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Dual Preview

Where is everyone following along from?

Scoring Related: TD- Takedown (2 points) NF# – Near Fall (# will denote the amount of back points scored)
OOB- Out of Bounds
RS – Restart

Pre-match thoughts/news:
Gilman is on the mat and looks warmed up and ready to go

125: #5 Thomas Gilman vs #10 Sean Boyle
1st: Gilman out to start for the Hawks, drops down to a single, Boyle comes to catch Gilman’s leg, trying to create a scramble. Gilman gets his hips up trying to come around the back, stalemate.
RS Both guys tying up, there’s a little attempt by Boyle, but Gilman was in good position. Gilman wearing on the head forced Boyle OOB
RS 1:00 to go, Boyle in another shot, Gilman backs away, gets his hips back, and they go OOB.
RS Gilman isn’t able to get to the legs, tries a snap with short time, but not there.

2nd: Waters is up 4-0 on Deldado, Gilman starts down, caution Boyle, Gilman tries to come up, but Boyle drops to a leg and drives him OOB
RS Gilman to his feet and breaks the hands to get out in :23. Down to a front headlock for Gilman, stalemate.
RS Gilman pounding the head takes a shot and has a single, Boyle grabs o to a leg and creates a stalemate.
RS :40 to go both wrestlers on their knees, staleated.
RS Gilman has a collar tie, both guys on their knees, neither really able to improve, they go back to their feet, period ends (1-0 IA)

3rd:Boyle takes down, Gilman riding off to the side, they go OOB.
RS Boyle ]gets his feet, Gilman drops to a leg to return him, but Boyle gets outu to tie. Boyle in on a shot now, Gilman has to drop to a leg himself and create a scramble, they statlemate.
RS Gilman in on a shot Boyle holding the leg. Stalemate again
RS Brands wants the official to look at something, :52 left.. still looking.. sounds like problem with the video might be the hold up
Gilman takes a shot, but can’t bring the leg. They stalemate
RS :32 Gilman with a high crotch to his left, trying to finish with short time, trying to hook the ankle. SV time

SV Boyle in on a shot, just about got Gilman, Gilman creates a scramble. Boyle comes out on top..

Match score: Boyle Dec Gilman 3-1 SV
Team Score:3-0 Chattanooga

133: #6 Cory Clark vs #13 Nick Soto
1st:Clark in on a leg, but Soto gets his hips way back, Clark can’t bring it in so they go neutral. Clark on his feet working a two on one. Soto does a snap and Cory gets right in on the leg, trying to finish on the edge, Soto is ganging on tough, Clark trying to come around trying to pin Soto’s shoulders without control. Soto bails and gives up two, now he’s trying to get a reversal, but they stalemate. (2-0 IA) :39 left
RS Clark is able to return Soto, got the legs in and a powerhalf looking for back points, gets 2NF to end the period (4-0 IA)

2nd:Soto takes down, Clark has over 1:00 RT, Soto tripods, Clark breaks him down, got him bellied out. Clark trying to work an arm bar, Soto goes for a big move Clark catches the head in a head lock. Clark gets the fall!

Match score: Clark wins by fall 4:15
Team Score: 6-3 Iowa

141: #6 Josh Dziewa vs Michael Pongracz
1st: UT in on the leg on the edge, but he can’t lock the hands, Dziewa gets his feet takes a shot to force UT OOB
RS Dziewa hits a nice little duck to go out ahead (2-0 IA) 1:50 to go in the period. Dziewa trying to get his guy bellied out, UT gets to his feet, but they are on the edge and go OOB
RS Dziewa rolls the wrists to break UT down. UT gets to their feet, Dziewa cuts with :40 to go, over 1:20 RT. UT in on a shot, Dziewa trying to break the hands and come around for his own score. Period.

2nd:Dziewa takes down, catches UT’s leg off the whistle now trying to come up. UT’s hips fall off to the side and Dziewa comes out for the escape. (3-1 IA). Dziewa and UT into a bit of a scramble here, my view was obstructed. They stalemate anyway.
RS Period.

3rd:UT starts down, Dziewa riding tough, now over 1:30 RT. Dzeiwa trying to roll the wrists under. UT to his feet, Dziewa picks him up and sweeps the legs out. UT to his feet, another Dziewa return. :30 to go. Dziewa has him bellied out. UT gets his base to his feet and gets out with :15 to go, Dziewa wins.

Match score: Dziewa decision Pongracz 3-2
Team Score:9-3 Iowa

149: #2 Brandon Sorensen vs Shawn Greevy
1st: Sorensen trying to work a front headlock, but they go back to their feet. Now Sorensen in on the leg trying to catch the other, but Greevy slips out. Back on their feet, Sorensne hits another shot for a TD and Greevy is warned for stalling. Under 1:30 to go. Sorensen cuts Greevy on the edge.
RS Sorensen in on a single leg again, he’ll finish and cut (4-2 IA), Sorensen in again TD (6-2 IA) rides him out for :20+ to end the period.

2nd: Sorensen starts down, trying to do a sit out, gets his feet and is out, right in on the attack for a TD (9-2 IA), picked up two back points as well (11-2 IA). Sorensen was in good position for that tilt of his TD. Sorensen cuts :54 to go. Takes another shot and finishes for the TD (13-3) , Greevy hit for stalling again so there is another point. Sorensen finishes the ride out. (14-3 IA) plenty of RT.

3rd:Sorensen starts down and is out. (15-3), tries for the ankle, but just does a slide by for the TD (17-3 IA). Sorensen cuts looking for the TF. Sorensen tries to grab the knee, doesn’t get it. Catches the ankle there it is.

Match score: Sorensen tech fall Greevy 19-4
Team Score:14-3 Iowa

157: #16 Mike Kelly vs Austin Sams
1st:Kellly in on a TD, Sams has a whizzer fights it of as they go OOB.
RS Kelly does anohter shot, Sams tough with that whizzer, Kelly breaks it and gets behind for the TD (2-0 IA). OOB
RS 2:03 to go, caution Sams. Kelly comes out with a spiral on the start. Noow he’s working an arm bar out in front of Sams. Comes back around behind. Rides him OOB
RS Another caution Sams. Kelly bellies out Sams, has over 1:20 RT, with under a minute to go. Kelly trying to roll the wrists under, trying to pull it out, he loses his grip and gets the escape in short time. (2-1 IA) Shouldn’t have gave that escape.

2nd: Kelly starts down, gets to his feet, gets returned, but he’s able to swim out and get the escape (3-1 IA). Kelly has an underhook and collar, forces Sams OOB.
RS Kelly tries a shot, doesn’t go anywhere. Snaps Sams down to a front headlock and flps Sams over for the FALL!

Match score: Mike Kelly fall over Sams 4:32
Team Score:20-3 Iowa

165: #9 Nick Moore vs Justin Lampe
1st:Moore with a lot of forward pressure, lost his footing and Lampe able to slide by for a quick TD and release (2-1 UT). Moore catches the ankle and comes around for the other to get the TD, Lampe tried to grab on to the leg to force a scramble (3-2 IA) Lampe to his feet and Moore returns him. Moore rides him OOB
RS Moore with a spiral ride, Lampe trying to come up from his base. Moore is going to get the ride out, has over 1:00 RT.

2nd: Moore starts down and is out. (4-2 IA), Lampe catches Moore off balance for a TD (4-4), Moore gets out (5-4 IA). Lampe with another TD on the edge.
RS Moore comes up to his feet and is out (6-6), no more RT. Lampe comes in on a double, Moore fights it off. He’s able to come around for his own TD with under :15. (8-6 IA)

3rd:Lampe picks neutral. Moore does have 1:07 RT now. Moore with a high crotch, picks the leg up in the air sweeps the other for a big TD (10-6 IA), Moore rides him OOB.
RS :45 to go, Moore goes to a spiral ride, Lampe tries to tripod up, but Moore does a good job of holding him down for the win.

Match score: Moore decision Lampe 11-6
Team Score:23-3 Iowa

174: #3 Mike Evans vs Sean Mappes
1st: Evans comes out, trying to get control of a two on one and they go OOB
RS Evans still trying to work control, they go OOB again
RS Mike able to penetrate in on a shot and finish (2-0 IA) 1:20 to go. Evans trying to belly out Mappes, breaks down. Evans gets 2NF off a tilt with under :10. Nice work (4-0 IA)

2nd:Mappes takes down, Evans throws the leg in. They stalemate.
RS Evans drops to the ankle, breaks Mappes down to flatten him. Evans tilts him over for 3NF (7-0 IA). Throws the leg in and is getting some more NF, working for a fall. There it is!

Match score:Evans fall Mappes 4:44
Team Score: 29-3 Iowa

184: #8 Sammy Brooks vs McCoy Newberg
1st:Brooks in on the attack and has a TD 2:22 to go. Trying a tilt on the edge, he switches out of it and they go OOB.
RS UT to his feet, Brooks returns him, does a tilt, and has 3NF (5-0 IA). Brooks catches the head and works his guy over for a fall!

Match score:Brooks fall McCoy 1:53
Team Score:35-3 Iowa

197: #6 Nathan Burak vs Scottie Boykin
1st:Through the first minute, we just see tie ups, but then Burak hits a headlock out of nowhere! He gets reversed when Boykin slips out 2-2 score. There was a discussion so a brief delay.
RS Burak to his feet, and gets out (3-2 IA). Period. Boykin with :05 RT

2nd: Burak starts down and is out :03 (4-2 IA). Working control as they go OOB.
RS 1:11 to go. Burak with a nice high crotch and finish (6-2 IA). Burak tries dropping to a leg to keep Boykin down, but Boykin gets the escape (6-3 IA) Period.

3rd:Boykin starts down, Burak able to break him down to his belly. Now riding him on the edge. OOB
RS Burak to the ankle off the whistle, prevents the stand up. Boykin eventually to his feet and is out (6-4 IA). Boykin tries to grab the leg, doesn’t work. Burak with another high crotch trying to finish it, but they go OOB, couldn’t keep his toe in.
RS Boykin takes another shot, Burak fights it off, he wins.

Match score:Burak decision Boykin 7-4
Team Score:38-3 Iowa

285: #2 Bobby Telford vs Jared Johnson
1st:Telford had a front headlock, but unable to get around. Back to their feet, Telford gets in on a single and finishes for the TD (2-0 IA) Bobby rides him OOB
RS 1:03 left, Bobby with :59 RT. Johnson comes up and Bobby returns him. Stall warning on Johnson. Bobby flips Johnson over for the fall. Wow, man handled him.

Match score: Telford fall Johnson
Team Score: 44-3 Iowa

By Ross Bartachek (@rossbchek)

Lead Editor of IA Wrestle

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