but Kelly fights it off OOB
RS 1:07 they go OOB
RS :50 to go Kelly does a shot, Lavalley looking to score on a reshot. OOB
RS :38 Lavalley locks up RT, Kelly tryig to work an underhook. Kelly taken to his back with shot time on a throw. Optional start, match

Match Score: Lavalley decision Kelly 6-1
Team Score:12-3 Missouri

165 – #9 Nick Moore vs. Mikey England
1st: A battle of Iowans here. England trying to work and move Moore’s head. Not much through the first minute. OOB
RS 1:47 Moore gets going here, and he tries a trip/slide by on the edge, just about caught England in a cow catcher, but England recovered.
RS 1:06 both guys working, England takes a shot with :25 to go, Moore fights out. scoreless first

2nd:England starts down and is out in :04, England with a shot, Moore gets around behind, returns him for TD, England back to his feet so Moore has to cut him (2-2)
RS 1:20 England tries another shot. Not there. Under a minute. England tries another shot, Moore fights off. 2-2 period.

3rd: Moore starts down, up to his feet right away, England returns him, Moore back to his base, trying to break the hands. Gets to his feet, Moore is out and around (3-2 IA), Moore starting to get offensive, makes an attempt, but doesn’t commit. RT not a factor, OOB
RS :32 England tries a shot, Moore fighting him off well.

Match Score:Moore decision England 3-2
Team Score:12-6 Iowa

174 – #3 Mike Evans vs. #5 John Eblen
1st: Eblen trying to work a two one one here on Evans, he back Mike out
RS 2:46 Eblen back to that two on one. Evans trying to break out of it. Evans backed out
RS 2:15 Evans hesitating to tie up, Eblen tries a slide by Evans gets away. Wrestling on the edge here. Evans tries a shot, can’t get to the leg, backs Eblen out.
RS 1:20, Eblen gets double unders on Evans, Evans gets back and they go OOB
RS :57 Eblen hits a shot, Mike trying to score on short time with a single, runs out. Scoreless

2nd:Eblen takes down gets to his feet, Mike drops to the leg to return him. Eblen trying to come up, Evans working on the edge, OOB
RS 1:30 Evans rides the ankle to the edge, Eblen to his feet and gets the escape going out
RS 1:18 (1-0 MO) Evans backed out
RS 1:02 Eblen is tough with that two on one. Period with a Missouri lead.

3rd:Evans takes down, hits a switch gets his escape in :18. 1-1 score. Eblen takes a shot, Mike trying to catch an ankle on a reshot. Back to neutral. 1 minute. Evans got a single, and finishes it with :36 to go 3-1 Evans, he rides him OOB
RS :24 Eblen trying to come up, Evans grabs the ankle bellies him out. Evans with a one count on as time expires. No NF

Match Score: Evans 4-1 decision Eblen
Team Score: 12-9 Missouri

184 – Alex Meyer vs. #14 Willie Miklus
1st: Miklus drops to an ankle, Meyer looked like he was about to bail to kick away, comes back and fights back to his feet no score. Wow. 1:45, OOB
RS 1:24 I will comment that Miklus looks bigger since not a whole of action on the amt. OOB
RS :44 Nothing. Scoreless

2nd:Miklus takes down, to his feet, Meyer switches to a single, but Miklus gets out, gets in behind Meyer, finishes for the TD (3-0 MO) he had Meyer on his back. Miklus called for locked hands and Meyer is out (3-2 MO).
RS :44 Meyer in on a leg trying to catch the far ankle trying to drag Miklus in, he catches the ankle, no the ref doesn’t cal it, period, no now they award the TD (4-3 IA)

3rd:Meyer starts down, comes up, is returned. stalemate.
RS 1:32 Meyer to his feet, Miklus lets him go (5-3 IA) Miklus in on a shot, Meyer trying to create a scramble, they award Miklus TD (5-5) Meyer tried to get out on the edge OOB, Brands will challenge Meyer got an escape. :47 to go, Miklus with Call stands
RS :47 Meyer just about up and out. Miklus returns. Comes to his feet again, Miklus returns him Meyer up again trying to break hands, Miklus returns him stall call on Miklus OOB. Iowa wanted a locked hands won’t get it. Miklus showing off his singlet.

Match Score:Miklus decision Meyer 6-5
Team Score:15-9 Missouri

197 – #6 Nathan Burak vs. #1 J’den Cox
1st:Both guys not really tying up for the first minute, a lot of circling and dropping to their knees. Cox tries a collar tie, and Burak grabs the elbow both in real tight, OOB
RS 1:36 Burak tries a little shot, but wasn’t’ close, both guys doing a lot of circling in this first period. Cox tries dropping to the leg, but they are out on the edge.
RS :15 scoreless first

2nd:Burak starts down, Cox puts a leg in, Bura trying to come up, Cox hanging off to the side, they go OOB
RS 1:23 Burak trying to come up, stalemated.
RS :52 Burak trying to stand up on the whistle gets his feet can’t break the hands. Stall warning on Cox, Cox cuts him 1-0 Burak, Cox with 1:25 RT
RS :20 to go nothing

3rd:Cox is down, caution Burak. Cox to his feet, Burak has to cut. Didn’t make a dent in that RT. OOB
RS 1:43 1-1 score, Cox with RT. Burak starts a high crotch, doesn’t commit. under a minute. Stalling on Cox 2-1 Bura, Cox hits a shot for a TD (3-2 Cox)
RS :26 Burak trying to come up gets his feet, Cox cuts, :15 Burak taking shots. Match

Match Score: Cox decision Burak 4-3 w/ RT
Team Score:18-9 Missouri.

285 – #4 Bobby Telford vs. #16 Devin Mellon
1st:Telford is angry. Come out like a bull. Slamming the head. Ref stops for blood time for Telford. Mellon goes hands to the face, Bobby gets a TD on the edge
RS 2:14 Telford bellies out Mellon, Mellon gets his feet, Telford cuts him. Rode him for :44. More blood time.
RS 1:20 both guys putting their hands up in the others face. Mellon tries a little attempt, not there. :30 Telford reaches for a leg, and then again, can’t catch the leg. 2-1 Telford

2nd: Mellon takes down, Telford rides for :20+ and then Mellon slips out. 2-2 score. Working on the edge, circle back. OOB
RS 1:01 Telford drops on a single, Mellon jumps for OOB, they go out, Mellon warned for stalling.
RS :17 period.

3rd:Trying to fix the score (they have it 3-2 Mellon),Bobby starts down and is out. He loses his RT advantage (3-2 Telford), Mellon takes a shot, Telford fights it off, Telford with a single on the edge, Mellon flips to his seat, Bobby had both ankles gets the TD (5-2 Telford). More computer issues. Telford gets RT, Mellon gets out (5-3 IA), shot by Mellon Telford drops to a front headlock. He wins.

Match Score: Telford decision 6-3 Mellon
Team Score:18-12 Missouri wins national duals

By Ross Bartachek (@rossbchek)

Lead Editor of IA Wrestle

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